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Works sometimes very well and other times doesn't


initially had dia code P0304 but did not put in new spark plugs because after first putting in gasket sealant it ran fine for first couple of start ups in driveway, on 3rd start process which is part of the gasket sealer additive is when it started running rough

Car has sat for a year or so. Worked fine when it was put up. Trying to get it operational again. Now it needs a new battery but, connected to jumper cables, the engine will turn over fine but won't start. When it does start, it runs for about a second, purring along just fine, then quits. Tried putting a few drops of gas directly into the intake but no go.

does this transmission use vacuum pressure to "decide" shift points? Also seems to shift a little better when outside temperature is warmer.

93 Chevy cavalier rs cruise control stopped working

Behind the engine where the intake and engine meet there is smoking every now and again?? Smells like burning oil but I'm currently 7 months pregnant and my husband is NOT the car guy :( ... It sometimes will get hot if I drive 5 minutes and other times it will take it over an hour to get even a little over half way. Please help!!

I put new cavalier ignition switch in now car won't start theft system warning indicator light stays on disabling fuel

Both gauges were working prior to brakes being worked on. Exhaust pipe was looked at as it needs to be replaced due to rust. Break line also leaked out all fluid causing a 3 car accident. Brake pedal still had to be pushed to floor after repair..but car did have brakes and Knew we had a leak in the line, but was told it was space to drive as long as we checked the fluid every 2 days until he could replace the following week. Brake line now has about 2 inches visible hanging down and freely dripping fluid at what looks to be a possible coupling in the line that was busted during the wreck. Really curious if the brake repair could have caused the gauges and lights to go out..knew speedometer n gas gauge were not working but not the brake light until it failed to come on prior to the accident.

how long to change both starter and fly wheel do ihave to separate the engine from the tranny and how long

Changed ignition switch on car now theft-deterrent system light comes on car cranks but won't turn over and headlights stay on unless I disconnect the battery.

First coil pack and ignition module was used original part , it lasted about 1 to 2 wks, car would still start and run on 2 cylinders. I have been able to put this one back on to get car home to save myself a tow bill. Replaced with a new one same thing lasted about 1 to 2 wks, replaced again with a new one and same thing. Went to different shop and different brand it lasted about 6 to 8 wks. Catalytic convertor, plugs, boots was replaced.

my ignition wouldn't work with my keys so I was taking apart the top on the tumblers and the anti-theft ribbon came out of the steering wheel