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it's leaking fluids

What's the schedule maintenance to replace a Timing belt on a 2011 Equinox?

Car hasn't been shut off yet but I'm not trying to wait on them to shit it off cause I want pay or can't pay there insurance right now!!!

It was accompanied by slightly visible exhaust while it's 65 degrees. The end of the tailpipe is also black, like it was charred.

I have fire, compression, firing order is correct, getting fuel to throttle body, however, after I try to start it and pull a spark plug out, "any of them", they are bone dry. Could it be a vacuum line hooked up wrong that would cause it from not getting fuel to the plugs? I also have a python 1400xp remote start on the vehicle, "I've never had an issue with the remote start before" could it be in theft mode and cause it not to start? the vehicle sat for four years up until two years ago. I replaced the fuel pump and battery and it fired right up.

It wants to start but then die,fuel pump is shutting off

Interior running lights do not work. There is no apparent fuse to place for this problem. The lights were working and then not sure what changed but they don't work anymore inside.

Why would it stay on now

6.0 engine

Is the in and out exhaust hook ups 21/2 inches

Is it under the hood and under the fuse box? Or is it in the trunk?

Is it under the hood or in the trunk?

Vibrates when braking

My gas cap makes a loud pop sound when I start my car

The light is on. Mechanic is checking the wheel while the parts store says it is located by the transmission in a black box.

it's only that cylinder an Ive replace everything full tune up new fuel pump egr valve I mean I've changed everything I did a cylinder pressure test it was good I can't figure it out I can go 70 with no misfire in till I go up a hill

The car started throwing a p0013 code so I replaced the sensors and the actuators now I keep getting the p0340 code why?

I have replaced them two times already

My daughter left a car seat warmer plugged in over night and my battery was dead the next day. I jumped the vehicle and it fires up nice and smooth and sounds like everything is great, but the car runs for about 1 second then shuts off. My key fob will no longer unlock the car or do anything, the locks won't engage or disengage when the button is pressed, the stereo won't turn on.. The dash reads Unknown Driver instead of Driver 1 Driver 2.

I tried the 30 minute reset procedure, but I may have done it wrong, because there is no SECURITY light that flashes or even comes on for that matter. There isn't a Check Engine Light on, or any indication that something is wrong, the car simply starts and shuts off immediately. I have two keys, neither of them work.

So far I have tried to put the ignition in the on position, let it sit for 10 minutes and turn it off for 5 seconds and try to start it. That didn't work, so I tried to do that 3 times over, but one thing was missing from the instructions that I followed: the part where the security light blinks or turns off after 10 minutes.

Also, Does anyone know which anti-theft system this vehicle has?

I was going to install a remote starter and I cut into the orange wire at the ignition switch and accidentally touched the frame and I got a spark then the check engine light came on. I used my OBD tool and got a code of P0340. So I cleared the code and cranked the car up again and the check engine light came back on so I cut the car off checked the code again and this time the code came up as P0343. I have checked all the relays and the test light comes on when I ground 85 and power to 86 and 30, so I ground the test light and touch 87 and the light comes on each relay. Is there another way to check relays to see if they are putting out the right ohms or does that matter ? I check the fuses with a test light and also an ohm meter and they test good. What do I do now or what should I look for now ?

The lights on the dashboard all work- but none of the needles are moving at all- any help?

The events are irregular: after use, after setting up for awhile; night time; daytime; you name. Have replaced the battery as it showed a fault.

What now?

Yor driving down the road and it just opens up wants to drive about 75 miles an hour you will be giving it no gas and it will not slow down I have changed sensor after sensor change the vacuum canister pugs coil pack everything kept pointing back to running too lean I have spent $2,500 and repair bills and next $1,100 for a new computer I had insurance to cover this however alone with Chevrolet making a dangerous car guy has caused literally thousands of wreacks . This computer is costing me another $1,100 I am very frustrated and probably will never buy another used Chevrolet

My 2009 chevy impala has 200,000 miles. I know with this amount of miles major maintenance is required, but i have this vibration feeling when im at a stop light or in park that i can feel while pressing the brake pedal. Rmps seem fine. Any help will be appreciated

my 1996 Chevrolet C1500 will not start without the use of starting fluid every time the engine has been turned off for an hour or more.

ESC Traction control message comes on intermittently car jerks slightly but then it goes away, i have replaced the MAF sensor twice and that took care of the CEL - the service trac /ESC light comes on everytime a sensor throws a CEL - it almost seems like a switch or connector keeps coming loose as it goes on then is fine...must be electronic ? Drives great cept for that PLEASE HELP

replaced fuel pump and filter. Strong spark, yet no fireup. Don't get it.

ALL electrical ...lights,gages,radio,heater fan....starters new....battery...alttrntr.
I Imagine it's somnthn electrical.
Can ya tell me where to begin....??...

Or to actually fix the real problem because my check engine light is on and won't come off

Sometimes the speedometer works, most times it shows speed over 60 MPH even when stopped, and the needle bounces around and won't reset to zero at times. Turning key on and off sometimes will reset to zero, but often not.