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I did replace the sensor did not help. do these engines 2.2 have a history with oil pressure and oil changing out the oil pump a big job. Thank you
it happens every time I drive the car had the battery and alternater tested and it was fine. the instermental lights come on as well like service light, check gauges light,
there are several trouble lights on also i would like to turn them off also
there are several trouble lights on also,i would like to get them off also
The battery was replaced 2 weeks ago and the alternator was replaced in 2012. does the alternator need to be replaced already or what else could the problem be.
The engine revs but it doesn't affect the reversing of the car. Also the reverse lights don't work. Could this be a prndl switch problem?
The tensioners under warranty & they replaced it . Had 2 after market parts & 2 GM parts
As described, at certain outside temperatures car will not remain running. Engages the theft system. Gm dealer mechanics diagnose as passlok failure and replace key cylinder where passlok is integrated. Still won't st...
it usually revvs out of control whenever it idles, but this is the first time it's ever become dangerous ... jerked my car forward an into the vehicle in front of me
Wont come on while sitting sometimes it will kick on when I accelerate then drop
Aprox 3 mos.ago speedometer quit working 1 month ago thre rpm gage Yesterday my gas gage was all the way over to my temp. Gage. Something is seriously wrong how can it be fixed?
The engine is leaking coolant. Same problem a year ago, a different (supposedly) plastic part cost $279 to replace. How many plastic parts are connected to the coolant system?!!!
I checked the vent for the windshield but could not find any obstructions. The problem is constant
For the past week when it's dark and i turn on my head lights my parking lights or exterior lights in the back don't come on at all my turn signal quit in the rear around the same time abd they said at advance that I ...
Check engine light stays on. Had it checked, gas cap not properly sealed. No stalling, noise or otherwise poor performance.