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I hear the lock unlocking but gate will not open
How do I get the window bracket out so I can drill old rivets out and rivet new window in?
I just put a new battery in but now when I drive the car stops and say engine power reduce
is this normal??? will it work itself out or should I return to the transmission shop
Recharged with can of A/C Pro, still only hot air!! Pump seems to be working due to compressor getting super cold!!!
i am hopping that the timing is off because i am getting nervious i hired some hafe ass thinking he new .
brake fluid was contaminated with powerstearing fluid, and destroyed all parts containing rubber, including the front flex lines.dose the rear shoe Pistons, pressers switch or other parts contain rubber
it has a 454 and edelbrock camshaft lifter kit and seems not to be keeping proper oil pressure
They said broken main bearing bolt. Anyone have any experience with this? Worried about metal pieces in engine causing problems later. They are replacing the crank shaft balancer.
because i just had my brake sensor replaced and my gear will not go into drive, it's stuck in park
Compression Check, #1 Cylinder 150 PSI. #2, #3 and #4 only have 100 PSI, #1 cylinder started blowing oil out when checking other cylinders. Installed a manual oil pressure gauge oil pressure at idle, 6 PSI, 28 PSI at ...
air conditioner only blows on high speed
In front too? I have never had to change the plugs on this vehicle before.
Fuse is good. Interer light doesn't work either and fuse is also good.
was nothing wroung.but intake gasket leak.had it fixed and every since has been making the winding noise .noise starts and stops. ruff idole(like running out of gas)but fule.oil was changed.3 days after job was done.n...
My car gives out when driving, parked, when I step on the brakes. this occurs every day. no longer drive able. tried to get it fix twice.
The last time I imported a 2nd hand front bumper, it cost me about $700 :(
I was told just hand tight but its still leaking after I replace it. Thanks I have 05 trailblazer ls i6..
Three weeks later hit a bump, no power. We have replaced the fuses and it still keeps happing. Is the fuse block or what.
I blew the in line fuse 30amp to my toggle switch, and my van only runs 5 min. each time since about. A green 30amp fuse large in the relay box was corroded but the fuse tester said it was still good, replaced. I put ...