The reason I ask is I have to order a new one! Thanks

This is an intermittent problem but is increasing in frequency. Truck has 200K in miles. My research on-line yields mostly speed sensors may be dirty or need replacement in from wheels.

I'm looking for a power steering pump because my precious sensor valve went bad. In order to get the right one I need to know whether or not my truck has hydroboost breaks .

will not shift out of two wheel high. i have heard of a module or some kind of solenoid to replace first. what is your suggestion.

2007 chevy equinox

I have heard that it could be the intake manifold gasket

The water in the radiator looks like over creamy coffee

But doe's not rattle when someone riding in the sea

Truck is stalling as if it's out of gas bt has gas I have changed fuel pump and all filters, what could it be?, HELP

It blows cold but not out of the vents

passenger side works, driver side will not move at all.

My car wont start but my battery is good. I just got all recalls fixed one of them was replacing a new battery module.

notice door and, window don't work light under dash board don't come on so I couldn't get a diagnosis test, also sound real bad when I crank it. when I remove the key from the ignition the truck kept running, then finally shut off. I think it may be Multi-function switch. need HELP

A strange knocking sound while driving but sounds like sewing machine idling sometimes quieter than other times


Static comes through speakers with radio off

When it is cold, vehicle starts but when put in reverse it stalls. After warm up, 2-5 min, no problem. If put in drive when started, , no problem. No mechanic knows what the problem is. Help!

Also having a rough noise coming from right front tire side'have put on new tire brakes and wheel beares

An now also seems we turn key to start not on first try . I have not noticed any leak of milage / gas usage increasing.

I fixed the starter wire and When i started it back up it was making a knocking noise. The trucks oil pressure when running is at 60. I hooked an actron OBD II pocketscan and these ate the codes it gave me...P0102, P1351,P1860, P1864, P1886.

Check engine light just came on .Is not flashing

have changed crankshaft sensor, spark plug wires,spark plugs, have been thru wiring harness , check catalytic converter, . It want to buck or hesitate . need help thanks for any suggestion

Changed thermostat,water pump,head gaskets,manifold gaskets,valve cover gaskets intake gaskets,radiator flush, still running hot...

This truck has electric locks. Sometimes the doors will lock by themselves while the truck is parked. Sometimes it might do this more than once in a day and sometimes it might be days before it happens again. What is the possible cause.

LLY engine. change sensor,had FICM repaired was bad.engine will not run at all. change high fuel pressure regular

Problem started today but car runs fine.

they should last for a few years

.warner bros it started making a wining sound like it needed power stering fluid it didnt need power stering fluid than the.boise was coming from.the transmittion.side of the van and the wining would get worse when I had my foot on the gas I.changed my filter and fluid then I realized it would have the.worse time shifting when.I got about 25 or 30 mph then.it would go to 40-50 or so it wouldnt do anything irregular....what is it ? What do I do? Is it my transmition?

I have a,severe oil leak. It's leaking where the oil filter screws in. Can you tell me what that part is?

I replaced the front bumper From aftermarket to stock. Had aftermarket fog lights hooked up and I accidentally crossed the wires when dissembling. Ok no big deal. This truck btw had fog lights originally. Whoever owned it before me just stuck bare wires into the stock fog light connection. Anyways, it Popped the 30 fuse under the hood when the wires crossed. Replaced that and now they still don't work. So went out and bought a new relay and replaced that. And they still don't work. Can hear the relay click when i hit the fog light switch on the dash. Tested for power at the fuse under the hood and have it. But there's still no power at the plug for the lights. I cut back the wire a little to test for power behind the plug and there's nothing there either. Also checked power at the switch and have power there. No faults or anything showing up on the dash. What am I missing?

Not leaking just noisy.