Light bulbs not burnt out.

Do you recommend certain mileage on the vehicle as when to change the rearend differential oil!?

My low oil pressure light came on today. I put oil in the van. I had a oil change two months ago. I recently took a trip I'm 200 miles over for my next oil change will that cause the van to do what it is doing?

My husband has checked the battery with a multimeter and yesterday was fine and today the numbers have dropped. Today my battery light would come on and then go off. Is this an alternator issue?

I put my truck in 4x4 high and now it wont shift to 2 weel drive and lights on the knobs
Wont come on

My car also has 300000 miles on it and hasn't had an oil change

Is it possible to diagnose or repair without pulling the tank? I am low on funds, but don't want to junk car. Everything else works fine. Would this problem prevent me from getting an inspection sticker in MA? It does cause engine light to come on, but can drive for awhile before it does.

I have replaced a broken brake line, the master cylinder, and one caliper. I have bled the line several times to no avail.
What else can it be?
Thanks Marv

it now makes no sounds or noises what so ever. do you think its something that was caused by the by- passing of the fuel pump to start it or could this be something completly new? hes checked the fuses,plugs..theres no check engine light on so cant use the code reader..think we changed the fuel filter when it first wouldnt start on its own...sigh..hes a electrical tech...im more mechanicly inclined than him i think..and thats not saying much lol!

my heater motor works fine on low speed and medium speed but no on high

Operating temperature It will not turn back on until engine cools down 10 minutes later. It does not have any check engine codes and I have replaced crank positioning sensor mass air flow coolant temperature control sensor and fuel pressure regulator with no help to problem

I have checked the oil level and it is good. What could be wrong.

I already have bought a radiator for my car , i just need it put in . I also think I may need new fans , Another issue is the wheel steering it jerks on its own when driving. What is that about ? Lastly , My locks go up and down on its own in the car ? Is that and electrical issue and how much would it cost me to get all of this fixed?

what does this mean ? and how expensive to "fix" is it?? Thank you

I have already checked all the fuses, changed the bulbs and changed the break switch.

i had my sensors replaced and the mechanic removed the sparkplug wires to remove and replace 4 sensors. after replacing them he replaced the wires to the sparkplugs and turned the key and this HORRIABLE sound like grinding metal. he said hold on, switched the wires and tried the key again, nothing happen...
He looked under the vehical and there were metal peices that turnd out to be teeth from the flywheel..
the main questions are how can that break the flywheel and if so how?
and is there another car that the flywheel can be interchangable with the corsica flywheel

Place either online, or around me (south east Virginia) for parts.
More specifically new roof, and front clip.

when i change gear it feels like its broke and it wont change into gear

I own a 2000 Chevy Metro and the automatic transmission that slowly lost power over the period of 4 months. I would like to know any solutions that I should try in regards to transmission fluid, the solenoid, or any other fixes that would help solve the problem before I consider having to repair the transmission itself.

The mechanicchas changed switch and fuses but haven't found it. Bulbs are good have bypassed and the low beam came on but will not come on by switch