Got all for work gear do not have reversed

My headers need to be replaced am i good to travel3-4 hours without replacing them

My car has been standing for about a year and a half. Battery terminals were corroded. I put jumpers on to the terminals and the positve lead from the solinoid to the alternator smoked. Disconnected it and reconnected the jumpers. This time all lights came on including horn and cooling fans. Any ideas as to what is common to all these to cause this problem.

Battery good I think it's the fuel pump but no sure if it's the fuel relay how can I tell which one it is ?

I bought this car new last year in September its a 2015 CHEVY CAMARO LS, i had a problem and took it to the dealership a they told me some times water from my ac drips and gets sucked into the air vents,it sits for a while and starts to create meldew. They said it happens once in a while to people but ive never heard of it. So they replace my whole ac system its been 3 months and its smelling again. Why does this happen and is it really as common as they said it is??

I know where the oil dip stick is but what is the red dip stick

It's a fluid trans and it doesn't want to shift

Always does this. After I go somewhere and stop car, the same process will repeat. Is this a anti theft problem and if so, how do I fix, bypass, or whatever? Key doesn't have a chip.

The gear indicator was dead on at before something broke

I was installing a remote starter in my Corvette when I cut into the orange wire at the switch and I accidently touched the frame and I got a spark. The check engine light came on and I put my OBD11 on the car. I received a code of P0340 soI cleared the code and another code came up P0343. What can I do to fix my car? I do not know where to start can you please help me? I am not at all familiar with all this computer stuff. Thank you

Battery is dead

had new unit put in back of Tahoe last year. (has one in front two) now AC does not work again. had dye run thru it. said saw no leaks. had back control off. COLD NOW but wants to replace vaporizer vaccum under dash