It does go forward.
Makes a loud grinding "whirring" noise.

Replace starter.

My truck needs it coils replaced and needs a water leak sealed somewhere in then truck the driver side window shorted out due to the water leak. How much would all this cost

I have 187000 miles the belt, is not a problem yet. I want ot change as a precaution. Thanks Larry

Battery and alt are good just don't know what is causing it. I can't get the passlock to relearn either to see of it fixes it. I also have the ecm for the replacement motor. Passlock learned but make engine idle rough comes up PO315 camshaft sensor relearn. Any help would be appreciated thanks!!!

Ignition turns on but no starting attempt, no clicking. New Battery installed. About ten minutes later it will start, no problem. This is a periodic problem.

The dealer has had to pull the dash off two times and the labor is very expensive. Said each time was a different part and it is not under warranty.
Did I get a lemon and should Cheverolet be responsible?

Thank-you very much. I'll wait for your reply.


this started occasionally, and has become totally undependable vehicle and sometimes will not start hours at a time, then will suddenly start

it started rarely, but it's getting more often. When I start it, the ignition switch will stick on. By the time you realize it stuck, the security system has kicked on and your stuck for 10 minutes. Why is this happening?

i get codep0017

Ran fine for a few weeks and engine light came back on and running rough again. I noticed at night at an idle the lights and ac will dim until I apply gas pedal again and light will brighten up and ac blows stronger. Can it be an alternator problem or loose belt? Thank you Robert

can any one help me out .

thumping noise in front end can any one help me out . Huey

indicates block could it be a bad ignition switch ?

It runs well on high speed and gets too hot in the cab.

when it shuts off i have nothing after a few minutes i can start it but it runs ruff i replaced the sending unit an pump now the gas gauge works ? the truck runs ruff all day could this be the computer ?

Once moving if light pressure is applied, the rear brakes will chatter. Once the brakes release then when coming to a stop, they will grab a second before full stop. Has anyone else experienced this problem? My truck only has 48k miles on it.

my engine light stays on

Great Q&A here but no suggestions on why GM isnt fixing these obvious problems??

Obviously, it should be a recall issue when Fan climate control "resistors go out" on mine and so many other Colorado's? Mine 2005. Gm should be free charge fixing these blower fan deals!

Truck was running rough so I replaced all 5 ignition boots and plugs to along with mass airflow sensor. Ran great for about 2 weeks then check engine light came back on and I noticed at night when trucks at an idel the RPMs will dip below 600 and the lights will dim and ac slows down a little to. Ill then apply a little gas and lights get brighter along with ac gets stronger also. Im wondering can I adjust the fuel intake like on a carbitrator? Thank you everyone Robert D

People are talking about only working on high speed. The blower totally quits. It takes weeks to work again

Is this the same problem faulty blower resistor block, located behind the front passenger side fender

Motor shows no problems when checked

When going up a hill, my truck starts to lose power and drastically loses speed. The mass airflow sensor and spark plugs have been replaced. The truck doe have 185,000 miles. The problems started suddenly.The check engine light stays on steady. I got a reduced powers message once when going up a hill.