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In shift, standardized operation, but the flameout
I changed the belt prior to the harmonic balancer & 4 times after the balancer-even tried a Gator back belt, changed the tensioner also. I isolated it to the main belt. Took it to Chevy mechanic claimed dirty pulleys-...
previously I observed it was rotating in a gap of time.
I was charged $139 just to put freon in my car. Was I overcharged??
Happens after car is warmed up. Steam has odd smell, probably from anti-freeze. But how does it get into a/c vents? And what causes it?
I have spent over $4000.00 to have the throttle body replaced, the ECM, all sparkplug wires and plugs, replaced the rotor cap and rotor, replaced throttle body and sensor. Had fuel pump and filter checked. Car will di...
I took it in and discovered the valves had heavy carbon deposits. Some of the valves were sticking in the valve guides. we increased the diameter of the valve guides and reworked the valve seats. I have been advised...
When I try to start car all lights work radio but it won't crank over.
my tempature on my dash reads 90 degrees but i still dont get any heat
need to replace power steering rack.
the car will not turnover
Bought it used from Ebay. I think the security system is preventing it from starting. What do I do? Do I need to change any codes or bypass the security system?
My wipers won't work! I changed the wiper fuse. Then I changed the wiper control/ cruise control/ signal/ lever. Then I changed the switch that the wiper/signal lever connects to and still nothing. Before you reco...
i have a 95 corvette it will start right up when it is cold but after it warms up it will not click or anything i replaced the ignition switch but no luck what else can it be
Can you tell me where the check valves are located ?
tap motor housing will start working at very low speed.
also starts a squeeling noise after driving for 10 miles let it sit wont squeel not the belt or pullies. if you put your hand or cap back to valve cover it sucks it down(hard)intake gaskets have been replaced
We can not fine the sensor.
Problem occurs maybe once or twice past year. Happen yesterday, disconnected battery for 30 seconds (reset computer)and it started. Starter solenoid was replace and bench tested a two months ago. Someone said change ...
I plan to replace them with LED tail lights.
Shop says crankshaft pulley membrane is coming apart and needs to be replaced.
when the engines cold if fires on the first turn