When I turn the ignition switch ON I do not get power to the post at the starter truck will not turn over because 12 volts is not getting to the solenoid switch terminal if I jump it out power to the terminal starter turns over but seems like there's no fuel

After po440 code, replaced tank pressure sensor and all seems ok but several miles later the evap monitor sensor wont clear and reads inc? Thank you in advance.

transmission leaks fuild when parked on incline

There was no air coming out of vent, so I was moving the control & it popped inside & now no air comes out. I don't know what happened or if I can fix it myself. Any help would be appreciated.

I know there is a recall on the instrument cluster but my engine dies at idle when the headlights kick on. I can turn the headlights off and the engine recovers. I also do not have any break lights or blinkers at times. they work when they want to. any suggestions?

I don't know the temp and my fuel is out too whats my problem

What can it be

Had my truck repaired at a dealership and less then a week later the check engine light came back on and now they say its my psi sensor in my fuel tank.I think they messed up.

no fuel present at injector valve on top of motor. suspect anti-theft engaged don't know location could also be emergency fuel cut off also don't know location. slight possibility fuel pump failed has been replaced several years ago situation slightly different when it failed there was no rough idle associated with loss of power then.

everything started when my truck was popping out of gear driving in 2wh dr on the freeway, had to put in 4wh hi to engage it again that went on for awhile replaced both 1/2 shafts, front hubs

I now have a loud air leak noise. He has the outside trip just sitting loose in between the windshield and around d the wipers and under the hood. Is the wi dshield suspossed to sit on top of the black plastic molding g? I never noticed it loose and just sitting g in there like that. I'm afraid to drive it this way not to mention the maddening noise

My parking brake cable broke this past winter and hasn't been fixed. I haven't had any problems with the light or beeping before today. This morning my electrical system restarted and now my parking brake light is on. It flashes and beeps when I drive now.

We go to start vehicle it acts like it's going to start but doesn't turn it over again and absolutely nothing no sound like it's trying to turn over nothing but full electricity inside lights radio you name it. We have had a new starter put in a new ignition switch fuel pump tested no not the problem. What could it be?

04 avalanche no power to fuel pump

My truck slows down to 20 miles per hour. I have to stop hour turn off the truck and restart it. It it getting worse what could it be

Has there been a recall on fuel lines

This is all the time

Bought as new truck and never had any accidents or cause for failure.

When I first started the truck I was able to switch from neutral to Auto 4WD. When I shifted into reverse I got a grinding noise from the encoder motor and the truck wouldn't go into reverse. I was able to start the truck in Neutral and put it in Drive, but not reverse. I get the grinding noise. Now none of the lights on the dash come on and it won't shift into 4wd

Water getting in the cab after a hard rain

new rear end in the Avalanche now the darn thing won't go in drive it barley reverses now hen I drive I have to go through the gears starting in 1st then 2nd all the way up to third gear I don't know what's up with it any body got the slightest of clue I would really appreciate the help don't know if it may be the torque converter or the 1-2 solenoid I heard there's a fuse but I can't find it anywhere heck I don't know so I would really appreciate it guy and gals for any info on this problem

Replaced knock sensors. Started fine. Did not correct slight misfire. Was pulling plug wires and injector wires to isolate the cylinder. Slipped and broke the heater hose off the core. Sprayed me in the face. replaced fitting and hose. added coolant. hosed off the area with water... Now the thing will not start and run. Has 45 psi fuel pressure at the rail. Will run on starter fluid.