Besides fuses

Also would this replacement ofbthe computer module cause the engine not to have power...it will not go over 2500 rpms

And the gas has really bad smell what could it be?thanks for any help.

It was working just fine now its just cranking

did i fry the computer?

The passenger seat light blinks after i have both seats on and i tried to change the fuse. Not sure what it could be.

Which alternator do you recommend? I am in north Idaho.

When it does overheat when i turn the steering wheel the battery lite come on what could it be

Had a small snow and initially turned selector knob to auto to engage 4x4 when any slippage occurred but system stays engaged all the time (when selector is on auto) and grinds and jerks. 4lo also noisy. Transfer case oil was clean and no metal. 4x4 engages in all positions and all light indicators function. No trouble codes. Can it be a sensor or front differential? Even though a sensor should throw a code. Any help would be appreciated.

Coolant leaks into floors front and back within hours of adding

No fuses plowed it works sometimes

The truck will run but after its driven and its warmed up, when its shut off it wont start again, until it is cooled off, after a couple hours or the next day it will start again.

Just happened. First time I have had a problem.

this has happened several times this year, but the all the lights and everything in the dash is working?

Driver side only passenger side still working.

I can drove my truck for about ten minutes then it starts to miss fire and die. Has a error code 43 which said it was the knock sensor circuit. Replaced knock sensor and pigtail as well as fuel pump relay. Can't figure it out any help would be much appreciated.

When I drove off I felt a lil rough shifting and The gear symbols were blinking.. check engine light came on also on the same..

Changed the crankshaft position sensor, new battery, fuel pressure good at 54 psi, getting spark from coil module, bought new spark plugs and installed, checked all the fuses ok, changed the serpentine belt, took alternator in for inspection and charging good. Problem still exist, cranks but won't start. Anybody has some ideas that I will gladly accept. 2005 chevy cavalier 2.2L eco...

Already checked fuses and switch.

hand brake wont release

car is making a flap, flap, flap, etc and now an alarm is sounding off occassionally, 4 beeps and off

my truck run find but when i put gas into
it will not start but when it start it run find

Driving n all of a sudden it's like my car was in neutral I pulled off the road put it in reverse and the motor just revs up wen I hit the gas transmission fluid was full tried again same results I have no idea

Put the old steel wheels back on and no problems. Wondering if this is a balance problem or somethind worse

the coolant seems as it is coming for the cap but not sure. i have to put anti freeze in it every week and watch in constantly leak out.

83 K-5 washer fluid squirting constantly when wipers are turned on. I replaced the motor and the switch and still it happens. I see nothing wrong with the wiring and it's all original wiring any ideas?

the engine is misfiring.
low power.
One dirty spark plug.
working three cylinders.

Rattling noise when driving down the road, and solid thump when a dips in the road

I changed the shift cable bushings