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I have a check engine light on for a small evap leak which is probably my gas cap and I have a code for the engine knock sensor 1 (P0328). There isn't an audible knock from the engine and I plan on replacing the sens...
i inspected it i do not see any fresh wet fluid on ground or around area. and sometimes mostly when its cold out. i go to start it and it wont crank over. i try it again it will slowly start. the car was jumpeda few ...
I can hear the little motor turning if I'm quiet, when I turn the dial to warm but still only cold air blows. My brother checked the thermostat and he says it's not that.
Car didn't start, Had it jumped, power steering went. Need a new battery and positive fusible cable link.
Code p1516, p2135, undefined code. Check engine light is on."Service stabilitrack, service traction control, power reduced" all appear on the dashboard.
I have searched and can not find the cover over my headlamp Does it have a different name. I don't need the headlamp just cover.
when it happens car starts 3 seconds stalls and doesn't start for 3 to 5 minutes and is good for a week till it happens again
after a little while it starts battery new starter new horn blows radio works lights strong while this occurs once a week
left one still doesn't work. none of the fuses say for low beam, only high beams
all my gauges and computer warning lights stopped as I was driving, and now can not start car.
My ac compressor makes noise so I check the freeon in the ac compressor the reading on the gauges would just go up and down
My ac compressor make noise when it kicks on and so i check ac freeon and I put the gauges on it the gauge just. Up and down
All the time when you run the heat air
Now every other day when you come out in the morning the car does nothing when you try to start it all lights work but makes no noise. If you disconnect the battery for a couple minutes the reconnect it the car will s...
Our's has the MICHELIN LATITUDE TOUR tires. Depending on the road surface, we can't converse or listen to music comfortably.