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When I fill up it still says empty. When the car is running the gauge goes to F and E. I've been managing the mileage to not run out of gas. Please assist.

I have a 2003 Chevy trailblazer. Over some time now I noticed the temperature gauge is below 210. I done some research and read that my temperature sensor could possibly have gone bad. Would that also cause my check engine light to go on as well?

turned key on and put my truck in 2nd, was taking out my driver side dash out and I left it like that. now truck wont start and wont shift out of 2nd

My airbag service light came on today 3/29/2017 after I ran over a skateboard. First time this has happened.

Makes a bit of a thud over bumps

High idle speed will not drop to low speed


How can I fix my gas needle it stuck and will not move stay s at the bottom of the gauge

Is it OK to disconnect at the rear of the car where the carbon canister connects to the under body tube and at the purge solenoid at the engine to use shop air to clear the tube before installing the new solenoid to prevent any carbon particles from plugging up the new solenoid and prevent it from getting plugged again as a precaution.

Would this be a problem in the instrument cluster or under the hood

passed smog ,after 70 miles the check engine light comes on

It was running and then started acting like fuel pump or filter was going bad go dead set for a minute then crank back and may run a while then start missing and quit replaced filter pump good pressure but no spark to plugs so just turn over is it distributor or crank sensor

I have a 2005 Z71 tahoe. Error code 404 with check engine light flashing. The dealership put the Vince number in and it says Chevy did not put an EGR valve on that model. Wondering what the problem could be then.

And the needle still bounces what else can I check

Also my interior light don't work wiper sprayer my key fob don't work at all and defrost but my plate lights work. I checked my fuses and my wires and everything is good

What do I select on my volt meter to read my read tailgate co trip module

Fuse is good. Fresh air/closed switches don't work

Blower motor kept working but no air

Problem: Sometimes at start up after engine is at operating temperature and is shut off for a length of time (greater than an hour), which seems to vary based on outside temperature. Engine will hesitate at startup. RPM drops to almost zero jumps to 2000, back to zero up again and finally settles in at a little less than 1000 slowly drops to around 600.

Replaced Mass Air Flow
Replaced Camshaft Solenoid
Replaced Throttle body and sensor (Dealer replaced)
Cleaned PVC valve

Doesn’t exhibit problem when cold, never a problem with first start in morning.

If engine is shut off when hesitation starts it will not exhibit problem when immediately restarted.

Can shut off and restart multiple times and it will not exhibit problem.

Seems that it’s related to temperature of engine or related parts.

Never have seen a Check engine light

Rpm range too high

From2nd to 3rd

Some days it doesn't overheat at all, some days low coolant light flashes between it & Check engine. Constantly adding Coolant & or water. Check Engine light stays on. Car cranks at startup but quits when putting in gear and foot is taken off accelerator. Car has good power runs quiet & smooth, no smoke evident when hot, cools quickly has heat.

Just bought a Monte Carlo 2004 runs great but has a ticking noise constantly

Every other time I go somewhere I haft to tow it home.

It makes the sound until it gets warmed up but still makes a little after that even. I am tired of getting ripped off I am a female and not a lot of money

problem starts when van is started . A high whining that gets higher as I go faster.I hear what sounds like metal rubbing together,but no one else hears it . Power steering is ok,and just had racket pinion changed . if it idles to long it shifts hard ,but I turn it off for a couple minutes and start it again and it shifts fine .. C

Could it be the crank senior or cam senior

check engine light comes on for tighten gas cap. replaced it twice comes on every other tank of gas. I need to know the fuel relief pressure

Need help for compatible parts...tx

My truck and speed sensor melted wire got really hot replaced it now my tire is locking up hard to turn then locks up after a couple of rough turns disconnected battery overnight didn't work any help please