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My car is at the "Certifiec" Chevy dealer for engine/emissions problems diagnosed/advanced diagnostics report (from Onstar) shows Variable Valve Timing issue (Oil Concumption) and catalytic converter. Dealership refuses to deal with engine problem before putting on a new catalytic converter. Why?

Waited few minutes started ran well went home engine light came on.

The last time I filled up with gas, the car started missing. I put in a can of Sea Foam, now I have only a 1/4 of a tank left and it is still missing. When it misses, I press the gas and it will stop. Should I put in another can of Sea Foam?

Almost caused a bad accident if I continued inflating it.

No oil leaks that I can see, yet I Use a quart about every 2500 miles

I have checked the oil level and it is good. What could be wrong.

what does this mean ? and how expensive to "fix" is it?? Thank you

Need a new tranmission

My car doesn't want to start

I think the computer is draining the battery when it is off. How much would a new motherboard cost and labor

When I am braking to a stop from a faster speed, there is a slight jerk. It does not happen when braking at a slower speed. Just wondering if this is normal.

as if it will fall apart, very frightening. Does anyone know the approximate cost to fix this? (I live in Michigan btw) I just had to replace the alternator yesterday. Went to O' Reilly's to have them perform the test. He told me it was the battery not receiving enough juice from the alternator. Well, I started it today and it didn't want to start at first. It eventually did. However, to me it seems as if it was the battery all along, wasn't it? I guess I'm just looking for answers. Very frustrated at this point considering I lost a days pay only to have my car still not running right! Grrr! :P
Thank you ahead of time!!

engine starts to balk and chug

No more details

Engine hot AC OFF warning popped on my dash today-it is winter. Turned car off and waited about 1 hr and started car again. Warning still there and AC on in the car but can not turn off. What could the problem be and can I drive my car?

Having two problem codes pop on my car p0172 p0013.
About a month ago I accidentally put SAE 5W30 oil in my car thinking I was full synthetic (I know dumb blonde move) and now these problem codes keep popping up.
What do they mean and can I still drive my car safely.

its not the exhaust pipe just the muffler,small extention pipe and tail pipe

Screen is blank and only shows odometer miles

there is no light on the instrument cluster indicating a fault how can i fix it

there is no light on the instrument cluster indicating a fault

While I am driving my car will lose engine power. The check engine light, reduce power engine light and the TC light will all come on. It does this out of the blue with no indication that it's about to happen. If I pull over and turn the car off and wait a few minutes the car will turn back on with full energy. When I push on the gas when this happens before pulling over it will go and when I take my foot off the gas and put it back on it gives it a boost.This has happened on and off for a long time. I've had the gas pedal sensor replaced, a vacuum seal fixed and a few other things. It seems like something prevents the engine to get gas and it shuts down. It would happen and be fine for a few months and then do it again. Just recently I noticed it happens often if the gas gets lower then a half tank. The mechanics seem stumped because of the codes that come up. I don't know what they are. Just recently it happened several times in one day. I added more gas and it seemed fine. Help!