it has 145k miles, just started. Oil always changed on a regular basis. I know I have a cracked exhaust manifold, but I'm in Florida and never open the windows. also the exhaust tip is black, no sign of leaking oil as it stays in the garage. No smoke. I have 2 add 2 quarts every 2000 miles. Where is it going?

I love my little Colorado but HATE being late for important meetings, work, emergencies, because of these random 10 minute delayed engine starts! It may go from a couple times in one day to once a month, and sometimes seems to be a sequence of certain opening procedures, while other times will simply be a routine get in and go!
I'm baffled... My wife is afraid to drive it in fears of getting stranded somewhere and then being panicked for being helpless as she helplessly waits 10 minutes for it to start! If it was suppose to be a "safety feature" or a "theft deterrent" it will also soon be labeled "A Lemon".
Can anyone help me fix this "good little Truck"?

when I tap my steering wheel the same happens. also closing my glove box. also in the morning my engine is starving for fuel for about 30 seconds thin runs like a champ.please help

Engine light on. Flashing ( reduce power)engine running rough. Not drivable sarted a week ago. Sometimes it good np problem.

Start truck everything is fine?drive five miles or so heat goes cool the mil lamp says AC is off and temperature gauge goes to zero. Then mil lamp stays on and the heat gets intensely hot but temperature gauge is at zero.then starting the truck later when the temperature outside is higher everything is normal and AC works

I MAY GO AWHILE AN ALL SUDDEN IT WONT START HAVE ALL POWER.I WAIT AROUND 15 MIN AN THEN it will start up an go for a month before doing it again

That won't come up and down.

this job of replacing a burned out lamp looks soo simple but i'm not able to remove the bulb. tried to pull it out and even tried to twist and turn to no avail. what do you do in order to replace a new laqmp? i feel so dumb asking this question.

It wont move! i looked under the hood and there are some wires chewed into.

I have done all of the recommended things, clean the throttle body, MIF clean, and new plugs. The engine light does not stay on. Still has a rough idle when I stop at lights.(runs great under power when driving) 14 MPG city, 24 MPG HWY. Something is wrong. Just what?

changed the encoder motor now 4x4 works fine but it flashes while in 4 hi

The problem has happened before but it would stop after awhile but now is will misfire all the time I do have a scan tool have have not checked the common problems to fix yet

Checked fuses. can't find any bad. Where else can I look or what else can I check?

mu old S10 had the filter on the pass side of the motor, but I can not fid the filter on the 2.9L motor

The truck cranking but not starting for a couple of years now...thousands spent..many diagnostic codes...still happens, have tried to really keep the truck in great condition. Loss of power comes on. Emission light stays on at all times.

Change the oil and it was dark no chunks but lots of fine residue on the magnet . Added new oil and filter plus one bottle of Lucas anti slip . It got a lil better but still slipping now when I'm at about 50+mph . Any advice before a buy a replacement tranny .

Other windows work ok. Door locks also will not work with key remote button.

plug boot,no codes,no problems,no smoke,doesnt use oil /synthetic