My dash was falling apart so I took it out and now I don't remember how the vacuum lines went

I got ran off the road into a small ditch, it didnt cause me to have to stop or check my car. It drove approximately 60 miles that day. The next day I got approximately 25-35 miles and then it started smoking and kicked or jerked then died. It started back up but only for just a moment. I cannot remember if it made a pop sound or bang. I have been asked that question before in regards to this.
When I try to turn it on the fuel pump does come on. But that's all.
Could it possibly be ANYTHING else other than the engine? Is there a way to test something, or do something or some kind of mechanics " trick " as my uncle would say. And maybe to be able to find out or diagnose the ACTUAL and ACCURATE cause or issue?
I have been reading and studying on this for 2 yrs. I dont want to junk it, because its just idiotic to do so, even if it was the engine, the car itself is perfect inside and out, no wrecks, paid off, and you can get a new engine for as little as FREE-$375 depending on who you know. Some people however would pay $1500 or so by taking it to a shop and having to pay there price for a new engine.
Anyway, its worth more than $100-$200 to me.
So while I have had so much time to just read about it, since I have not been able to come up with $375, what a salvage yard has a new engine for, I read that it may be the computer module. Or ECM? Or eccetera. Is this true?
How can I find out? Please can you help me? I thank you more than ever, so very much. Thank you.

When I hook up my OBDII it reads as I said that there is some kind of evap system error. I already replace the gas cap which removed the original trouble code I had and I have no new TC. It says not ready for smog test but is this something they might not hit me for? Since there is no TC?

It happens when I'm in the middle of a turn or just when i press the gas to drive. .I want to know if it's my spark plugs or something else?

How do I diagnose CV joint problems?
When I put transmission into drive or reverse there is sometimes (not always) a loud "clanking pop". Now there has developed also a persistent vibration above about 40 mph. Can't tell where it's coming from.

nothing wors on my dashboard

The oil is leaking into the alternator and on the belt.

I am trying to put a new freeze plug in and I need to knw how can I bypass the motor wit out taking everything apart?

Does not happen every time I drive. Let car run for awhile then take out of park and problem gone. However the longer I am out driving it can start up again.

changed wires - must have mixed them up

Stalls sometimes when comming to a stop,and seems to have low idle

Ran out of gas and a week or so later engine was sounding a little chuggy. Put injector cleaning in and a full tank and drove about 1 mi to my home.. Next morning it started up and died after moving a couple of feet.. Has been like this and mostly driveabe on and off for a few weeks, until recently. Since last week, it starts up better but died when I apply the
Any idea?

The hazard lights work and blink. The parts shop sold me a flasher but it was for the hazard lights not the turn signals. I cannot locate another flasher under the dash.

Works sometimes very well and other times doesn't


initially had dia code P0304 but did not put in new spark plugs because after first putting in gasket sealant it ran fine for first couple of start ups in driveway, on 3rd start process which is part of the gasket sealer additive is when it started running rough

Car has sat for a year or so. Worked fine when it was put up. Trying to get it operational again. Now it needs a new battery but, connected to jumper cables, the engine will turn over fine but won't start. When it does start, it runs for about a second, purring along just fine, then quits. Tried putting a few drops of gas directly into the intake but no go.

does this transmission use vacuum pressure to "decide" shift points? Also seems to shift a little better when outside temperature is warmer.

93 Chevy cavalier rs cruise control stopped working

Behind the engine where the intake and engine meet there is smoking every now and again?? Smells like burning oil but I'm currently 7 months pregnant and my husband is NOT the car guy :( ... It sometimes will get hot if I drive 5 minutes and other times it will take it over an hour to get even a little over half way. Please help!!

I put new cavalier ignition switch in now car won't start theft system warning indicator light stays on disabling fuel