No check engine lights on, hooked it up to scanner nothing detected. Drove perfectly. The day it started acting up I drove it all day just fine, then got on expressway and started making a bad buzzing noise and wouldn't accelerate anymore.

when driving the gauges stop working turn the car off turn it back on the gauges come back on

I went to the dealer to get an egr tube and they told me there had been a recall on that part. I ask then why can't you replace what's needed. He told me the car is old and they couldn't replace what was needed. I'd have to buy a kit and have it put on. The whole kit he says runs around $245. I told him no thank you and left. Does a recall expire? I'm done with all gm products. I'm really planning on buying a ford. You want to know something took a ford dealer to find out what was wrong with the 2005 impala I had.

The leak is coming from the side on the overflow tank side and for some reason the gauge is reading hot after I let the car sit for hours the hand go straight to red

put in gear and when you push down on gas paddle I hear a faint roaring noise.

It has a loud click, click sound from the dashboard. I googled the symptoms and I was told it was the actuator.

code says service 4 wheel drive, no lights on selector switch

No 3rd gear shift

Makes just a slight clicking sound

I get no spark from the distributor on engine but I get spark when I'm testing it off the engine plus if I back of the distributor I get shocked does this mean a bad distributor

transmission is locked will not shift

4 Wheel drive stopped working now the light just blinks . any ideas ? Thanks

Yesterday we had a big snow storm and my car has not so great tires. I got stuck quite a few times. The last time that I got stuck, I noticed that it was really hard to turn the wheel and that the car was overheating. I got home and checked the belt and power steering fluid. Both were fine.

So I'm just wondering how can I tell if the power steering pump went or if it is the rack and piston?

its start slow

I don't think there's anything wrong with it. It just turns off by itself after two hours exactly. And I can turn it back on immediately. I use my truck for work, which sometimes means sitting in it idling for hours. So at night when it shuts off and all the lights come on it is annoying. I assume it's some kind of safety feature or gas saver. But I'd like to know if it can be turned off or adjusted for different links of time for when it shuts off.

Can't move the steering wheel from a dead stop or while it is moving slow. PS fluid is full but I did notice a puddle under the car after I moved it.

I can not find the wire path

Getting a replacement but in need of knowing where exactly the two wires are to go from the alternator

just recently bought a used 2003 chevy tahoe that come with adjustable brake and gas pedals. the power is on but when push on the button its doesn't work. dont know where the fuse box is at and or where to find the exactly fuse. because its a used car i dont have the owner manual.


The .. Park, reverse, drive thing
It gets stuck and I can't get it to go to drive...

The backlighting has stopped working on the panel where the gas gauge is.

this was all of a sudden thing everything else is ok. the dash guages just stopped one day. I have located the fuse box in the car and changed the all the fuses and still same issues.

They want to charge me $133 to do an oil conditioner, never heard of that before. Can I do it ?

I checked everything but fuel pressure

if I install a straight pipe in place of a catolitic converter will it pass emissions test?

It first started with rough idling, then after a few weeks it got to the point to where you would have to start it in neutral and as soon as it starts you would have to take off instantly or it would stall and when driving it, it would act like it wasn't getting gas, when ever you go to hit the brake it would start bogging out until you punch the gas then it would lag then take off. It finally died on me on the high way I let off the gas and it started to putter but when I pushed the gas it bogged out slowly and hasnt been abl to be started since. I've put new plugs, wires, thermostat, water pump and radiator and still won't start. I keep thinking fuel pump. Any advice???

I'm about to purchase from a private party and want to know if it's worth it for how much I'll have to put in.

How do you install pvc

1999 chevy venture

My car won't start sometime