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inner and outer tie rods , sleeves, both idle arms , drag link ,upper and lower ball joints , and stabilizer links
I have a brown residue in my over flow tank and also in the top of my radiator,is possibly a blown headgasket?
yesterday while driving my 1985 astro i heard a small pop under the hood, and then immediately the van shut off and will not start. i think it might be a broken timing belt but im not sure. any ideas?
I have just replace the power steering pump. We drove the vehicle a few miles and lost both power steering and brakes again when we pressed the brake pedal.
it stalls out when put in gear and gas is appled
. Kills battery when off for an extended amout of time.
on level street it is okay. tried even jumping up & down on the bumper to move the suspension/shocks everything seems ok
I get my oil changed every 3 mo. I am loosing oil but nothing on the ground. What are the possibilities that it could be? I have 117,000 miles and the van is in otherwise great condition.
core hoses not hot , new radiator and coolent
I can blow through the valve and the connecting tube. Other than that the engine runs fine. The van sat for a year and I had to replace the CMFI injector unit and r&r of gaskets. I have tested the plenum for leaks.
If you hook it up manually it will work but it will not work when ou put it all back together
Trouble light comes on when pulling a trailer (my boat). First to second gear shifting becomes very hard, it gets slammed into gear
I get about 55 miles to a quarter of a tank of fuel and it sounds as if the engine is growling when it idles (like cherry bombs), been tuned up about 500 miles ago, plugs, wires, cap, rotor, PCV valve, oil, air filter...
We have replaced the Pick up coil in the distributor, the coil, the cap and roter and the ICM module. The van won't produce more then a yellow spark at the distributer wire 1 x per new try. Almost every thing has been...
i remplese the fuel press regulator and goes away for like 2 hrs
the engine light flashes.code reads multimissfirers
Can hardly find anything about the older astro's but found a broken 86 for $ hopeing to find out if it's worth it to buy the van. Cost generator wasn't helpful in the replace or rebuild transmission area. Any ...
4.3L V-6. Has new brakes rotors drums and cylinders...Does not leak. Anti-Lock light stays on and the brake pedal will get soft and hard? Thank you!!!
Mechanic says "junk" it. Can I get used/salvage part to replace the exhaust?
i have been trying to remove the altenator for days im stuck on the back end where the altenator is mounted
gas leak and need to replace gas lines
this only does it when between 40-65mph. if you accelerate or let up a little it stops. no problems below 40 or above 65. It sounds like when you run off the edge of interstate and run over the warning indentions t...
how do you get window regulator out it looks riveted in
it has a odd miss it is not a steady miss it will idle fine then for a short time it will sputter miss sorta like a shock feel a bit then go away then it will return again also the service engine soon will light up bu...
dome light switch on liftgate strut must be replaced. How?
Left hand side is black the right side,including speedometer and op and temp gauges are very dim and confused. All other electrical including lights work,trip meter OK, dimmer works on remaining dash lights(heater con...