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Clutch goes all the way to the floor

Is the camshaft acututar the same as the camshaft position?

I had a mechanic put a used AC compressor in my 2004 Chevy Trailblazer. He put in 4 12 oz. cans of Freon but was later told it was to much and could in fact "blow the unit" How much is the correct amount that should be put in?

What could be causing this/how can I fix it


Thought I might need to shim the starter but that didn't help either someone help me out

The fuel pump was changed 4 times. When a new pump is put on, in runs fine for a few hundred miles. Then it russ terrable. Spits and sputters.

The car doesn't miss all the time just when you're taking a hill or you have to gun it on the interstate thats when the check engine light comes on then when you start the car again the light has cut off and the car does fine

It was making a rattling noise. I added tranny fluid. Noise disappeared, now car wont shift out of 1st gear or into reverse.

I put gas in the car turned the car on now it's reading low ram

i have a 03 impala with a 4t65e tranny that is skipping real bad....found a 2000 bonnivile with a 4t65e tranny will it fit the 03

Was told starter was bad and needed replaced even when it starts it starts the truck. Could this be the problem?

I can rev it up when idling, but as soon as its in gear and I give it any gas at all, it stalls out

actuator for a Chevy Colorado 2006 5 cylinder model

if timing chain tensioner is not deactivated when put back in will it cause chain to jump time?

I am hearing a rattling noise under the truck and a whistling noise near the TB. It's also hard to start and it shakes. When I try to start it I have to hold the throttle down to open the gas and then it cranks, when Idling it shakes and you can hear a whistling noise around the TB and Distributor. I hava replaced everything from the Distribitor, O2 sensor, cool temp sensor, wires and plugs, I bought a new TBI already put together, replaced the EGR Valve, MAP Sensor, it's been timed 2x,, and whith the new TBI it came all new parts except the housing; yet I am hearing whistling noieses around the TB and underneith the tuck on the side of the battery I hear a slight ratting noise. I am getting codes 12 and 15.

Rear springs broke and struts are shot. Trying to find out if the knuckle can just be switched from 3.25 inch strut mount to the smaller 2 3/8.

I have no brake lights no blinkers in the back no four way flashers in the back. when I turn on the headlights the bulbs in the back work

Caliper hanging up after being replaced twice. When it's hot out it seems to be worse. Don't knpw what else to try

The indicator light changes between D and 3.

Send me a diagram of the system so i will know what to change

Could it be the traction control is on? How to take it off?

replaced engine with slightly used rebuilt motor from a junk yard.they told me it ran when they got it. so iput it in my truck .useing my distrubitor coil pack tbi carb. i've checked timing gets fuel and spark.only back fires i've retimed it several times yesterday 4/23 /17 i sprayed starter fuild in the carb went to start it and it backed fired but it blew my valvue covers off

Can't get anyone who has a reader for this obd1. Car speedometer not reading and car doesn't seem to shift but moves and just increases rpm without shifting.

Truck runs fine just no acceleration and reduce engine power coming on

all the time.

When I'm driving it strains to get speed and jerk hard with a hard thump sound

Codes were erased so I can't retrieve them and light won't come back on.just got a ticket from chp on way to work.smog tech tells me to it needs to be driven more.but it's been 3 months

I have a 1990 Chevy Cheyenne 1500 heavy half ton with a 3.4l v6 and a granny 4 speed transmission. I want to drop a 70's 350 in it. The transmission and everything else bolts up except I need different motor mounts. Is there a conversion motor mount I can buy or is this something that needs to be fabricated

Truck will start but then dies security light stays on?