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Vin number 1GCDT13x23K137764

Going in for smog check

The following codes: P0171 and P0131

the dash keeps flashing saying the trackstable needs services

So the window was out from one corner so I took it out fully to try and fix it but now it won't go on how do I replace install it.


I need to figure out which shifter cable to order for this van. I've called every wrecking yard and parts store near me but nobody can help. So I've gotta order it online but don't know vehicle specific part to order.

Door lock is intermittent or non functioning when using remote or wired switches.

seem lie my Chevy her is taking longer to shift into 2nd gear the rpm's seem a little high to me.Also its getting where when I turn off the car I have to fiddle with the key it doesn't want to come out!

35 k miles...ran like a champ..then it dont do nothing when i turn key..lights come on dashboard lights up....turn key nothing happens...did use the unlock button on key chain to get inside ...turn key nothing

2015 Malibu

I have a 2000 Chevy Suburban, one owner besides me and maintenance has been well kept on it. About 4 months ago, the engine started ticking. It usually does it the worst after I've driven a long distance ( four hour round trip, etc) or when it's first cranked up in the morning on a cold morning. My dad said it could be a lifter and a couple of months ago, I started use 20/50 w oil instead of the norm. I want to take a spring break trip next week and I'm wondering if it will make it to south Texas and back. Roughly 2,000 mile round trip but of course there will be day long stops along the way. Will it make it?

I have a professional code reader no codes are stored for 4 wheel drive

I lost the plug in back of it

drop and drain a gas tank

When the ac is running it makes a clicking noise. When the ac is off is does not make the noise.

I jumpstarted my 2009 hhr and after I did that my car won't turn on. I checked the fuses and some of them are not working

Speedometer is not working now. Transfer case is 246 gm. Engine is a 5.3. Had code for vss,502 I believe, replaced sensor and cleared code. Need help thanks.

because it was mis firing going up hills the engine light came on after 65 miles then I installed new coil this seamed to work but then after driving on highway miles after 250 miles engine light came back on I then coded it again always P1174 I took the light out and then drove 36 miles it came back on again when light comes on I seem to get mis firing when I put on the gas till it levels out some one told me to replace a Injector or ejectores I think it may be a o2 sensor can any one help this only has 36000 miles on it and I have owned it for about 4 months it runs very good at times even with the light on then other times mis firing after light comes on

the code comes up as P0300 mutil miss fire I changed the spark plug wires

I own a 04 impala SS. Recently while checking my fluid level, the dipstick tube slipped out of the casing, and as you can imagine, it was a mess. Lost nearly all fluid. As I bought the car used I don't know what kind of fluid was last used for tranny. Went to AutoZone and they gave me DexMerc. So I replaced the lost fluid with it. Car now runs shitty. At first it was shifting lightly, then it was slipping going into 2nd gear. Now it is slipping in 1st gear at take off really bad, then engages and catches after a couple seconds and slams into gear when it finally does catch. I have a feeling that DexMerc is not the right fluid type for my car. And on another note I am now starting to leak trans fluid out of my radiator where the trans fluid goes in and out of the radiator. Can someone tell the correct trans fluid that needs to go in my car. Would really appreciate it. Thanks

Comes on for s week or so then goes off.

and the coil it seemed to help but did not totally I drove 250 miles before it misfired and light came on then I did the reading again it showed P1174 trim fuel cylinder each time I drove another 65 miles and light came back on with a slight mis firing when I give it gas but then mis fire stopps after I level out around 65 miles per hour

When you trying to hit 70mph feel as if you are flooring it to get it to go

Could it be the differential or the linkage or what's going on

was at idle when it first happen pull over and it quit smoking now only doing it when I start in after not running for a

Every time I connect the windshield wiper fluid container, my battery dies. The mini-pump is still connected to the cables but my car only dies when its plugged into the container.

maintence on time out no where turn on started shakin turn of check p0300 change sparkplugs oil .n samething rpms 500-1500 gave it gas n it ran but seem holding back then advance then threw p0101 p0068 p0418 p0443 so took in cause did want to guess check with another scanner misfire 1 and 4 cylinder change ignition coils samething check compression 0 on 1 and 4 150s other 2 cylinders need advice possbilty ignitioncontrol module cause lack of compression or i really need value job pls help

the service stabilitrak light come on while driveing

Gas hand wont come above e and the guy said it may be a fuse.