I noticed that the rpm starts to wiggle after 3rd gear then stabilize, also the car gains and losses speed with the wiggle of rpm. Anyone knows what's the problem here? What should I do?

Sister's '09 cobalt [crap car] has NO PROBLEMS, so how can I turn this IDIOT LIGHT OFF - "Check [Crap] Engine" light?
T Y!

My husband has checked the battery with a multimeter and yesterday was fine and today the numbers have dropped. Today my battery light would come on and then go off. Is this an alternator issue?

MID:$68 TID :$30
Min 5641.7 max 409.7
Current 2891.3

MID:$41 TID:$19
O2 heater monitor bank 1- sensor 1
Min 10544 max 12289
Current 13280

MID:$21 TID:$4d
Catalyst monitor bank 1
Min 4177 mHz max 0 mHz
Current 19744 mHz

Cobalt LT 2008
No check engine light

Remote start is used to start Step on brake dash lites go out tail lites go out blinkers work brake lite work speedommeter work

I just bought an '06 Chevy Cobalt. And it has been doing really good when the engine is still cold. But after driving for awhile and the car gets hot it starts dying on me. When I stop and idle. And even when I go to slow down. When it dies I put it in park and turn it off. It fires right back up and dies again before I can even get it in drive. I need help! The guy I bought it from is a mechanic and he has been looking for the problem for almost a week and it still isn't fixed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

Check engine light is on and the car jumps while im in nuetral

When I raise the hood up I can hear but I never cut off it just keep running and in the car waste a lot of gas

2 wires approx 1 inch wide, 2 inches long, bolted to the inside of front top cross member right behind where the hood latch is

I was driving home stuck on traffic. I made it home safely but not sure what to do next. I have 178,000 miles on my car and have regular check ups/repairs according to Manuel.

Transmission slipping on a 2009 Chevy Cobalt LT, car is driveable, however engine light is on? Estimate on rebuild and/or used transmission?

Ok I have a Chevy Colbalt bought it brand new in 2007 love it have had the ignition replaced and that is the only problem I have had until this last year. My suspension is shot only 65k on my meter. Just spent over 300.00 to get the sway bars and bushings fixed and now they tell me the bushings the part that keeps the tires on I guess my tie rods or something is going to cost me 600.00 is there any recalls on this cause with all my other cars I have never had this problem and they were cavaliers and I reached 100k and had not front end problems. I don't understand any answers?