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changed the encoder motor now 4x4 works fine but it flashes while in 4 hi
The problem has happened before but it would stop after awhile but now is will misfire all the time I do have a scan tool have have not checked the common problems to fix yet
Checked fuses. can't find any bad. Where else can I look or what else can I check?
mu old S10 had the filter on the pass side of the motor, but I can not fid the filter on the 2.9L motor
The truck cranking but not starting for a couple of years now...thousands spent..many diagnostic codes...still happens, have tried to really keep the truck in great condition. Loss of power comes on. Emission light ...
Change the oil and it was dark no chunks but lots of fine residue on the magnet . Added new oil and filter plus one bottle of Lucas anti slip . It got a lil better but still slipping now when I'm at about 50+mph . Any...
Other windows work ok. Door locks also will not work with key remote button.
plug boot,no codes,no problems,no smoke,doesnt use oil /synthetic
My 2007 Colorado had the change oil light come on and then engine turned off. Upon checking oil I realized it was very low. Barely any was on the stick. I put some in but it won't even try to start. Is there anything ...
It does go forward. Makes a loud grinding "whirring" noise.
My truck needs it coils replaced and needs a water leak sealed somewhere in then truck the driver side window shorted out due to the water leak. How much would all this cost
I have 187000 miles the belt, is not a problem yet. I want ot change as a precaution. Thanks Larry
Battery and alt are good just don't know what is causing it. I can't get the passlock to relearn either to see of it fixes it. I also have the ecm for the replacement motor. Passlock learned but make engine idle roug...
Ignition turns on but no starting attempt, no clicking. New Battery installed. About ten minutes later it will start, no problem. This is a periodic problem.
The dealer has had to pull the dash off two times and the labor is very expensive. Said each time was a different part and it is not under warranty. Did I get a lemon and should Cheverolet be responsible? Thank...
this started occasionally, and has become totally undependable vehicle and sometimes will not start hours at a time, then will suddenly start
it started rarely, but it's getting more often. When I start it, the ignition switch will stick on. By the time you realize it stuck, the security system has kicked on and your stuck for 10 minutes. Why is this happen...