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I was driving last night and the check engine light came on. I didn't notice any problem. then I smelled something like plastic melting. Then my high beams came on and I couldn't get them to go back to my regular head...
on a 1995 chevrolet corisa 4 cylinder where is my heater core located?
weither the car is on or off the coolant goes into the expansion tank and back out the a/c drain hose
well i replaced the fuel pump and filter for the car was driving and when i came to a stop it died so when i started it back up and went to put it in drive it kept doing it over till it wouldnt stay started ...
I don't know what to do with my car anymore, can you help me? I have used OBD1 diagnostics and nothing comes up, not even a "system pass check" yet the service engine light goes on and off at random. The low oil level...
my blow motor is making noise i just replace it
I need to find out how to remove the dashboard from my 92 Corsica. I need to replace it and can't get the old one out. If you can help I would appreciate it.
what causes brake to make noise in the morning car back of car lifts up when i stop
How do you replace the brake line(s) in a corsica, because my car is always running out of brake fuild.
Is it difficult to unplug in order to check if it is stalling problem..thanks
car starts fine at first but after drivig it a while and i turn it off and then try to start it up again it won't start. the engine trys to turn over but it just won't start.
i was driving along and it sounded like something just ground to a halt,and it wont start. battery is strong lights are bright,but when i turn the key it klicks once and thats it.
our car wont start and we think it's the ECU...
i smell coolant but dont see any
How can I know if I need to remplace the battery or the alternator, I got readings of 10.3 to 14.23 volts unestable, thanks for your answers
I'm wondering if somebody could tell me where is the EVR located (Electronic Voltage Regulator)
I have noticed an antifreeze leak when my car gets hot and than I shut it off(or that is what it seems like) Checked the top and bottom hose but all looks fine. Is there something I am missing?
I recently replaced my blower motor and kept the stock blower wheel because it did not appear to be damaged. It now makes a very loud screeching noise when control is placed on high or medium. I have taken this apar...
I don't have a lot of money so buying a part I don't need is something I would like to avoid! My blower seems to stop working everytime I turn off the car, but if I lift the hood up and tap on it, it will kick in. I...
appears to be aleak in tank
code 27 lights when speed aproaches 35 mph
Sometimes after I take off from a dead stop while going streight I hear a banging or clunking noise and feel it through the steering wheel. My front axle-shafts don't show any thing wrong . I just don't know what it ...
How can i fix my broken cruise-control/dimmer-switch
how do i repair the belt on the car im having problems with the belt tensioner
Our corsica says its overheating from what the thermostat gauge says. We can find no problem to it, as the engine does not even feel hot. We switched relays, the fan blows, nothing leaks. The only thing we haven't che...
How is this item removed? From the top side or from the bottom? can this item be placed in another location for ease of axcess
how do i change the water pump?
hi, this is netta, i'm thinking a ball joint, cause when i drive i hear a kind of knocking sound or the tire rod ends, i can steer the car, mind you i steered the car about 2 miles back home and made a half turn in th...