How much to repair a steering wheel rattle. I think it's the outer tie rod or both the outer tie rods. It may be the tires I'm not sure

When I put on brakes the car cuts off

since the 3 days battery discharged
under 11.5 volt.


Just had intake manifold gasket, spark plugs & wires replaced. Radiator flushed. Now runs rougher than before work done. Overheated then wouldn't start after letting it cool more than 10 min. Had to tow home. Now starts, same symptoms as above.

this noise occurs at all speeds and ceases when vehicle is at full stop

Checked & changed fuses.moved wires .radio worked then changed wire again & won't stay on when engine running

I recently got stuck in the mud on a hill & had to have it towed out today

There wasn't any fluid. Filled but no change.

There was no transmission fluid
Filled fluid, but still will drive forward.

Battery dead, key wouldn't come back out

Went out to start car wouldn't start, then the key wouldn't come out

When it goes into 4-wheel low it clunks loud it will run in 4-wheel Auto but won't go in 4-wheel high at all

It's loud going in to 4 low the lights stay on 4low and auto but I'm in 2 hi what to do

To remake another set of keys to my chevy impaula 2012 would it be expensive and where would I go in Bakersfield

Always starts and runs good cold, when hot after short off period, dies after moving, starts and idles fine, dies after just backing into lane of traffic

Transmission slips changing gears between 1-2, 2-3 or seems to not have enough pressure built up but will change gears when I let off the gas. Did have to much fluid in it when I received it. Drained down to correct level and added 1/2 can transtune but not new fluid. If it is the pressure switches how much trouble to get to them to change out. Only $22 buck each so not expensive. More concerned about the amount of labor or complexity to get tot he switches. I have taken apart engines but never gone inside the trans. Any special tools required? Don't really have the funds to pay anyone to do the work as out of work right now.

auto transmission of 79 Vette Slips into neutral, seemingly, and intermittantly, at 20mph to 40mph and does not slip at any other speeds. Vette on blocks for 5 years 2011-Mar2016; replaced Transmission fluid and filter May 2016

My headlights work my brake lights work tail lights work but no blinkers no dash lights and no car lighter checked all the fuses took everything I don't know what's wrong please help thank you

when I try starting on morning I must hold the throttle halfway in order for the truck to start and keep it there until it warms up

Running out of gas all the time

Is this a transmission problem or shift cable or linkage problem! Have had linkage problems but got fixed!

Car now has steam or smoke from exhaust, runs rough, temp gauge shows immediate overheating. Could this be anything else?

Wiring was repaired twice in a 6 month period. Deal or says it's the tow wiring. Can that be true?

still owe 20,000 on a 32,000 dollar truck i bought it with 60 k only put 46 k on it and bad engine whats wrong with this pic what do i do

drove 110 miles a 15 gallon tank go9t 7 miles per gallon

I want to know if anyone can tell me for sure what the problem is. I've heard many it might be such and such, or if no one knows, how I can check to see what the problem is without taking it to a shop. It sounds like rocks hitting each other when I shift into drive, there is also a grinding noise as well.

I have milky oil water from exhaust with the timing chain driving the water pump is it possible for antifreeze to get into the engine oil there are no external leaks.

ignition problem

what part do i need? When i put key and turned over i just heard a click.