No engine light on, will it pass smog test? It's a present for son graduation

After that happens the battery needs jumped and then it runs like a champ... Need to know where to start to fix it

started every day but when rain or damp out runs but actes like missing now today wont start rained turns over but wont start

I drove my SUV home from work and parked it went to go to work and it wouldn't start? Changed the fuel pump and it still won't start? The 2002 chevy Blazer LS 4door 4x4 has a different ignition and a wire hanging out below which if pushed in and turned wont allow gear shifter to move !?!

going 20 to 30 mph the rpms go up and down from 1000 to 2000 rpms . the engine does not rev up or feel like its bogging down. only thing i noticed is that the steering feels a little hard. powersteering pump is not whinning . could the pump be causing my rpms to go up n down?

I'm leaking coolant and it right under a.c. on driver side. Ever time I fill radiator it leaks out near the valve cover gasket. I checked them they were good. What else could it be.

It will turn over now but will not start

and a constant beep started. I took out and tested the alternator *- no problems. Charged the battery full - checked fuses -still no clue- no shorts in alternator wires. Any Ideas ?

It started out splattering. When pressing fuel pedal. And when it was up hill or the gas got low.. the same thing would happen or it would try to shut off. Like it wasn't getting gas. Just to crank it I would have to prime it a few times and feed gas constantly to the throttle. Next thing u know I'm driving home and the fuel line underneath my driver side popped loose and oil was coming out. As black as ever. After cranking it and it running for a few minutes I had no problem cranking it throughout the day. But if there were prolonged periods like over night I would have to feed it gas again while someone pressed the gas pedal. Or if it got hot throughout the summer it would seem to be missing and jumping. It also drank lots of gas. More than usual.

Does the gas tank have to be dropped?

What does the part look like? Can you please let me know what I need to fix this problem?

I replace the battery and alternator but still having issues with starting, could it be the starter? The truck sat for a while before i replace those parts but now i have to jump it every time.... whats causing that to happen

I change the spark plugs,rotor cap and distributor cap . redid the timing twice to make sure it was right.got great fuel pressure,so I don't know why it won't start.

My 2004 S10 blazer w/ 4.3L (X engine code) will change from idle speed to almost 0rpm when stopped. This happens when engine is hot or cold. No codes. Only 78k miles on vehicle. What could it be?

95 chevy blazer, v6 vortec 4.3 4door 4Wd

Alright so we are at a loss here and we have had all our friends who re mechanics come out and try to fix it and no dice.
It started day 1 with a rough idle, but then it was fine once you got going. Day 2 it was not only idling rough but it was having trouble accelerating. (Sputtering) Day 3 every time you let off the gas it stalls and won't start unless you spray starting fluid in it, but then it dies immediately. I don't want to keep doing that because I don't want to blow the intake. We replaced the distributor cap and the map sensor. It has fuel and great pressure, and it has good spark. help