Fuel pump is not coming on when trying to start. I can jump the relay and it will pump. Replaced the fuel pump relay and the fuse but still does not want to come on. Any ideas of what could be the problem? Possibly a bad ecm?

Loss of power

There has been almost a looping..not like a cylinder issue.

It doesn't seem to have one like other cars with a circle type look for your finger?

However it will start right back up with no problem.

It's suppose to engage when u hit the brake

TC light on control panel

Diagnostic test said pcm power control module sensor

Started my 2015 Equinox and left a parking structure. When I came to the exit and entered the roadway, my headlights did not turn on. Then after being pulled over and was told my lights were not on, I didn't understand because they have always been on. After a few minutes, they were now on? Could there be a problem? I don't want this to happen again. Is there something I should be aware of? Is there a possible short or electricial part that may need to be replaced?

As I am turning the key I hear a clicking sound and the truck doesn't crank up. I have to keep turning the key for at least 5 or 6 times before it crank.

checked all fuses they all were good.

Shut off while driving turn it off restart logo and then does the same thing shuts off at the pool to the side and shut off for a while started up start going and pulling and then shuts off over and over

Used correct dep fld

Repairs done so far
Intake Manifold Gasket done 1 year ago
Plugs and wires
Fuel Filter
Crankshaft Positioning Sensor Both of them
Air Filter
Cleaned IAC til it looked brand new
Replaced the Wiring Harness for Cam Shaft Sensor
It's stalling dead saying service traction system, low fuel, battery light, security. We are completely confused and so is our mechanic. Please Help!!

and now my car didnt start at first then my radio went blank

I just replaced the battery at first it stayed crunk then I turned the air off then it cut off. Now it won't crank unless I tap the gas and it cuts off while driving when u stop

when i put it in drive or reverese it goes into gear but when i accelerate it clunks loud at the wheels. it will not roll in neutral either

I cant find where the oil is coming from, possibly the rear main seal. If I start and let idle it doesn't leak, only after driving it around the block it starts leaking like a sieve.

Can I fix it myself or is there a recall on it? I'm disabled and just bought this car in Feb. With 242000 miles on it. Since then tranny, problem s ac problems oil pressure drops to zero once in awhile and almost over heats. Help are they all tied together?

What is the easy way to change the rear spark plugs on 2009 chevy Impala

light is on. Banging near the side fuse panel will make it go back to normal.. Sometimes.
Problem occurs at random times or on really hot days and sometime the banging does nothing. Also the maintenance port does not work when this is happening.

Stop at ,,stop light toook few. Seconds to go and. Get up to ,speed but got in. Certain town didn't do it no more

The noise is coming from the right side of the engine, and only happens when I accelerate.

A month ago I changed the fluid and filter in my truck, and now it slips while driving it.

My pickup drives like my brakes are locked. And a mechanic told me that my pedals are very low. This has been a problem for the past two years.

My car shakes when I am going faster than 65MPH

My car tries to start longer than normal in the morning

Car shifts harder between first and second gear.

It can take upwards of 30 minutes for the air conditioner to cool down. It can start off with just warm air and eventually will cool down to cold.

Sometimes, when I am driving to leave, my vehicle will stay in first gear and not shift to second or third gear.