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I can't put my truck in gear.
My e brake is off and I can't find the fuse to turn off the light. I need to pass inspection soon.
put new cap sensor on it, like someone suggested it got even worst but unplug sensor it runs better only stalls once
Without completely removing the transmission can I replace any or all of the following parts: clutch, pressure plate, throwout/release bearing
after truck warms up and i go over 45 it bangs into second gear. If i turn off and restart its fine.
chevy1500 1998 4x4 runs great until I put it indrive or reverse just installed used tranny ran great for about 60 miles now just dies when put in gear but starts right up in neutral or park
Before I replaced all the tie rods and everything connected the steering was kinda tight and would Walk on road. After it still doing the same thing. Haven't replaced steering pump which leaks and haven't replaced or ...
heater worked before I changed intake gasket.Now it don't.I aso changed thermostat.
Before replacing steering column, truck would start just fine. Now I can get any gas to the carburator
was running & starting great all the sudden its turning over but want start, checked the gas lines and it wasn't pumping so replaced the fuel pump, filter, & relay switch & it still want start. the part store said i s...
My 97 Chevy Silverado 1500 with the 5.7 350 Vortec engine and 4l60 tranny has been having an issue for a while where it will shift hard from first to second after driving for 45+ minutes, but here lately after driving...
when put back into park or neutral start right back up this just started happening
Was driving then couldn't find third only fifth. After shifting out of fifth I never found another gear ag again.
dealer put a new fuel regulator started out multiple misfire code
as the warning lights come on the tach, speedometer,and guages go down to the bottom. they go to normal quickly. truck keeps running normally. sometimes they flash alot sometimes not at all
Started out not shifting from first unless i let off the gas And now wont shift at all its automatic transmission fluid looks good and smells good. And parking brake light wont go off
I just purchased a '93 chevy k1500 from a friend. It has been sitting for two years prior to its break down. I was informed that when it broke down a bunch of white smoke discharged from underneath the truck. ...
I have Brake lights and turn signals.I replaced Circuit boards and Bulbs in Both taillights.Fuses.
My 1991 chevy c1500 is blowing black smoke and wants to stall at every stop as well as start up. I believe its a fuel issue, but where do I start with it? Injectors or any other suggestions?