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Problem accords when at running temp, doesn't die while running, but when you turn off (like stopping for gas or grocery store). OBD I codes are 32 (EGR error, which I have cause from EGR delete block alum) and 58 Tra...
if i floor it more like gray smoke comes out while im driving
1500 "K" 5.7l. If the truck is parking I can accelerate to max rpm with non engine sound whatsoever. If a put it in gear start making a nock/piston/metal sound as soon start to bring the rpms' up.
1991 Silverado5.7 rebuilt engine with a RV grind knok sensor code upon install replaced wires and sensor also got another module to test still shows knok sensor code engine seems to run smooth any advice
Still shows knock sensor code engine light on any advice
And turn signal lights. When I hit the brakes when using turn signal both signals flash. What could be the problem?
will start with starter fluid; was home for red wasp and a pack rat. please send wiring diagram of just fuel system on a 90ch. p.u.
Typically occurs when the engine is already warmed up, and has been driven around for a little bit. If I notice it starting to die, I can save it by giving it gas, but it shouldn't be happening. Recently passed Smog w...
Tune up intake value fuel pressure regulator filter erg value an still won't run rite code says fuel loss ??????
How do I replace rear main seal? 1991 Chev Silverado 4X4 P/U 350 Cu In
No power on hills will not make it in over drive no matter how fast I'm going before the hill.
I have a 97 z71 5.7 vortech i replaced the battery and alternator so they both are good but the battery uses all of its energy then the truck dies as if my alt isnt doing its job. I bought a new alt and it tested good...