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The events are irregular: after use, after setting up for awhile; night time; daytime; you name. Have replaced the battery as it showed a fault.

What now?

Yor driving down the road and it just opens up wants to drive about 75 miles an hour you will be giving it no gas and it will not slow down I have changed sensor after sensor change the vacuum canister pugs coil pack everything kept pointing back to running too lean I have spent $2,500 and repair bills and next $1,100 for a new computer I had insurance to cover this however alone with Chevrolet making a dangerous car guy has caused literally thousands of wreacks . This computer is costing me another $1,100 I am very frustrated and probably will never buy another used Chevrolet

My 2009 chevy impala has 200,000 miles. I know with this amount of miles major maintenance is required, but i have this vibration feeling when im at a stop light or in park that i can feel while pressing the brake pedal. Rmps seem fine. Any help will be appreciated

my 1996 Chevrolet C1500 will not start without the use of starting fluid every time the engine has been turned off for an hour or more.

ESC Traction control message comes on intermittently car jerks slightly but then it goes away, i have replaced the MAF sensor twice and that took care of the CEL - the service trac /ESC light comes on everytime a sensor throws a CEL - it almost seems like a switch or connector keeps coming loose as it goes on then is fine...must be electronic ? Drives great cept for that PLEASE HELP

replaced fuel pump and filter. Strong spark, yet no fireup. Don't get it.

ALL electrical ...lights,gages,radio,heater fan....starters new....battery...alttrntr.
I Imagine it's somnthn electrical.
Can ya tell me where to begin....??...

Or to actually fix the real problem because my check engine light is on and won't come off

Sometimes the speedometer works, most times it shows speed over 60 MPH even when stopped, and the needle bounces around and won't reset to zero at times. Turning key on and off sometimes will reset to zero, but often not.

my speaker under my passenger side airbag went out and don't know how to replace it

The bottom of the grill has notches where retainers fit in. On the drivers side the notch is facing the opposite way as the rest. What is the easiest way to get all this to align so nothing gets broken?

Car winning. Leaking fliud

turn signal issue both directions blinks twice and stops flasher works fine

Other times it run just fine. No check engine light. Gauges (speedometer, oil pressure, etc) will be of and other times work OK. Now yesterday it barely ran at all. Idle was rough, and if I tried to put it in gear the truck died. Truck will start put a very rough idle and now I barely push on the gas pedal and the truck wants to die out.

I have had numerous opinions from transmission repair shops, independent auto repair mechanics, and even gm mechanics. The question is if you have a automatic transmission that hasn't been serviced on schedule (fluid and screen change) and it is getting up on miles (say 150,000), should you service the transmission, changing the fluid and screen? Some say that you will initiate a transmission failure because the transmission is now working because of clutch wear material actually filling in places to keep the transmission working, and new fluid would loosen those causing slippage and then clutch failure. Others say that its always correct to service back to good /new fluid and new screen and you will not cause any problems and actually lengthen the tranny's life because its now properly lubed and supplied with good fluid ?? I can buy both arguments but am curious if there is any real validity to the first idea - my gut is to service the transmission screen and do a half fluid change out so that its improved but still leaves some wear material in the circulating fluid.???

I noticed the check engine light is now on but no other issues. I just had oil changed by a "professional" who reset the oil/filter life signal

Check fuses check light bulb flashers work turn signal does not work

Datastream only shows 2 sensors

I changed the catalytic converter and a couple 02 sensors this the timing chain?

when I start the car on a cold day the motor has to run almost an hour before the heater will start to get warm.

Engine light on

1/. Both heated seats not working?, lighted switches not lit up?, fuse 18-20A OK! (ORG - Red power driver/passenger seat modules; and what is the purpose for the diodes shown in a parallel to these red circuits ahead of going to each of the seat modules?), AC fuse5-10A OK! (BRN wire power driver/passenger Lumbar Adjuster/Heater Switches); what is the purpose of the diode

2/. Occurred all of a sudden, randomly works on #'s 1,2,3 but very seldom? Suspect loose connector but where do I locate the resistor pack and wiring connector?

3/. AUX power accessory outlets located under the dash for GPS, Phone charger, etc., do not operate my remote GPS, what is the voltage spec, battery voltage or is it computer controlled?

Wiring schematics for power distribution, wiring schematic for ground distribution would be very helpful, diagnostic techniques, and specs greatly appreciated, or any other experiences and solutions, thanks for any assistance,,,, cheers!

It won't fire , get gas n the oil pan, just wondering why and what I need to do it a 93 gmc somona 4.3, even time I try to start it!

I just recently had my transmission repaired too and engine rebuilt

change dishberter and cap

It barely drives, top speed maybe 35. The next time I drive it it may drive normal.

What would make loud acceleration motor sound while driving, but quiet at idle?

truck keeps showing p0717 code and im not to sure where the turbine/input speed sensor is at

I have replaced the timing chain also a complete distributor,cap rotor,plugs and wires I have to advance the timing all the way to the firewall to get it to start I have spent $600 just on parts I am really confused and no one can give me an answer I have never had this much problem with getting a vehicle running. I am just about ready to put a 350 engine from my 76 Monte Carlo because I don't want to have to replace the cam . The timing is on top dead center the rotor is pointing to the #1 tower

when i sprayed starter fluid in filtration system it starts but doesnt stay running thats why i changed the filter and fuel pump...... what else might it be? HELP please.