Car is running rough....Spark plugs have been changed, coils are good. Codes are: C0186, C0187, C0136, C0561, C0253, P0442, P0204.....Thinking I should change the PCM, as well as, just to make matters worse I don't no it's location. Can you please help.

My Cadillac 2005 SRX 4.6 V8 has AWD and Usual rear drive how the to shift the front drive to rear drive please

i now have heavy water that has leaked into the carpet on the passenger side only...what do you think the problem is ? this is the 1st time i noticed the carpet on passenger side soaked. I wonder why the plastic on headlights has moisture inside.

Vehicle parked and doors locked.

when I just turn the key to start after putting gas in the engine sakes real bad. what causes this?

I need to replace the recliner motor

Upon client approval, perform detailed diagnostic and inspection to address client's
concerns (see Repair Instructions section), including connecting computerized scanner to
vehicle's onboard computer and/or performing test drive as necessary. Advise client of
recommendations based on findings (see Recommendations section).
P0134: Low 02 Sensor Activity b1/51
P0700: Trans Control
P0017/P0008: CKP to cmp correlation b1
P0009: CKP to CMP correlation b2
P0606: PCM internal processor fault

Occasionally I have difficulty getting my key out of the ignition after driving. I shift gears while the car is off and sometimes that works, other times, I have to re-start it and drive a tiny bit and then it will come out. Also, It's been "bumping" when shifting at times, but not always. Now three days ago, the car would not shift above second gear. I pulled over and tried reverse and it would not go. So, I called for a tow, had it taken home (as it was the weekend). My husband who never believes me drove it and said "it drove fine for me". I am so frustrated. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY CAR???

could you please tell me what each of these codes mean on my 2006 Cadillac srx 3.6 liter P0008, P0446, P0016, P0496, P0024, and P0021. These are the codes that was read from the car from the check engine light. the car want start, maybe one of these codes may get it started again. or maybe you can tell me what to do to get it started. it has 186,000 miles on it. I stop to get gas, cut the car off ,gas up got in the car to go after gasing it up and it wouldn't start, just truning over like it is not getting any fire to the motor. hope you can help. never had anything like this to happen to me before. I was told it was the crank sensor, I changed that it still wouldn't start. I don't want to spend a lot of money on it if it is not going to start. please help

stop got gas cut the motor off, after gas the car got in it to go, the motor just turning over ,but wouldn't start. I was told it was the crank position sensor. I change that and it still doing the same thing. what do you think the problem is. this is the codes that I got P0008,P0446,P0016,P0496, P0024, and P0021. this the first time that this has happen. I new that the fuel pressure sensor was going bad. I went and bought it, but I need to get the car running before I put it on.

Engine speed reduce

After driving for 30-45 min or so a message pops up on the monitor to Service Steering System and basically the power steering shuts off. I've replaced the VES(?) solenoid and fluid but still having this problem. If I shut the car off and restart the steering will work for 15 min or so and then the error message pops up again. If it sits for a couple hours it will work for the 30-45 min. I don't think its the pump, full of fluid and making no noise. I hope its not the rack..

Has about 100k miles on it.

Any help appreciated.

I'm using the most exspensive moble syn oil on the market and befor oil change is due I have added enough oil that I could have done a complete oil change,I'm spending $50 plus dollars on added oil befor oil change is due that's with moble one disount coupons about 5 -6 quarts of oil being added befor every oil change is due just to keep oil level at factory spec's

car started loosing oil nothing on drive way and nothing apparent on motor, after about 10 separate techs checking for loss of oil found out oil was going in air filter box through air filter. After futher checking found this to be a defect that Cadillac knows about with the 6 cyn motor that rings and valves not seating right it allows oil to back up through air intake.I'm loosing as much as 2 quarts oil every couple of weeks.Why is there not a recall if GM knows of this defect and even has it listed as a problem with this year and make of Cadillac.I was told only way to fix is to tear motor down and put new rings and valve saels on motor basic cost $3500.00 and up for repair or another words a new motor any one know of different approach to fix loss of oil due to defective motor design? I have replaced all sensors on motor with no help only thing left to rebuild motor,love car but motor needs extra care and monitoring system in car dose not show loss of oil only when next oil change needed,any one else having this problem as gm has it listed as how to repair but wont help .Xspensive car with major flaw's gm even says replace rings and valve s

After towed to dealership they claim throwing 22 codes all caused by low bsttery. Car would not drive in forward or reverse but no other signs of low battery when towed

runs down battery

when coming heat not start. after tow hours can start again
i changing starting relay
i changing battery
i changing self starter

Was in phoenix this week in 115 degree heat....opened hatch to loan car...closed...all worked fine...then opened one more time to add one thing and it wouldn't open all the way...the top of the hatch and the edge of the roof are now bent.....what happened.....

Was in phoenix this week in 115 degree heat....opened hatch to loan car...closed...all worked fine...then opened one more time to add one thing and it wouldn't open all the way...the top of the hatch and the edge of the roof are now bent.....what happened.....

cadillac told me the code showed a bad emerg.brake mod. where is this located an is this a dealer programmed item.the prob.is the stability sys.engaged it feels like the abs sys.is engaging

is it worth,or can it be fix