2 days ago my turn signals went out i will flip the lever for the turn signal but nothing happens same thing with the windshield wipers ill flip the lever up and down but the windshield wipers wont move at all and the hazard button to turn the hazard lights on wont turn on and i checked the fuses and none were bad what is my problem

This vehicle will start and run flawlessly for the most part. It has begun to start and run for a split second then shut off. After 15 - 20 tries it will start and run like there was never an issue. It makes no difference if the engine is hot or cold. Previous experience tells me that it could be a coil. Codes were read and two showed up. 1) misfire #6, 2)emissions below average. This has happened for the last three weeks; once a week.

First coil pack and ignition module was used original part , it lasted about 1 to 2 wks, car would still start and run on 2 cylinders. I have been able to put this one back on to get car home to save myself a tow bill. Replaced with a new one same thing lasted about 1 to 2 wks, replaced again with a new one and same thing. Went to different shop and different brand it lasted about 6 to 8 wks. Catalytic convertor, plugs, boots was replaced.

I drove my SUV home from work and parked it went to go to work and it wouldn't start? Changed the fuel pump and it still won't start? The 2002 chevy Blazer LS 4door 4x4 has a different ignition and a wire hanging out below which if pushed in and turned wont allow gear shifter to move !?!

Everything is connected how was and Disconnect battery and fuses few times and still won't start

When I came back to the car and tried to take the shift stick to drive I couldn't it is stuck so I cannot move the car at all

The coolant has been leaking for a while, one mechanic changed the hose clamp and a couple of things the last time.
Now (2 months later) the coolant is leaking again. I took it to another mechanics that seems more trustworthy.
He says the lower intake is leaking which is a common problem on Chevy Venture from that year. He showed me and indeed it is leaking from there.
He says there is over 6 hours of labor involved in changing it, which would bring the price to nearly $800. The intake set itself cost around $120.
Is that a fair price?

Thank you.

Fuel pressure good so is compression cam and crank sensors good was previously having transmission problems can that cause misfire issues

Why is there a buzzing sound in the fuel lines of my truck?

What I have found to date:
- When alternator is unplugged, the sound disappears (brand new alternator)
- When fuel pump relay is unplugged while running, pump continues to run but vibration changes pitch (relay gets warm when inserted)
- Fuel gauge has started acting funny (starts low and works its way to where it should be)
- Only seems to be bad on IDLE
- runs normal
- confirmed on stethoscope sound is only in fuel lines, predominately the return line
Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am very confused.

My whole car is shaking (not the steering wheel)only when I accelerating 40- 50 mph. It gets worse if I am going up a hill. If I'm going faster than 50Mph not as bad but, still has a slight vibration.
I've had new tires put on and balance.
Had an alignment done
Replaced the bad driver side wheel bearing and rear shocks.
No srvice lights are on.
Taking it to several different places no one seems to know what the problem is.

I was told that because of the year of my vehicle, it's not a good idea to change my transmission filter or fluid. Is that true? Would my ses light turn on if either my fluid or oil were low?

And how can I tell if it's bad? Where's my odometer sensor? That stopped reading thousands of miles ago.