When I try to start car all lights work radio but it won't crank over.

my tempature on my dash reads 90 degrees but i still dont get any heat

need to replace power steering rack.

the car will not turnover

Bought it used from Ebay. I think the security system is preventing it from starting. What do I do? Do I need to change any codes or bypass the security system?

My wipers won't work! I changed the wiper fuse. Then I changed the wiper control/ cruise control/ signal/ lever. Then I changed the switch that the wiper/signal lever connects to and still nothing. Before you recommend the obvious, to change the wiper motor, I have to mention that the windshield washer isn't working either. No washer fluid sprays when the washer switch on the signal lever is pressed. Which leads me to believe that it might be more than just the motor. So, is the motor the fix? Or am I missing something?

i have a 95 corvette it will start right up when it is cold but after it warms up it will not click or anything i replaced the ignition switch but no luck what else can it be

how can i get it loosened up to start ??

Can you tell me where the check valves are located ?

tap motor housing will start working at very low speed.

also starts a squeeling noise after driving for 10 miles let it sit wont squeel not the belt or pullies. if you put your hand or cap back to valve cover it sucks it down(hard)intake gaskets have been replaced

350cc engine

350cc engine

the problem happens continously

We can not fine the sensor.

Problem occurs maybe once or twice past year. Happen yesterday, disconnected battery for 30 seconds (reset computer)and it started. Starter solenoid was replace and bench tested a two months ago. Someone said change starter relay. Looked in Chilton and Haynes and could not find.

I plan to replace them with LED tail lights.

The beeping sound also happens when car is running.

Shop says crankshaft pulley membrane is coming apart and needs to be replaced.

when the engines cold if fires on the first turn

was running park for10 days now will not start

Had oil sensor replaced now I have a noise under hood

every time you drive the car,

Passenger side floorboard gets damp when using a/c. There is very little water drainage under car.

How much does it cost to replace the water pump on a 2006 Corvette coupe??

how much a shop would probably charge to fix it for me or atleast a rough figure.

what is an ICM I here people talk about it have no clue what it is Larry

when it does start smells like it is flooded once when driving cut off an on and never did that again just started about 3 or 4 days ago when it got cold here in phoenix thanks Larry

I have had this car for 3 years and I have probably put 125 miles on it.It has right at 91000 miles on it and I stopped to put gas in it well I did not put the 93 octane in it.After driving it to church and then back home I noticed the service soon light was on.Where do you think I should start looking or can someone point me in the right direction for an answer to my problem?

Headlights/foglights come on during the day, but not at night. What is the problem?