The car stopped and it was the starter that was bad so we changed it out you put a new one on the battery died that's why we replaced it replace the battery and it still will not turn over the car. That's why we had everything checked

i had 2 used tires put on and now it pulls to the right i took it back and had them checked and thats when one of the service men told me its not the tires but the rackapending steerings going bad

Fuel leak where line connects to the fuel rail. such little room to move a wrench, between block and firewall, and need to know procedure repair/replacement. Not familiar with newer vehicles, as you can see by username, seemed like an easy fix but now it looks like pulling the motor just to fit a wrench on it and this can't be! I'm very confident in being able to repair it and would like to know the proper order of procedures in order to assure i neither make the problem worse or more difficult then needed. Thank you sincerely for any help.

drove for 3 hours let it set for 8 hours starts shuts right off then wont start just cranks let set for few min starts shuts right off wont stay running

Chevy never tell people with Catayltic converter problem that is two on the Chevy Equinox, So you go to great length to find out what the problem is , I have replace o2 Sensors, Solenoids, and manifold. Chevy offer me $1300 to fix my car, help me qualified for $600 discount. If I had gone for this and found out later it could be another cataylic converter in the car, which chevy equinox has two. I believe Chevy is very much aware of the problems with the cataytlic converter problem. I am goung to justice for this issue,

The vibration goes away if put in neutral or park, or when the engine is warm. I have 125,000 miles on it and the transmission fluid & filter was changes at 70K and 120K. what is wrong?

Has lights radio everything just wont crank when its cold outside

and a constant beep started. I took out and tested the alternator *- no problems. Charged the battery full - checked fuses -still no clue- no shorts in alternator wires. Any Ideas ?

My car is at the "Certifiec" Chevy dealer for engine/emissions problems diagnosed/advanced diagnostics report (from Onstar) shows Variable Valve Timing issue (Oil Concumption) and catalytic converter. Dealership refuses to deal with engine problem before putting on a new catalytic converter. Why?

coming up the mountain I hear loud noises likes its coughing it sometimes stalls and it putters aand backfires home

after I replace the senor the check engine light comes back on.

When I press them, nothing happens. I have to manually lock and unlock all the doors. My key fob is broken so I can't tell if that works or not. However, when I put the car in Drive or Park the locks automatically react.

Also, is it possible for me to get a replacement key fob without going to the dealer for the model car?

Thanks for any help you could give!

My car started losing power intermittently so I had the fuel pump changed. The problem still persists and now my car doesn't start up right away. It usually takes 2 turns of the ignition to start up.

service charging system message came on took car to dealership they changed the alternator and message was still there they cleared the code and pressed the reset button message is still there

Codes I'm getting r p0705,p0300,p0420,p0303

4 wheel drive
5.3 V8 engine
66000 miles

truck runs good at 60 mph but going up grade slows down and misfires. can I drive truck for awhile without wrecking engine?