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Chevy Impala 2009: Problems: 1) dash dials go to Zero 2)all indicators lights come on 3) dash dials will just flip up then back to nothing 4) Once car is stopped, it may or may not start immediately. HAS BEEN IN...
what would cause this do I need a new starter or a starter relay
Flashers work, right side works. Left side doesn't work with turn signal, but works with flasher. Turn left blinker on the lever turn off after turn. No lights at all
Whole truck shakes, and feels to be in the rear end. Already put new breaks,new sshocks,and new seals.
I have had a pretty bad oil leak for quite some time now and I really need to get it fixed. I can't tell where at and I want to know some main places I should look because there is oil over a lot of equipment on the u...
I have the "service 4wh. light" also. intermittent at first. tried messing with the selector sw. and then read it out with a meter. not the problem. then i got code "U1026=Loss of communication with auto transfer ...
My front dash doesn't light up anymore and we have replaced the fuses. Are there any recalls that I should be concerned about?
But would like to know how to stop it. I have a bad muffler that i am replacing soon could that have some thing to do with it.
My 03 tahoe as when i am accelerating it does not let me go passed 50miles . It starts to stall . Ive changed the starter got a new battery, new alternator , & still stalling . Please help ???
It coming from the starter but i do not if it coming from there
replace blower motor resistor and fan speed control
Driving down the road, my vehicle began to shake and make a noise like something was sticking. The shaking comes and goes, but always comes back relatively quick. Then the brakes began to smoke.
I have the 8.1L in my chevy and i was wondering if it is even possible for me to remove the gas motor in my truck and replace it with a diesel motor without replacing my Allison transmission too.
I am having Chervolet Venture, model 2004. Recently had failure in engine belt and had replaced with new (alongwith the tensioner). After replacing the engine belt (probably after 1 week), it is observed the engine ov...
was working started on just driverside passenger seat still worked then it quits a year later
Replaced blower motor and resistor and blower fan speed selector
Wen it happened the car started to loose power an shut off. I had to put5 quarts of oil but by then a loud knocking noise started. Also was overheating but wouldn't show wen you opened the hood only on the gauge. Plea...