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Since a week having two major issue
1) Make lot of noise before break

2) Cannot take the reverse, or make a lot of noise while trying to reverse Van.

When turning ac on blinking control knob and no cool air

For about a month

Someone was replacing the idler tensioner pulley on my 2010 Equinox and stupidly pulled the key out of the ignition in the AC position while the battery was unhooked. My car required boosting off after having battery unhooked and reeplacing pulley. I was able to reinsert the key (still in AC position) and all the lights came on like it was going to crank but when I turned it over, nothing-just clicked. Needless to say when I turned the key back, all the way to the Off position that you would normally remove your key, the whole thing shut down. Couldnt turn the key to even try to crank it, no lights, no noise, no nothing. Please help. Do you think a new ignition and key would fix it??

News trans key not able to program per my dealers help, I think if could disable the alarm, could program the key

cross member bar is rusting out

Popping blower motor fuse. Removed wires on blower motor resistor, blower motor,and relay and still pops fuse when you turn the vent control to on.

I have to change the engine soon?

My 2011 Malibu has low profile tires and one needs to be changed it has the air traction control is there a special way it needs to be changed does a mechanic need to do it?

I'm doing an oil change and need to know much oil to use when replacing the oil

When u run a wire from the battery 2 the pump it comes on changed ignition module and everything no gas is coming out the injectors.

car is overheating and heater does not work all the time, have changed the water pump and thermostat.

Why does it shut off while driving.

4.2 I6 code P1345 and cruise control does not work... I have replaced cam pos sensor, crank pos sensor and cam pos actuator, still have code P1345. I hooked a volt meter to cam pos actuator, got12+ volt immediately at start up. Drove it 30 miles city and highway, the voltage never changed, never dropped or toggled off. Any thoughts?

The engine is making a knocking sound as well

Fuel gage only goes to half full, even
when tank is full of gas, on my
1979 Corvette

I'm pretty sure the piston slap is my problem.

3 months ago I had a head gasket replacement not sure if I've heard that noise before or after install, nothing is leaking in the floor board and no water coming through vents just that spewing/hissing sound coming from the vents at all times

I replaced master cylinder. still no pressure. tried to bleed brakes with no fluid coming out. I am at a loss of what to try now

If I take off from a stop at a normal pace,that is when it'll blow warm air. If I take 3 to 4 miles to get my speed to 40mph it'll will continue to blue ice cold if I maintain my speeds between 40/50???

The question is related to a problem with a 2005 Malibu which we own since it was new. More than once, we have noticed that the -a sensor light reading- Engine repair now, would flash. We would repair it by replacing the gas cap. I need to find someone to verify this for me.

Gas tank cover. After a while you get a fix engine problem. Fix is get new gas cap. How many people have had this problem??
Is there still a valid recall.

Car has loud noise coming from what seems like the engine. Car shut off burnt up the starter. Had starter replaced only to have the car shut off and not restart. Starter will turn over engine but seems a bit labored

Also sounds like it miss fires when driving, when I start it up it ups forward, replaced the ignition switch yesterday. It's after it get hot about 5 to 7 miles

Why is the cluster fluctuating back and forth Until you break the accelerator.. ?

new battery, new spark plugs Have cleaned fuel tank pressure sensor fuel injectors pcv valve set T.D, C rotor and cap Distributor is good All other sensors good and cleaned, dropped fuel tank, all new liquids replaced.

Just started missing all at once

change fuel pump and filter

Have run intake cleaner in gas, and direct. No help. Air filter brand new.

i put 1 qt. high mileage oil the rest regular