The car squeaks over bumps, especially noticed at low speeds, maybe can't tell when going faster due to road noise. Suspension seems tight and no squeaks when I push on the car and I have lubricated everything I can think of.

I have already checked the antenna connections and they seem to be tight.

After not driving it awhile and living in the rainy state of Washington, our car now has mold in it. I was wondering what's the best way of going about that without paying someone to redo the entire interior.

Our dog chewed up the driver side seatbelt when he was a puppy and we bought a universal seatbelt to put in, but there's a lot to getting the thing out. Wondering if anyone knows how to get it out of a 2007 Cobalt.

Every once in awhile I will be driving my car and it will misfire and the check engine light will come on.

Every time I am driving I hear a rattling sound when I hit a pot hole or on a uneven road.

When I apply the brakes to stop my car, it wants to almost shutoff.

To my understanding it is either the drive trane control or the pedal positioning sensor. I want to know what's worked for others that have had this issue.

My airbag light popped on a year or so ago, and has ever since remained on. I just want to know if this is an issue I should be worried about.

I'm about to do an oil change, and curious how much I need to add.

It makes a foul squeaking noise when I'm stopping.

After i turn off the car the engine is making a loud noise still which has never happened before.

I have tried to hook up a harness for an after stock radio but there is no power. So far the only wire i can not find on the factory is the ignition power wire.

Happens when my car is stopped.

I recently had my oil changed and they forgot to reset the sensor on the dashboard. Can I do this at home?

Feels like it's vibrating, could it be caused by alignment being out of whack?

It kind of lurches and lugs, struggles going up hills and sometimes has trouble when I start the engine.

Bumped into something and lost paint. Repainting job is okay, but not great.

Do you really have to remove the entire front bumper?

I have had the tire removed and checked and there seems to be no apparent leak. I have to refill it every few weeks.

When I open the hood latch I have a hard time relocking it when i'm done. According to google there is a recall on this part on my car but my dealership doesn't agree with me.

The gas cover on my car tends to get stuck and not go on or off easily. Do I have to replace it?

The stereo is just stock and only has a radio. No tape deck or CD player.

I'd like an easy way to make my stereo louder without having to take anything apart.

The compressor doesn't turn on when I turn the AC on.

The cruise control stopped working before the horn. Could this just be a bad fuse?

It goes off after the computer is reset and we drive around for a bit. What could be causing this? How can we fix it?

The glass in front of the bulb seems dirty. Can I clean them myself? How?

The low is too low and the high is too high. How can I get something in between?

My car has both a power port and a lighter port the power port should stay on but the lighter should turn off when i open the door, It doesn't this keeps my dashcam running 24x7 if I dont unplug it.