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have cleand t/b and put in expensive additive to gas but engine slows and cuts off a/c compressor and power sterring
Truck won't start once in awhile, fuel pump does not work but wait 30 minute and it will start.
Trick not shifting out of Park. Put foot on brake and shifter moves freely without catching.2005 Chevy Colorado
change out resistor did nothing
the gear shift indicator displayed "lock 1". After a bit, the same display read "AB5"
i didn't disconnect battery cables,i disconnected harness connector c2 of pcm then connected once again then i cranked engine but did not start , started two times only for seconds but scanner showed 0 rpm and cranksh...
Going to purchase one from the dealer but my truck won't start. I want to know if I could pit the new in and program it myself or do I need to tow it in and have them do it
After waiting 10 to 15 minutes it starts as it normally should
It has 75 k miles with new factor plugs and all new clean filters. Average mpg 12.5 per gal.
Since 2009, the windshield wiper, driver side, would just do 1 sweep of the windshield unexpectedly now and again. The the radio channel button lights wont come on - they change channels but can't be seenat night. ...
all of a suddeen fan speed 3 quit working. speeds 1,3,4, all fine!
Was told it was my ground wires but I cant locate them???
Also the radio will stay on after I shut the vehicle off and close the door, and the interior light as well for 15 minutes. This was never the case before. If I open the passenger door when the vehicle has just been s...
My rear driver side door on my extended cab Colorado has no power going to it whatsoever. The seat belt lock, door jamb sensor and the speaker don't work due to no power. Its more of an annoyance than anything since...
I had my head redone at machine shop I set my cams at 11,and 1 crank at 5 put dark links on the marks , but when I turn it over 1 rev by hand it jumps a tooth re alien and try again same thing happen, what I'm I doing...
Throwing code bank one running lean
truck dies when I depress the clutch to stop
To add that items like wipers, radio, etc don't shut off when the door is open. When we hit a bump sometimes the floor courtesy lamp comes on. Sometimes the dome light stays on. You have to use the remote to lock door...
the problem has just surfaced about four days ago. up until then it worked fine as activated when I press the button to acvtivate
Where do we start? spark plugs? Truck has 253,000 + miles Been a great truck sure hope this is not a larger issue.
while going down the road my truck started beeping at me. all the gauges dropped, not reading the speed, temp, rpm or gas. then she told me i was low on fuel cause the gauge dropped to empty. i had 3/4 tank in her. i ...