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can not find oil drain plug
they want 400.00to take off the bumper and 4.00 for the bulb
First saw this 6/2009 and had it flushed, then saw it again in 10/2011. ATF was a little black and hot also some metal debris in pan. ATF was changed. Just saw it again 8/2012?? Could it be the temp control valve in t...
can I do the job or do I need technician and special tools
Since my 2005 cadillac SRX V* warranty expired i brought it to an independant mechanic for repairs. The rear wiper does not work, the parking sensors always sound and the third brake light does not work.also, when the...
The sunroof won't open or close. The motor makes a clicking noise when you push button to open or close, so I know power is getting to motor.
How much should I pay for the repair? One shop told me I will need a new exhaust gasket and the axle this true? I know I need the axle seal, but do they have to remove part of the exhaust system to get to t...
my srx set in a lot for 2 years with a dead battery , does the computer need to be refreshed ?
of engine, noise kind of quits when you accelerate out on the highway, what could this be, car has 73000 miles on it??
can not get old fuel pump out
Please either show or tell me where to find pcv Valve on this vehicle, Thanks in advance for your help
I asked car dealer about it, they said the one at the gas tank or the one in the motor compartment? how can i find the right one thats bad.when i remove the gas cap to fill up the car will not start unless i press on ...
just need to change spark plugs after 40000 miles
no reverse lights in with key fob unlock.
Replaced by Cadillac with an AC Delco 6 year battery in jun of 2009.
The battery is loose but will not lift out due to interference from the shelf it sits under.
the reduce engine light comes on engine looses power after a whike it returns to normal
Midas says it need front struts while Pep Boys says it doesn't. Not sure who to believe. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.
Is this because of a loose mechanical timing component or jumped mechanical timing? And how much will this cost to repair?
Returning last night from a holiday trip, my tail lights would not operate. This happened before, several weeks ago, and I simply turned the light switch (turn signal column) until they worked. This simple remedy di...
Bestsie runs rough (like missing) when I’m stopped in or out of park / neutral, if I take off lite I feel a little miss if I take hard (in auto not using the sport shifter) it’s not as bad. Now, on the highway when I’...
Tried looking for the dipstick everywhere, can't locate it.
Now the mechanic wants to do some other things, like change the transfer case. Should I get a refund for the work that did not work? He is the one that said what needed to be done.
I had all the lamps changed less than a year ago after the amber running lite went out. It was very hard for the shop to access the bulbs so I had them replace all of the front lites at that time. After a couple of mo...
Traction engaged comes on alot. When I'm at a stop sign or traffic light or leaving my driveway, which is on a incline, traction engage comes on. It feels like my car doesn't want to go. What could this be?
Used 2nd key still same problem has occurred twice within a week apart, always while sitting at traffic light, "service Theft system" light comes on, then traction control light stays on!