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I just cant find it...

I'm currently using Autolite XP but they seem to be giving me problems

No symptoms and no visible leaks.

How much should it cost?

works on 1,2,3,4 fine

possible CAM sensor issue

The exhaust manifold bolts all the way in the back of the manifold, are breaking off, causing the exhaust to leak, is there any reason they are breaking like this?

I was needing to know how to tighten the cigarette lighter in my 92 Chevy Lumina

It is loose and I was wanting to know how I can make it tight again in my 1991 Chevy Lumina Euro

When I first started and if I have to come to a stop it will try to die on me. Then sometimes whenever I'm going down the highway it will start cutting out on me and I have to punch the gas to keep it going

My brother-in-law I replace the front brakes about a year ago but it sits for a year and then I bought it

When I hook up my OBDII it reads as I said that there is some kind of evap system error. I already replace the gas cap which removed the original trouble code I had and I have no new TC. It says not ready for smog test but is this something they might not hit me for? Since there is no TC?

If I leave my truck without cranking it for anymore than a day 5he battery is dead due to this problem

It is hard to get it into gears mostly 1,2,3 unless you turn off the car and reverse ...... if car is off its easy go right in ..... checked fluid it not low wanted to have lines checked fluid changed and bleed to see if that would fix it ....some places want to replace to much stuff without knowing for sure what wrong that could cost me from 1200 to 3000 dollars that I don't have

I have ordered the parts from GM

The lower dash panels are removed

It happens when I'm in the middle of a turn or just when i press the gas to drive. .I want to know if it's my spark plugs or something else?

How do I diagnose CV joint problems?
When I put transmission into drive or reverse there is sometimes (not always) a loud "clanking pop". Now there has developed also a persistent vibration above about 40 mph. Can't tell where it's coming from.

Car has been sitting for awhile. Just bought it used. Runs excellent, drives fantastic, just smells like a lawnmower when I get out the car. When running, the fumes are coming from the front of the car or the gas cap, I can't tell.

I have a 95 Z28 with a 94 Z28 motor just replace intake gasketwhen I try to start it antifreeze shoots out mufflers

Just started doing this a few days ago when it finally cranks over to start it runs great its a new starter

Need to know how to fix this and where they are located! I have no repair manual and None available!! I had to order one

Every time I get into my vehicle and start it, it begins with all info as though I live I Washington. I live in the Dallas area. How do I update the system or where. Estimated cost this?

The window has fallen and I want to pick it up

4.3 motor 179,000 miles. Can you give me several different reasons why my gas gauge is not working. Thanks a million. MT

also my dashboard light won't come on

All the down I pushed it back up she stays up then if you step on it she stays down?

Have replaced COP, spark plug, and plug wire. Pulled intake to inspect for cracks etc. find that intake mixing chamber for #4 is completely dry while all others are wet/damp looking. could injector be bad? Seemed to be opening and closing when I did a listening test. Could something else cause the chamber to appear dry?

Then it jerks when I slow down cause its idle is high.

I bought a factory cap the light stayed off for about 100 miles then came back had it tested again said replace the gas cap what should I do

its occuring now