When I apply the brakes to stop my car, it wants to almost shutoff.

To my understanding it is either the drive trane control or the pedal positioning sensor. I want to know what's worked for others that have had this issue.

The whole car shakes when I drive it, how do I ensure that it's safe?

I feel very unsafe driving this car because at time the breaks just freeze in the middle of use.

We have used this care for years and one day the key got stuck and wouldn't come out. We've tried everything, moving the steering wheel, jumping the car, etc.

My battery is brand new and it drained to dead in a matter of a few hours. Could this have something to do with the ignition fuse blowing, and could that have anything to do with the new switch that was put on as part of the recall?

diagnostic and repair 470 CPC 76554 diagnostic trace to BCM dropping signal traced wires cleaned connections n ran new ground wire went for test drive tcm failed again told it was replaced due to short when it touch battery really hmm my battery is in trunk of car not under hood
now my air is working strangely is ther a connection of some sort
i really need honesty i don't feel safe in my car. i

Car accelerates on its own pedal don't move just accelerates I have changed the throttle body and pedal assembly and no change any help please

I removed two cyllinoids on my car and replaced them trying to test something out and then unhooked the cables to my battery for 15 mins, then reattached them. Now when i stop, the car stalls and shuts off. Any ideas on what could be happening?

It says that it have to change #1 cylinder

Coil for #1 cylinder but I don't know the firing order?

What is the firing order on my 2007 colbolt 2.2 ls. I think itshe # 1 cylinder, that's what computer says?

I change the fron strut, and now i change the back shok absorbers. I want to know your answer, before i do this job. Thanks.

This happens when you're driving the car water coming from under the dashboard onto the floor where is it coming from and why and also this morning the windows was followed up and wouldn't defrost

Was wanting to know what is the fix for this.please help thks

My battery get disconnected because my lights won't shut off. I put the. Terminal on and usually it starts but niw it won't crank at all I checked all fuses n relays but still nothing. Anti theft light isn't on. Oil press and oil are fine. Just had it changed and starter has never gave me issues before. And I don't have any error messages on my dash either

gas leak on 2005 colbatl

A yellow light in for of a U is showing up on dashboard

Car has no sound as the battery is completely gone?

Could a burnout Hughes make a car not start ?

Male plug melted/welded to the HVAC control switch. I had to cut the wires.

I have a manual transmission and the gears are getting locked when I drive on streets where I have to make constant stops. Clutch and master cylinder and gear panel have all been changed already, but problem keeps happening. What is causing my gears to get stuck?

How do I get into the trunk

It blows hot air we have put freeon in it we have checked the clutch. We were switching the relays and while doing this it blew cold air for a second then stopped

Can the thick and milky looking antifreeze damage my motor or anything else? Do I need to stop driving the car until I can take it to a repair shop

took the cap off to check the antifreeze and it looked thick and creamy.

All bulbs good . Was every once and a while for about 3 months now all the time,

When attempting to start our car it clicks and makes almost a slight grinding noise. Lights and radio come on. What can it be?

2010 chevy cobalt 2.2 LT 94,000 miles.