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Have to start blazer in neutral. Any advice how to fix it?

I had lost the bolt

It want stay running and it drives for a little while and then hesitate to stay running for the 10 mins it ran then shuts off. What's the problem?

need to replace the turn signal relay for 2001 cavalier. Does not seem to be located in box on side of dash or next to battery in engine compartment.

I have a 1995 caprice that wont turn over at first it would start and run but if you put it in drive or reverse it will cut off. If you put it back in park it would start back up and run in park now it just cranks but not start changed the fuel pump but still wont sart the check gauge and check engine light comes on but goes of once you crank the key i changed the neutral safty switch and the brack switch that didnt work ether can some one please help me im out of clues

cable not broken put primary latch will not release

Just had the oil changed today at Walmart.


smell gas after filling up, no leak on the ground, a mechnic told me it could be an electronic switch, visible in front of the gas tank,( I'm far from convinced it is the problem) I dont not want to remove the gas tank, too scared of the cost involved. What do you think,.. rusted on top? neck that goes to gas tank? Let me know what you think , tks

Every morning when I warm it up, it sounds like she surges (in a pattern) once we get going she's fine. Already changed my plugs/wires, could it b my fuel pump?

I never know how much gas I have left, gas level does not work. Also I do not know how fast I'm going because my speed sensor does not work.

Axle is locked in 4HI

When I plugged in the computer and scanned it . It said random miss fire what do I need to do.

My TB acts like it wants to stall out when sitting in heavy traffic or at a stop light. I want to know if there's any way to bumo up the idle rpm so I won't have this nagging problem anymore. The dealership has told me there's nothing they can do because it's all computer controlled but I'm not convinced without someone hooking up a computer scanner and charge me $500 for the service. I'm frustrated and desperately need help here.
Dave Clemenson

Fine in the back two rows. What could dat be?

Bought the car used came with new pump to put in. I did and no power going to fuel pump. Replaced computer board and fuel sensor. Will not crank

I recently installed a new Timing chain kit on my tracker after it broke while at idle one day. Well it runs great now, no rattle 97% of the time but at a certain point above 2000 RPM a short 1 to 3-second rattle can be heard...Its hit or miss if it happens but it does happen fairly often. Could this be the top guide? Could I just remove the guide I have heard of guys doing that and having no problems afterwards......BTW the top guide is what broke and caused me to repair the truck in the first place.

Will not start

all the time i changed the massive air flow sensor and the 02 sensor this the codes that showed up but it didn't make any difference

I saw on the 2000 Impala it did, so does the 03 have one too? I can tap my hazard light switch and the blinkers will work one time or maybe 20 times, and then it stops again.

how much to replace the timing cover gasket

I changed my cars battery and drove it for 4,000 mi, however it still failed inspection. Results were: evaporative system and oxygen sensors not ready; pollution control system not ready.

My belt broke, power steering stopped, turned car off,it smoked towed to mechanic, they worked on and fixed it. After a month the message comes back on once a week and check engine light also.

Only after 2 seconds after starting no sounds or anything runs great

Crank position sensor code came up about a month ago. Replaced both cam and crank sensors. Ran great for a month then started having fuel pump related symptoms. Replaced fuel pump with AC Delco pump. Ran for 15 minutes then died and hasnt started since. Receiving knock sensor codes and crank position sensor codes. No spark. Any idea what could be going on or anything to check??

The alarm goes off anytime I open the doors ortrunk I'm trying to figure out how to disconnect the system I have no need for it and it's try annoying. I have a key fob but most of the buttons don't work and i neveruse it anyway. I just want to disconnect the whole anti theft system

the radio is at full vol. by the way.

when coming to stop motor shuts off and takes time to re crank

The car starts and seems to operate early in the day and on highways. It stalls out in traffic. We've had numerous so called "mechanics" who've diagnosed our car and tried, unsuccessfully, to fix it. My wife and I are retired and rely on this vehicle as our main source of transportation. Can you help?

it's leaking fluids