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Ive talked with my local mechanic and were both at wits end.simple job removed serpentine,replaced a.c. and serpentine belts.did take off the air hose thing prior to removing belt. Did remove splash guard before replacing ac belt.did replace air hose,did not replace splash guard yet ( shouldn't matter) started truck,it started.i stoped it and got my tools together( they were on the radiator) went to start it again and it wont start now.

radio works lights work , will not turn over

Warning lights come on intermittently. Low fuel, battery, security, and fuel and temp gauge go it my BCM ? I've checked all wires no shorts or breakage. IM lost on this at this point. HELP!!!

He is providing all parts, fluids and a garage. I'm using my own tools, traveling about 20 miles (one way) to his house and doing all labor including paying a friend 100 dollars to help. What would a fair price be. Any thoughts? It's a 4x4 too.

I already purchased the solenoid.

was driving and van died out. Thought I might be out of gas as indicator is stuck on full all the time. Filled with gas. Cranks but will not turn over.

when i drive my car it will go into 2nd gear. it will ram the rpm to the red so it will move.

My tahoe 2000 4x4 it will go into 2nd gear and it won't go unless u press the gas and ram the rpm,s into the red zone then it will move. What can I do to fix it

If car is sitting.still shove down hard.and it makes squeak

oil lite comes on

would like to know what it is

I had to pull the fuse out to get the blower motor off. it happens everytime I drive. I have to put the fuse back in to use the air.

the pump doesn't seem to be pushing enough air to open the check valve. Could there be a dirty filter inside the pump?

I am trying to find out if I can get a window off any other year Monte Carlo that would fit the same.

When you turn the air conditioner or the heat on it makes the tapping sound and the dashboard and then even when the car is turned off everyone's want me to tapping sound but it was after a minute or so

My chevy looks like it's snapping in half and I can't stand to look at it. Is there a way to shim the cab? What would be causeing it to sink that way?

rearend diferental pion Bearing seal &labor

just occured

If I pull the lever towards me and hold it they will stay on, if I push the lever forward, the lever locks in but the high beams do not come on

I only had mixed gas for a weed eater with me I put some of it in my Tahoe. Then got to gas station added fuel drove a lil ways it did same thing. Hooked to computer and got the following codes what do they mean? Ui255 xfer, PO 336, po 174, po 171, po151?

It shifts into 1 and 2 but won't go in 3 just free balls and it just started change filter fluid and still won't shift

tell me how to replace a cabin filter?

why does the module under the coils go bad?

I used the air one time and now there is a rattle, what could it be, fan clutch was replaced, new belts, dont know about this

The knocking noise continues while I am driving and while the car is idling it is very loud. Would it be transmission related or a thrown rod in the engine?

Says Odometer Error on my dash which is also causing my Avg Fuel Mileage to not work along with both Trip A&B none of the avg speed or fuel economy stuff works. It says Fuel Range Low no matter if there's a full tank of gas or if there's a 1/4 tank. Doesn't show anything for how many miles are on my car. What could cause this and what maybe the possible solutions for fixing this issue??

It just came on for the first time, what does it nean

This happened when I was on my way home on the freeway it was working perfectly throughout the day and it just stopped working while I was driving

My air conditioning is blowing hot air

There is nothing in third gear when shifted manually. Also the speedometer is not working. The shop thinks it is an electrical issue. I need some help, I have to have this vehicle for our business!!