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After I turn off the engine and restart the siren stops but starts again within a minute...this is a conversion van and I think a 1500 but it could be a 2500. I cannot find the fuse to see if it is loose. I checked th...
i am hopping that the timing is off because i am getting nervious i hired some hafe ass thinking he new .
Installed power inverter direct connect to battery. Accidentally touch ground and positive together. How do I fix this?
Detail on the diagnostic machine codes # po 131. 151. 300 131pd. Po151pd
Still having trouble, brake lines is full of brake fluid in front but still line not holding any pressure. Brakes have been pumped and bled.. Need advice??
When I first start up in the morning the battery warning light flickers off and on for a couple of minutes. It will do this sometimes when idling at a stop light. The gauge shows 14amps the whole time.
when all gages drop down security lights up, but when engage drive and start driving all gages go back up but security light stay on, the problem occurs all the time.
steering wheel wants to stick in whatever position its in while driving
After having a mechanic run a check on my suburban he said it miss fires some times not always. And it is slow on accelerating when cold also it shakes some times
I did change Mass air flow sensor, troat position sensor, spark plugs, spark plug wires, rotor cap and idled pulley also belt tension pulley and still doing the same thing, plase any information i will appreciated th...
i have a 2002 chevy express 1500 5L van and would like to hook up a tachometer to it. which wires do i need to hook up to? where do i find them ? moreso the red signal wire. thanks
This is a 2002 chevy express van 1500. Battery cable came loose (been doing that since another repairman had to disconnect it to replace the brake booster). Now wont pass emissions cause the monitor is "not ready". ...
Today after researching, found that until we can fix our ABS systems issues, the best thing to do would be to unplug the fuses and disable the ABS system. It was kicking on at very low speeds and grinding. The light h...
When i put the van in Drive the RPM rises to about 1600 and continues to rise to about 2500 when i try to accelerate but doesn't shift out of first till it reaches 2500 or higher. Once I've been driving for a few minu...
While I'm backing up gears seems to make grinding noise
when its cold and when it s hot the difference in the pressure
Silverado Windshield stop working. Pump motor ok. Check fuse and it was ok. Replaced fuse and it worked for a day. Pulled fuse and it was ok - replaced. It is working again. Why?