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This is regard to defect with a cracked fuel tank inlet control valve. My Cobalt appears to have this issue. The notice I received states that GM will address but limits addressing this to within 10 years or 240,000 km whatever comes first. My Cobalt mileage exceeds 240,000 km. I believe GM should address this regardless of mileage. Is this another fault of GM for which people must die in a fire before they take care of their problem. Is their a class action suit forming?

give a slight touch of gas comes back could it be timming chain at only 52,000 miles

If im going down interstate at 65 or 70 and let off the gas pedal it will slow to like 55 in no time

I have free on in my car but no cold air my heater works but no hot air . what could be the problem please help me

I have a engine installed same tranny that worked fine it will not shift out of first gear and only rev up to 4000 rpm and will go down on rpm there was nothing wrong with tranny befor the change codes po976,po700,po717,po973,po976,p2764,checked plugs on tranny don't know whats going on didn't do anything to tranny just changed motor out thanks spexs

Sounds like it is running a lot higher than normal at 2300 rpms. Any ideas?

Part number is 20871082. I've heard that it is but had a supplier tell me it wasn't and try and sell me another part at double the price.

So my dad bought this Chevy colbat 3 years ago from a dealer used I would say it had about 17k miles on it, problem started last year. We do its tune ups on time but out of the blue the car just started to act weird the car would bog and or turn off at stops, the engine will start to jerk when it would change gears and when we would drive the car the all the dashboard lights would go off and the gauge needles will start jumping around that's when the problems begin

Any help would be appritiated thank you!

I have had the head replaced all new valves new coil new spark plugs new cam sensor new crank sensor any idea what the heck is wrong with this car help in 3000 im widow and im broke

Have been experiencing a water leak on my 2005 cobalt. The leak is coming from the A peeler on the front passenger door. I have cleaned out the vent, wheel well vent, changed/replaced the plastic by the windshield. The leak does not occur when I have my AC unit on. It only leaks when it rains. My cobalt has a sun roof could the leak becoming from there?

One time when I start car the vent fan works and the next time it does not

I've been replying and can't get my message across. I had to report you to spam!! Please remove me from your mailing list: thank you very much.

I checked the #10 fuse and its ok

AutoZone says the OEM code is P0010
Something about needing to replace the intake camshaft acturator solenoids. Our Mec says we need two. Can you tell me how much this should cost? Thanks

The car is so loud! It sounds like a giant bumble bee is following me. My brother said I need to get the flex pipe replaced. There is a very faint smell. I called around and the prices were so different. I don't want to be ripped off. If I leave this problem for too long can it cause other issues?

My 2006 Cobalt won't start every time when it's warm outside but starts every time when it's cool outside. I have to sit there and keep trying every few minutes and it will finally start. It did this last summer too.

I replaced the passenger headlight with a brand new one and the directional light is out after a few days and now my drivers side headlight is out now. So I think that theres something electrical wrong. What do I do and How much will it cost to fix?

Its making a sound (if you put a card in a bike tire and ride it, that sound it makes) thats the sound its making. It was running okay just making that sound... today as i'm driving, it wont switch gears its just redlines the whole time and the sound gets louder and worse and then when i step on the gas it does nothing and has no power through the gas pedal at all but i have power on everything else... My check engine light is on.. Help?!?!?

The first time it happened the car would not turn on at a gas station, it then turned on and I was able to drive a few feet to a friends house before the engine disabled. I had to get it towed home. I took it to the shop they said it was the battery. Car was fine for a month (weather was cool).
It kept happening and I kept charging the battery. I then took it the shop because they felt it was the alternator. nothing wrong with the alternator or battery. Then I noticed that the issue seem to happen during the hot part of the day. And after I stopped during stop signs and traffic. I also notice the temp of the car is warmer. And the mechanic had said that he could not read the codes cause the ecm switch was blown. He replaced the fuse and it turned on but it happened again. this time I noticed I didn't have to charge the car for the check engine light to go off. It just had to be nice and cool. Like night time or early morning.
I am taking in but is it worth it? Am I wasting my money?

My air conditioner blows air about the same temperature as outside, I have charged it myself and it blew cold air for about a day but then went back to how it was before. Could this be as simple as a leak? if so how would I go about fixing this?

My engine will make this sound approx. after running for 5 or so minutes. The sound will come and go, but once it starts it won't stop until the next time I start my car and the noise doesn't start. Is it the belt, which one, or the fan?

Driving the freeway the speedometer fluctuates you'll be going 60 and it will go down to 0. or up to 80. the engine will race and sometimes it feels like it's gonna die on you. But it hasn't yet.Plus it jerks to. Trans people said that wasn't it. Nor does it need a tune up. WE have paid 400.00 for nothing .