My security system has me locked out and won't even crank. Had a problem with it having to reset it off and on for several months. It got to where it would crank but just not start at all. New fuel pump and ignition switch, but still nothing. When I turn the key to "on" the dash lights up but there is a yellow symbol of a car with a lock going thru it. I have tried every way on the intent to do the relearn procedure to no avail. I really netted help on either how to fix it or bypass the security system. Need help!!!

Neutral or electrical box

Van is running rough and check engine light is flashing

Already had a fuel pump, starter, alternator,and new battery but still take a long time to turn over

It just started knocking out of no where. Only when press fuel not in idle

comes on while driving followed by beeping noise reason why this is happening

None of my head lights or back lights or gauges in dash works

code 64, 1988 Celebrity 2.8litre

Got a code 64

Center of my truck is the 4wd lever, what is the cover called?

ran fine after starting, drove it, parked and shut off, then would not start. has fuel at fuel rail, can hear pump, no abnormal sounds, cranks strong.

Jan 30 took it in and got a code P0573... replaced the brake switch all lights and dash sensors where off, but now they came on again and it gets stuck in park. I got it out after many minutes of trying and have left it in

I have changed the ignition switch already

This happened once before when raining then worked again. This time wet and dry weather have never started working again for a couple months now.

I visually inspected the whole system and could not find any obvious breaks or leaks I also changed intake manifold gasket I was just curious this is a common problem and if there's something that I can look for

How much to repair a steering wheel rattle. I think it's the outer tie rod or both the outer tie rods. It may be the tires I'm not sure

When I put on brakes the car cuts off

since the 3 days battery discharged
under 11.5 volt.


Just had intake manifold gasket, spark plugs & wires replaced. Radiator flushed. Now runs rougher than before work done. Overheated then wouldn't start after letting it cool more than 10 min. Had to tow home. Now starts, same symptoms as above.

this noise occurs at all speeds and ceases when vehicle is at full stop

Checked & changed fuses.moved wires .radio worked then changed wire again & won't stay on when engine running

I recently got stuck in the mud on a hill & had to have it towed out today

There wasn't any fluid. Filled but no change.

There was no transmission fluid
Filled fluid, but still will drive forward.

Battery dead, key wouldn't come back out

Went out to start car wouldn't start, then the key wouldn't come out

When it goes into 4-wheel low it clunks loud it will run in 4-wheel Auto but won't go in 4-wheel high at all

It's loud going in to 4 low the lights stay on 4low and auto but I'm in 2 hi what to do

To remake another set of keys to my chevy impaula 2012 would it be expensive and where would I go in Bakersfield