My car shakes when I'm stopped. Someone told me it was because the spark plugs.

there is some coolant in there but I don't know if I overfill it, will that do damage? And, what marking do I fill it to if that matters?

To operate A/C ,select the face vent only,But all vents is open same time. Took all Dash cover apart.Got switch control for 5 vents selection,Put another switch, still doing same things. There vacuum hoses connect to all selection,Is there other parts control vacuum regulator ,sound like vacuum problem?

I took my car to auto zone and they told me that it means i need to check the speed sensor circuit and that it has low voltage but where would i fine this and is this a easy fix? I have tried Googling everything about this car we just fix the Evap emissions leak. Right now my car idols really high at 1600 then some times it goes up to 2000 when stopped. Some one please help me

When the speakers were put in, only the wires connecting to the speaker were replaced, and since then my windsheild wipers dont work. Noticed it the other night, shut the car off and turned it back on and they worked again.was down pouring earlier today and still worked, then they stopped in the middle of my windsheild and havent worked since. Check my fuse and it was fine, if anyone has any answers or suggestions that would be awesome.

Just bought this cavalier for my son. The steering wheel feels loose, it can wiggle side to side, like when you are turning, a good bit before it meets resistance and turns the car. When going at a good rate of speed it is difficult to control in a turn. This is so hard to explain. I'm sorry. If anyone has any idea what is wrong and about how much to repair I would be very grateful:

Thank you,

also towing cost and have new fuel filter already bought 46260 area

the rubber gasket around the insert that is supposed to hold the MAP sensor tight is old and worn out. if that is causing a vacuum leak would a leak in that location cause the engine to backfire and lose power when i accelerate? it also idles rough and wants to die when I am in gear and stopped.

DTC says vss, and O2 reading rich,all known sensors,fuel injector,relays,fuel pump,fuel filter,vacume hoses,electronic firing modual mounted under coil pal replaced,new rebuilt ECM from O'rileys but had to use main control chip out of old ECM.when problem first appeared DTC codes were bad computer and vss,with the injector dripping fuel in,now has fine cone shaped spray pattern; but only runs smooth if throttle is floored for higher speeds,you can see cloud of smoke blow out exhaust momentarily till I let up on throttle

Codes u1301, u1040,u1064,p1626

after replacing lock cylinder, it started,then died.the anti theft light came on steady for a few seconds and then went out. I waited ten minutes and retried, it did the same thing. doesn't enter then relearn mode

I had a minor accident and My car will turn over but not crank. i'm on disablty and can afford to pay alot to get my car fixed several people have told mr i need to push the reset button for fuel relay but i can't locate it anywhere I would be grate ful for your help

Steering feels tighter,harder to turn steering wheel

Just had the transmission rebuilt 2 months ago, good clutch on it, is all of the sudden barely going into all gears. I have to double clutch to shift into any gear, which makes me think it's the synchros in the tranny, but why would the all 6 synchros go bad at once. The clutch was good 2 months ago, not blowing smoke so it's not burnt out, maybe pressure plate? Master cylinder and slave cylinder are all in good shape too, please help.

car would just die while driving or would not start but would after a while not will not start at all...no radio or anything would not make even a clicking sound when trying to start

how does the front and back bumper come off? And does that have to be done? Is there a bodykit that just slips over factory front and rear bumper? Ans Side Skirts? How?

It looks like its a hex key but I tried the 4mm it slipped the 5mm was to big, so I bought a 4.5mm and that's to small. Also I tried using a t27 but that's to small also n I tried a t30 but that's to big please help.

car began to not start...nothing no radio nothing...changed starter,no help,changed alternator no help...car would run and die while driving now will not even start...checked battery and its good any ideas?

Dipstick tupe leaking transmission fluid badly

The car was not starting and we had it jumped but it started but it quit three times and each time we had it jumped and when we started the car started losing power 1 mile from where we started and it stopped and then wouldn't start and also the battery was all the way up .