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sometimes with force i can shift it but it wont go into park. its like its stuck inbetween park an reverse.
where exactly on the engine is the crank sensor located?
An I've changed the fuel filter an spark plugs an its still doing it
i checked all fuses and i guess i will have the alternator checked, but is brand new. i can figure this one out.
will be driving and then all of a sudden the truck shuts off. everything shuts off. the pass lock light is on (not flashing). turn ignition off and back on and it starts up. will go a day or two and not happen then...
I started having an ABS fault light come on around 115000 miles. Not long after that the brake problem emblem started to come on at the same time with ABS light. I start hearing a small motor running right before all ...
I lightly bumped into someone and only damaged just beneath the front headlights, the plastic down there, I don't know what it is called but if anyone could get me an estimate I would surely be thankful for the help! ...
tried to tighten cap but light stays on. Still, cap doesn't fell right.
gauge barely moves off peg. Still have heat.
my battery has been changed and my alternator is fine but my battery light wont go out. I have been told its my battery control module.will it drain my battery if i dont change it right away?
Got my oil changed a couple hundred miles before it was due, and about 2 weeks later a digital "Change Oil" message came up on my odometer. It goes away when I hit the trip reset, but comes back every time I start the...
i changed the vehical speed sensor thought that could be the problem and still does not work and the engine light stays on?
the clip that holds the spring in the arm broke could not get it back on i the decided i would replace the arm i removed the nut but can not get the arm off
My truck is leaking antifreeze what seem to be somewhere behind the fan what can it be and how to fix it?
#3 setting was not working, so I replaced the resistor block. it stopped working again, so I left it that way. Then, #1 and 2 stopped, only # 4 would work, but the problem was intermittent. i ended up replacing the ...
the window goes up very little and comes down just a fraction of an inch.i have in channel deflectors on the truck. the dealer said that was the problem ,so I took them off. it still the same way . any solutions . ...
It happens always durning fast acceleration or slowly I can feel it more when starting out and going up a hill.
the next day driver window and door locks quit only driver window the other 3 work on crew cab unhooked batt is there something i can reset some way or a module to change
it has no lights on i put gas at chevrons and shell gas stations and try to put the most expensive gas i can but nothing works i really need help i have a newborn and its dangerous that it keeps stopping when i make ...
Chevrolet does not recommend a brake fluid flush unless I have my brakes replaced. What is the sudden push for this service?
after I got my truck back, it will run until I get to 22 mph, and the transmission skips and will not allow me to go any faster
2wd was hard to do a couple of times and now wont go at all
engine controls fine, cruise control works, no codes, Worked intermittently now has stopped at full deflection/ scale. Looked underneath, wiring looked fine on tranny housing. Could the sensor be located on the engine?
the wire harness was check for broken wires andbad connections
Gas nozzle will not will not fill up tank with out cutting off a 100 times. I can hear air coming out but that should affect the gas nozzle thou. I need help with this bc its so frustrating getting gas. It takes ab...