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The side view mirror was hit and broken off the passengers side.

Last night we attempted to drive car..couldn't get it to run..can unlock doors just can't get car to start. We've been smelling gassy odor for about a month and a half now. Car has been loud ..keep seeing airbag light pop on and off. Not sure what type cylindar it is

how to access rear turn signal bulb

I went outside to start my car it didn't start no click or nothing but all my lights were on radio on was able to roll my windows up and down... Went got a jump nothing but still is able to cut everything on... Any suggestions to what it might be?

passes all pressure/smoke tests yet keeps coming back on. Get "tighten gas cap" message but had gas cap replaced and always tighten until click - check engine light back on for 5th time. Light always comes on during engine start up, not while driving

My low radiator fluid icon has recently come on a few seconds after the car has been driven a bit and I wanted to know what you recommend.

About 2- 3 years ago the resevoir was replaced because it was cracked even though the light never came on I think.

System was flushed and filled.

I have 149, 000 miles on my car.

Should I take it in for service or just check level myself??

My truck will try to stall if i give the gas just a little throttle if i go full throttle it responds nice but it sounds like it gots the hiccups what could be the issue

has a P0125 code insufficient coolant temperature for closed loop

My fluid us coming out of transmission dipstick why how can I fix this

The fluid comes out of the transmission dipstick why how can I fix this problem

Check engine light on,ECM code, cars jerk as you take off an gears change

I put gas in I left the car running, the next morning I had a check engine light

My MC has does not blow hot/cold air at all I have tried to blow air through the vents and all other positions. I noticed it use to pop on at random then it just stopped completely. I was told to test the relay first but can't find it. None of the fuses under the hood say blower motor.

Smoke come from the exhaust tail pipe when first turn on engine and even if you let car run for 15 minutes or more. There's no notification light that appears on dash board when this happens.

Car runs great and starts every time. The last two times after refueling it has not started. it sounds like it is struggling to start.

Will the tires rub or have any difficult problems on breaks or driving

Vin number 1GCDT13x23K137764

Going in for smog check

The following codes: P0171 and P0131

the dash keeps flashing saying the trackstable needs services

So the window was out from one corner so I took it out fully to try and fix it but now it won't go on how do I replace install it.


I need to figure out which shifter cable to order for this van. I've called every wrecking yard and parts store near me but nobody can help. So I've gotta order it online but don't know vehicle specific part to order.

Door lock is intermittent or non functioning when using remote or wired switches.

seem lie my Chevy her is taking longer to shift into 2nd gear the rpm's seem a little high to me.Also its getting where when I turn off the car I have to fiddle with the key it doesn't want to come out!

35 k miles...ran like a champ..then it dont do nothing when i turn key..lights come on dashboard lights up....turn key nothing happens...did use the unlock button on key chain to get inside ...turn key nothing

2015 Malibu

I have a 2000 Chevy Suburban, one owner besides me and maintenance has been well kept on it. About 4 months ago, the engine started ticking. It usually does it the worst after I've driven a long distance ( four hour round trip, etc) or when it's first cranked up in the morning on a cold morning. My dad said it could be a lifter and a couple of months ago, I started use 20/50 w oil instead of the norm. I want to take a spring break trip next week and I'm wondering if it will make it to south Texas and back. Roughly 2,000 mile round trip but of course there will be day long stops along the way. Will it make it?

I have a professional code reader no codes are stored for 4 wheel drive

I lost the plug in back of it