traffic (lights, stop signs, etc) it starts to chug as if it will stall. When I'm on the highway and step on the gas the acceleration is not smooth. I've had a complete tuneup, new oxygen sensors, new SAP, new PCV valve and hose and use Techtron fuel line cleaner.. Any ideas as to what is causing the problem?
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

First thought it was a bad pump out of the box so I took it back and got another one - same problem. Seals on the old pump were dry rotted causing the leak.

Why is the Corvette less reliable than a Kia Rio?
Even the lowest quality cars don't need these basic fuel components replaced after only 50K miles. GM is the new Lada. Given my experience with GM products, I'm not surprised that they have killed so many people, or that GM lied and covered this up for so many years, or that they continue to advertise and pretend it never happened, or that they continue to be unreliable death traps. What surprises me is that they run long enough to exceed their warrantees. Damn these cars and the people who make and sell them.

Sender is intermittent since last fill this morning

turned engine light on at 59mph 1475rpm

the headlights do not come on at this time until I actually turn the switch to the headlights

When in 1st gear but goes on find in three and drive on hiway

Replaced fuses and bulbs even though they were okay all other lights work only the left and right brake lights won't come on

ok when I start my engine my radio antenna should go up when I turn it off it should go down its stays up the whole time. Thank u

car had been sitting in garage a few years ,without starting

I can see sparks in the fuse wire what causes this

it has an oily odor as well

Hoses have been on 5+ years which equates to 35k miles. They do not appear to be bulging at either end so far.

my daughter has an 2007 corvette convertible. the drivers side window will not close all of the way. The passenger side window lowers and raises as the door is opened and closed. The drivers side does not. what do I need to do to fix this issue?

Had power assist before hose replaced but now does not is not whining and has no air bubbles in it. Any ideas?

Is there a turn key on then off sequence that resets the security.?

passenger door will open but driver door will not

After running 5 - 10 minutes the windows start to fog up. After i stop the car and it sits the windshield fogs up and i have to use a towel to clean it before driving again. Could there be a problem with the heater core?

Windshield wipers stop straight up when turned off, just started today, 30,000 miles on 1998 vette. Could not locate a repair manual.

1) car stumbles at about 1500-2000rpm under load like its about to stall (sometimes does) also there is knocking coming from the valve train
2) does not happen in neutral
3) catalytic converters were replaced two weeks ago as were vacuum hoses (visable ones)
4) cleaned throttle body and removed debris from radiator screen
5) Air cleaner is in good condition