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The stabilitravk light keeps coming on and i keep hearing a loud grating noise on the front right side. The van is also pulling to the right

Need to know how to air test the problem

Once we are sure that the problem of oil in the radiator is what we think which is intake gasket how do we fix it

I have heard that it could be the intake manifold gasket

The water in the radiator looks like over creamy coffee

However it will start right back up with no problem.

If my in line fuse is 20 amp, my wire is red 18, which amp toggle do I use. Used vehicle previous toggle burnt out unmarked.

Help with C0043 sensor.

Is the headlight dash switch the problem, or is it something else?

The engine will turn over but won't start. I have factory anti theft device could that be reason and how to disengage it? I recently bought a good used fuel pump a month ago and a new fuel regulator solenoid? it ran fine until now

Zz could themostat be sticking?

ac stops blowing when i'm accelarating.

why did the transission not engage after the engine is restarted?

Has a definite mis. Took to a shop they replaced the cat converter and still is not fixed they now say i nerd to replace lifters

Changed oil and serviced transmission, now it is in high gear, but won't shift. The "M" shift indicator light does not come on when I put it in Manual, most of the time. It comes on periodically, and when it comes on, the transmission will shift. Error codes are P0796 and P0971.

Before it stopped running it was losing power and idled up and down

Backfires and won't start

It stalls at lights and cuts off alot, when I go up hills doesn't get much power, after the hills it goes pretty good. My van skips, wonder if it's my fuel regulator

Van has been over heating on an irregular basis with pools of coolant sporadically being left under van. Pretty sure it's a bad thermostat but fearful it's also the water pump.

had a nap a certified mechanic go through it three days later same thing happened they replace the gear sensor that and fix the problem

When I place the ac control on the front ac nothing happens. But when I place it on the rear ac it works fine

It's hard to put gas in it

Changed tank and sender as well as the crank shaft sensor still crank with no start. Not sure where o look next

2004 Express van 4.8l with 140k miles.

Past couple years:
Hard to start after fuel fill up.
Random miss and hesitation when accelerating. Pumping throttle would cure. Then randomly again from 30 min to 7 days between.

Missing most of the time, especially when hot. Rough idle and evident miss, no power.

Diagnosis so far:

Throwing P0300 (random misfire) and p0455 (large EVAP leak)

Started with EVAP solenoid at fule tank. Nope.

Purge valve solenoid at throttle body. On first start nope. Let cool and ran excellent. Smooth idle, rev fast, plenty of power. Lasted about 20-30 miles. Bad again.

Codes Reset.

Next plugs and wires. Nope.

Removed catalytic converters. Nope

Took to shop for scan tool. Shows p0300 (random misfire) and p0175 (bank 2 rich). Also shows misfire history. Cyl 2 and 8 around 3000. Cyl 6 33000! The rest are small numbers.

Tested spark at all cyl. Good.

Tested cyl 6 without plug wire feels the same. All other make it run worse. Seems like it is #6.

Tested #6 compression. 150psi.

Back to shop for fuel injector testing (not sure of actual procedure used there to test). They tried MAF and MAP sensors. Nope. They think ECM.

To Local Chevy dealer for ECM check. Say its good. Want $200 to diagnose. Their verdict is cam and lifters...

I have a hard time with cam and lifters. It will run great at times. Used to be run great all the time and random rare miss. Now the opposite. Miss mostly and run great rarely. Does seem to be best when cold.

I am thinking about swaping the 4 and 6 injectors to verify those. Trying to round up a node to test with.

Any suggestions before a motor rebuild?