Both gauges were working prior to brakes being worked on. Exhaust pipe was looked at as it needs to be replaced due to rust. Break line also leaked out all fluid causing a 3 car accident. Brake pedal still had to be pushed to floor after repair..but car did have brakes and Knew we had a leak in the line, but was told it was space to drive as long as we checked the fluid every 2 days until he could replace the following week. Brake line now has about 2 inches visible hanging down and freely dripping fluid at what looks to be a possible coupling in the line that was busted during the wreck. Really curious if the brake repair could have caused the gauges and lights to go out..knew speedometer n gas gauge were not working but not the brake light until it failed to come on prior to the accident.

how long to change both starter and fly wheel do ihave to separate the engine from the tranny and how long

Changed ignition switch on car now theft-deterrent system light comes on car cranks but won't turn over and headlights stay on unless I disconnect the battery.

First coil pack and ignition module was used original part , it lasted about 1 to 2 wks, car would still start and run on 2 cylinders. I have been able to put this one back on to get car home to save myself a tow bill. Replaced with a new one same thing lasted about 1 to 2 wks, replaced again with a new one and same thing. Went to different shop and different brand it lasted about 6 to 8 wks. Catalytic convertor, plugs, boots was replaced.

my ignition wouldn't work with my keys so I was taking apart the top on the tumblers and the anti-theft ribbon came out of the steering wheel

A speaker wire was run from my stereo system to the battery and caught on fire...now my car starts, but wont stay running..my head lights come on ..but not my inside lights wont..what's wrong with my car?

My car also has 300000 miles on it and hasn't had an oil change

Place either online, or around me (south east Virginia) for parts.
More specifically new roof, and front clip.

Power steering pump blew & serpentine belt broke. I replaced both but the car is overheating. I do see leaking around the head gaskets. What could be causing this?

Thought it was the bushings, but when I went to loosen the bolt, it just pulled right out. Was broken at the threads. Replaced the bolt and about 3 to 4 months later it's broken again. The bushings still have a little life left in them too. I'm just confused about why and how this keeps happening. Thank you

the theft system light will go out after car has finally cranked. I have taken car to dealership already and theft code was reset they say after that car started fine even after sitting over night. I went to go pick up the car and about 2 hours later car started doing the same thing again could this be the ignition Lock Cylinder. I would really appreciate any help. Thanks

The tail light lens is broken but the rest of the assembly is fine. I just want to know if there is a way to just replace the lens. Are they separate pieces or do they have to be replaces together?

So my 2004 Cavalier was of course bought used, and the previous owner said there was a pretty bad wreck with this car, and it's on a salvaged title, so I'm not expecting it to run at its absolute best. Other issues with this car I have solved quickly and cheaply. However, I've noticed that at certain points when I drive, if I'm stopped at a red light or stop sign, the car will idle pretty sporadically. It jumps from below 1000RPM to over 3000RPM, and sometimes while stopped it will just die on me and turn off. At that point, I throw the car in park or neutral, turn it off and then restart, and it starts back up with no problems. But the high idle happens when I stop or even just as I start the car. Being that I am a female, mechanics like to think they can take advantage of me so I like to get all the opinions I can. Someone suggested it was probably the TPS "throttle position sensor" or the EIC "engine idle control". I was wondering if others have had this problem and that is what it turned out to be??

i have changed the colum switch flasher neon green bulbs checked for corrosion and broken wires.2 fuses in my fuse box are good but no power to them when i checked with a test light.i did the wd40 trick at the 4 way flasher haha didnt work checked all my relays.what could this be

started over the summer going back and forth from ky to ohio, when it would get hot then it stopped now its back just as soon as I start it and will not stop, but its not over heating but the fan does not work, thought Id throw that in there., if I stand by the rear on the driver side it sounds like its coming from there, but when yur inside the car it sounds like its coming from the front on the passenger side!