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The van seemed to be operating fine until I got rear-ended by 2 cars in a 4 car crash. Since then the O2 sensors went crazy & I had to replace the engine coil, fuel pump & rear axle.
I blew the in line fuse 30amp to my toggle switch, and my van only runs 5 min. each time since about. A green 30amp fuse large in the relay box was corroded but the fuse tester said it was still good, replaced. I put ...
I have replaced the multi-function switch, all fuses test good, and all bulbs are new
I found out that there are no current going to my ignition coil
when try to use my keyless remote nothing happens and the remote is ok, check remtote and its fine
A mechanic (not at the dealer) told us that we would have to buy a new computer for the van. He told us the total cost would be $850.00. I found a person on ebay who sells a used one (which he matches up with your pin...
The temperature guage moves to a hot temp and then back to normal repeatedly during operation. I had a radiator leak and put in stop leak. What causes this?
Ive parked my van because it started squeaking in the front. What causes this?
What is the oil pressure of transmission fluid for Chevrolet express I am checking the pressure from the pipe going to oil cooler and I am getting I am getting the pressure of 70 – 75 Psi but the clutches in the pict...
Shifts very hard with a thump from first to second gear and a bit less from second to 3rd. Can feel the shift hard in the rear only. Nothing from transmission area.
starter was just replaced month ago and now van wont do nothing when turn the key, battery is good and starter makes a noise when turn the key like its trying to engage, could this starter be bad
what would cause this do I need a new starter or a starter relay
front blower is innop., checked 20 amp fuse, replaced relay already, but wanted to make sure it wasn't the fuse before repl. blower motor
Looking for advice/direction on where to start diagnosing the 1.6 AMP draw. Short to ground, bad relay, pull one fuse at a time while measuring AMPS? If the AMPS drop then check each component on that fuse/circuit? Wh...
Trying to install a bulk head and need to remove the side panels but the seatbelt height adjusters do no allow the upper trim panel to come off.
It has the right amount of power steering fluid. Can't seem to find the cause of it
No DTC's on the scanner but the shop tells me i have a pending coed. I failed the emissions test for PO300 random misfire. That code has cleared. ive drove the truck for about 500 miles but it won't show ready for the...
the van turn on but when im driving for like 5 minutes go off. Why is that?