What order u put the wires on the coil pack?

i"ve figured out it is my idle speed that keeps making my service engine light coming on. i need to know what the idle is supposed to be set at?

title says it all

I have a leak in Head gasket, bell housing, and valve cover gasket wondering how much it would be to fix it.

-My Interior Light Works When I Open The Door, But I Was Wondering How To Turn It On Without Opening The Door?

Why or what would cause my cooling system to not flow with the thermostat removed..(yes i have a blown head gasket) but that wouldnt cause it right?


when the heater controls are set to defrost, heat, bilevel..., the unit blows to vent and defrost arbitralily when it wants

starts right up then dies after about 5 minutes and won't start for an hour or so. Runs great after running for awhile when I do eventually get it going.

what is the wiring testing process for non-operative tail lights? Do I need a wiring diagram? Do I need a special voltage meter? I replaced fuse and bulbs, only right rear brake light and same side turn signal works. Thank you

i was changing the oil and we wanted to remove the filter but it won't budge.

i drove to the store and when i came out the car would not turn over the battery is ok all lights and horn worked

I have a 1990 Chevy Corsica 3.1L My car has had electrical issuses since I have owned it First my turn signal switch burnt out and then a week later the car acts like it s lossing power and then it dies I have tested the altinator and battery after it died and they are both good when i disconnect and reconect my battery the car has power again for a short time and then it dies again When i replaced the turnsignal switch the new switch sparks and burns only when it is drive If some one can point me in right direction I would be greatful Thanks

I am replacing Timing Chain tensioner. The Camshaft Gear Does NOT have Timing Marks on it. I have called ALL the local Auto parts stores, A'Zone, Advance, Orielly's, napa, etc. No one has a Camshaft gear that has the T. marks on it. Now what??? I am thinking I should go to junkyard and put one on TDC take it apart and mark my gear accordingly, does that sound ok? Jim

runs rough. stalls sometimes when coming to a stop. Doesn't start back up after stalling out.

I am wondering how long it should take to change a lower Ball Joint on this vehicle? And are there any easy ways to get to the nut under the front axle shaft?

cam sensor has been replaced. how long can you drive the car if the cam sensor code wasn't set before there is valve damage? Also will this cause a diagnostic test to read that the map sensor isn't working properly?

First it was my power steering fluid, i had to replace every few days. Then the check engine light would come on after 15 min or more of driving. bt no other bad signs until i started noticing smoke.so i figured i needed some water. right after now its running hot til the point it shut off on me tonight. i took it to auto zone and the man said maybe it had a seal where i put the water and i cracked it. what could be the problem. please help i really need my car

How do I replace the license plate lamp?

When I went into the store and returned the car would not start. I put a light to it to see if it had fire and it didn't.

while driving on the interstate the engine started to rev and lose power it did come back but happend a few times

car worked fine, tried to start and lost all power electricly. checked fuses everything good. no sounds at all when it lost power. lights radio dont work anymore. cleaned battery reconnected still no power

Every morning, and after the car has been sitting at work all day, it has a really hard time starting. It will try and turn on and then sputter back out a couple times before it finally goes. Once it's on it runs like a champ! I'm hoping this may just be spark plugs or something simple like that?

The serptine belt came off the pulleys causing the car to overheat stop completely and would not start up again. What created this problem?

I was driving last night and the check engine light came on. I didn't notice any problem. then I smelled something like plastic melting. Then my high beams came on and I couldn't get them to go back to my regular headlights. Next thing I know, I have no headlights at all. Also, the car seems to lack power. I have to really step on the gas for it to go. I have no clue what could be wrong.

on a 1995 chevrolet corisa 4 cylinder where is my heater core located?

if car runs 10 min

weither the car is on or off the coolant goes into the expansion tank and back out the a/c drain hose

well i replaced the fuel pump and filter for the car was driving and when i came to a stop it died so when i started it back up and went to put it in drive it died...it kept doing it over till it wouldnt stay started in drive..also dies in reverse neutral but stays on during park

I don't know what to do with my car anymore, can you help me? I have used OBD1 diagnostics and nothing comes up, not even a "system pass check" yet the service engine light goes on and off at random. The low oil level light is on, but it still has 5 quarts of oil in it. I have replace every sensor under the hood except for the O2 sensor. I recently replaced the IAC valve, adjusting it to the proper measurement of 1-1/8" of an inch and it got the car working for a week, but now all of a sudden, it's started surging (loping) then dies when I put it into drive (and only drive). what could be causing this?