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check engine light comes on van vibrates and runs rough if I let off gas light goes off and van runs fine.
if I let off the gas for 10 seconds the light goes off and it runs fine why?
front differentials gear ratio is 3.42 , its a gu6 differential out of a 98 all wheel drive astro van .
Brake pedal seems to travel more toward the floor than typical. Fluid level is OK. Noise gets louder when pressing brake pedal. This noise is present when sitting parked and running;noise doesn't go away when moving.
I changed plugs wires cap rotor knock sensor, Still cant get code out. Some parts changed more than once. Fuel filter pump air filter cam and crank sensor distribator gear. Checked for vacuum leaks. At end of road nee...
Also what lines need to be removed and any special tools needed.
frequently battery will drain and wont start, charging system checks out ok, will start right up when jumpstarted, gauge reads about 14 volts will start for a day or a few days after being jump started and process has...
The handle broken and this time I cannot open the driver's door from the inside or the outside. My problem is how to remove the panel to open the door to do the repair. With the molded cup holder on the door, this loo...
Blinkers and brake lights don't work. Checked fuses. All good
on my 1997 Astro AWD when you apply the brakes the pedel pulses and pushes back at you and the brakes do not work when this happens.
I changed both brake calipers and bleed them now when I crank my van the abs makes a humming noise
Would low power steering fluid cause ABS light to come on? I added power steering fluid and light went off!
I have a 97 astro or miss fire on 4 and 6. I have changed the plugs wires cap and button. But still have a miss fire. Sometimes it runs good and smooth and other times rough. On idle it is smooth but when it runs ruff...
runs ok for a few miles then check engine light blinks,(random missfire) then mpg drops from 18 down to 7 replace cap rotor plugs at start runs good , ??
want to know if. jeep battery will van
code p0101 p0131 p0137 p0151 service eng light has been on for 2000 mi. Initially the light did not stay on. When I started the van on the morning after it did not come on for days. It came on again under load after ...