how to replaced a window motor in a truck I got it out but I can not get brackets back in place

Every 5000 miles?

I'ts coming from the trunk area.

Nothing is dripping.

Headlights work sometimes

I want to bring my seats down but I don't know how.

Recalls, I have had the car for 2 years and have had 2 recalls

Will my vehicle be damaged if I do by accident?

What will happen if I don't get my oil changed right away?

Dose not work

I am concerned with getting better gas mileage and doinf light work with my truck

I drive mostly highway with minimal stopping and braking.

Does a higher octane gas help with fuel economy? I am trying anything I can.

I would like to have scheduled maintenance done with my truck on a regular basis.

I have found my fuel economy drops after oil changes consistently, seems like strange behavior.

My car overheats when i get into traffic

This happens almost every time I use my brakes.

I had it checked the code says its the evaportative leak , i changed the gas cap and the code is still there.

idle is very rough on take off

when brake pedal is pushed & right signal is on flashes fast, when left signal is on stays solid. problem is intermitent. when signals are not on and brake is pushed right turn light on dash lights and you get signal sound

My battery is brand new and it drained to dead in a matter of a few hours. Could this have something to do with the ignition fuse blowing, and could that have anything to do with the new switch that was put on as part of the recall?

It cracks but wont start wait 10 to 20 then it starts right up then it's fine the rest of the day

Airbag service light on

My 2008 impala has damage to driver door and i have. 2006 impala for parts and i wanted to know if i can swap doors?

Will I also need an alignment

Won't shift right something

When I first start my truck when it shifts from first to second it shifts hard and will only get second and third unless I cut truck off then it will go back to first .The only way I can get it to go in overdrive is switch kee off and fast a going down highways

van studdered and stalled in driveway. showed spark but not fuel delivery: changed fuel filter (not dirty) and checked fuel pressure (but not measured)...good. Then fuel in TBI but no spark (where did it go?) replaced ICM...success! three days later (daily use) won't restart after 15 minute trip. Pay tow bill and 30 minutes later (after checking fuse...was good) cranks right up. Now can't rely on once trusty van...and lost for next steps since most recent no restart was no fuel in throttle body but some (orange) spark. Sporatic CES light (but not unusual as it has a stuck lifter) also cannot check it a it goes out before I can get to a reader. Suggestions much appreciated.

Replaced ignition cylinder, New key, new transceiver, nothing works

121,000 miles. New AC year and a half ago, new radiator, thermostat, hoses, all within 6 mo ago. I've spent about $2,000. Now it needs AC compressor or clutch ($978)! Is it time to trade in or worth the repairs at this point. I'm wanting to wait 5 years to buy a new car when I retire.