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it has a 454 and edelbrock camshaft lifter kit and seems not to be keeping proper oil pressure
I cannot find the dag nab thing. The fuse i mean
I thought it might be because the power steering pump went out. But it still pulls when I brake and only when I brake.
how to bypass a passlock security system on a chevy k3500 truck.
8 bolts all have been removed but drum won't come off. help
The radio comes in andgos away like if you would pull the antenaon and off.changed radio and antena
all the tires have been balancedal front end parts are new inculding tires
I went and had my battery tested cause it wasn't starting very good and it ended up being bad so I replaced the battery and now it won't turn over or anything anybody have an idea of what would be wrong
I want to fix this before it is an issue. 163.000 miles and has dark transmission fluid and was told it was used to haul a 5th wheel camper. I am going to use it to Plow snow so i want to fix it now before i am stuck ...
It does not happen all the time but it is frightening when it suddenly does. I must turn off the motor to stop it. It seems to affect my transmission as well at times the motor begins to rap with tinny sound no compre...
95 chevrolet 3500 dually 7.4 shifting problems....Trk don't want to move in Drive...but in rev it feels like rear breaks are on and something sounds like it's popping loud...Plz Help if possible. ..
Reverse worked fine before I had to do some body work, so I'm fairly certain that the problem is electrical.
we have power to all the wires on the disturber but the purple wire, the engine will turn over but will not start what can we do now?
The 11 wires from the plug that makes the transmission change gears was cut. I need a diagram to reconnect the correct colors wiring in the correct place.
I also changed the ects, distributor, rotor, wires and it is still wanting to die.
just as said, misses when cold, but as soon as it warms up & reaches temp it runs fin & has no miss