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Driver's side power seat want go back or forward, seat motor is gets very hot.
On my 94 C4 Vette Coupe, I need to change the outer door seals. Is repo parts from the major Vette vendors as good as GM seals and what is the rivet size? Thanks
Last week when I drove my Vette (which has 35K original miles) the Warning Light - Add Coolant came on. I had put close to 1 gallon of coolant in it about a week ago. It does not appear to be loosing fluid but I the...
This week in the freezing drizzle I turned on my windshield wipers for the first time since it was inspected last Nov/Dec. To my surprise they started up and then "froze" in the up/on position. I have since tried tu...
I see in some of the Corvette magazines that older Corvette owners have the tank sticker. What is this?
the service column lock message comes on with the serviceride control message,what do i have
slight leak of transmisson fluid at rear of transmisson by differental
The clutch was burning the last day I used it so I garaged it for the winter. What is a fair expectation of replacement costs?
car been sitting i took out old gas . put new spark try to start but not
The Service Ride Control came on. Is that something that needs to be service as soon as possible, or can it wait until the next oil change?
The car will start and idle but as soon as you press on the gas pedal the engine stalls. Getting engine code 42 (ignition contro module) and 33 (MAP sensor). The problem first appeared while driving, engine was runn...
is it under either of the b lack metal plates ab ove the valve covers?? damn its hidden....
i have a 1993 Chevy Corvette 2 door coupe that i bought in 95. Yesterday as I was turning into my work, My right rear tire locked up. It works perfect in reverse but I cannot go forward. Please Help!
I have a broken hood cable on the left side of a 1985 Chevy Corvette and can't seem to get it open, any ideas.
motor makes sound nothing happens, can find any manual is new to us please help
replacing serpentine belt,,took old off ,new one and checked for size its the correct one ,,pulled tensioner back all the way wont slip over alternator by 1/2" routed correctly checked that ,,so close but not close e...
My engine is pinging noticeably when accelerating. I've fitted roller rockers, Ls1 smart heads trying to fix the issue. I've decided to blue print the motor and install forged pistons but will this get rid of the ping...
display in dual climate control not working. AC and heat work fine. can you fix this problem?
what is code P1825 internal mode switch 2006 corvette mean
Over drive quit working and now slipping in other gears
evry time i change the cooling fan fuse, it gose burne. Ichanged that cooling fan but prublem still remain .thanks
failed at co and hydrocarbon, have no known codes on the computer
how do you drop the driveshaft to get to the crossover tube.
howdopull the drive shaft and crossover fuel tsnk tube.
need to replace crossover pipe for fuel tanks.
Driving my vette is a great blast but recently I have noticed that the oil pressure drops at idle back to around 20-30 psi. The car has 97,000 mi. and is still a very strong car. I have owned the car for 8 years and...
The Change Oil light came on and I changed the oil, but the light wont go off - how do you get it to turn off?
today engine stoped and almost did not start again like it has is only 3.6 miles from home,it did not die this much before the fuel pump was replaced.Whats going on with this car?
my wifes corvette will die with no warnings at all,no lights no rough idlol.Most of the time its after she drives awhile 1hour or so then more offten,and you can't restart untill after i minute or more,it desen't ever...