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recently the serpentine belt went out on our beretta, my husband attempted to fix it, he got the belt on past the plate, now something is leaking and we think its power steering fluid, but when u drve the car the engi...
Where are they located?
Where is my low pressure switch located for the air- conditioning?
coolent leakage from heater core how much it will cost for part & labour?
hom many ignition coils are in this particular model chevey berretta gt.3.1 v6?
my engine light comes on when i push on the gas panle and go off when i dont?
Do i have to remove the motor mount in changing the belt or is there an easyier way
About two monthes agoMy vehicle began ideling eractically at a redlight,drive thru window or stopped for a train crossing..I saw the idle changing so I put in park and reved it to keep her alive.However,the car died ...
how do you jump on relay to run a cooling fan? I need the diagram of the relays.
cuando arranco mi carro saca humo negro y cuando lo hacelero no me deja como que me pucha el pedal para atras y gasta mucho gas
runs good for a little while then its like you turn the key offand it cuts off
What could possibly cause this sound. Makes me think that something is broken but I can't visibly see anything. This started all of a sudden.
the turn signal is under the headlight and between the radiator and the bumper. there is no room to reach your arm between and around everything to get to it. do i have to disassemble the headlight and remove the hous...
I was wondering about how much it shoud cost to replace ths hose. I saw that it can be hard to replace if you do not know what you are doing. Also..The car was mking noise before I refilled the resevoir..did I damag...
My dimmer switch doesn't work and I want to know how to repair it.
Hi, my car has developed a cooling system leak between the passenger side firewall and the engine, and I noticed that the source seems to be coming from the heather core metal hoses. But then again, I'm not sure. How ...
my car run hot not overheating, fan seems to come on late. what turns on the fan