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from a dead stop or hit passing gear from a low speed it sounds like there is a gear stripping! Any good inspections I can do before I hire the shop?

added 87 octane for about 2 months and now I hear this knocking noise from my engine. What can I do to fix this

My stability and abs light comes on every time I drive . my code reader says the problem is left rear wheel sensor circuit so I changed the wheel sensor but it made no difference code # is c0045-5a don't know if that means anything. So I thought I would try the steering wheel sensor as I see a lot of reports of that problem.

I just started receiving an alert warning in my radio screen. It immediately causes the radio to jump up and down. Any idea what this could be?

it has plenty of fluid,when i turn it off in park and wait a few minutes and restart the car it will go until i stop again

Car runs well after I added super octane fuel.. but I added High octane
fuel for a long trip and after 175 miles and a FILL UP (93 octane- supposedly) suddenly started "stuttering" again as I'd get toward 60- 70. Stopped and purchased STP fuel cleaner/additive..(the good stuff) NS IT GOT BETTER..but engine light did not go off. Still sputter a bit. Is it FUEL or is it emissions?

where is the switch? the passenger side still works

having problems with my 2007 cadillac srx AWD v6 3.5 with 160,000 miles on it. starts and idles with no issues. it has had a new transmission at 135,000 miles. there are no codes being thrown. when driving it has an intermitten skipping. definately feels like there is a cylinder misfiring or not firing. rpm's at 55-60 mph seems low like under 2000. without any SES/check engine lights how do i find out which cylinder(s) is having the issue problem? and how do i tell if it is the coil pack or spark plug?

Had car battery jumped so could get home, but couldn't remove keys, has been on battery charger overnight (battery only 2 months old).still can't remove keys. Believe something to do with the alarm system (killing the battery charge). Any suggestions?

My display was rising and stopped halfway. Now says display malfunction and not buttons are working hard. It is stuck in this position. Any ideas how to resolve?

I recently got new tires on my vehicle about 3 weeks ago at a Cadillac dealership. While I was there, they checked some recall work. After I got the car back, the navigation seems to be acting funny. If I delete previous addresses or change the time, when I restart the vehicle it goes back to the previous settings. Any suggestions to what is happening?

i took it to a shop to see why it shakes but they found nothing wrong and no engine lights are on either?

Driver side strut rattling while driving. Shop states seems to be mount

2004 Cadillac SRX V8- check engine light on and misfires continually at Idle, hesitates on acceleration and jerks when manual transmision shifts at low speeds. I changed spark plugs and all 4 Camshaft Position Sensors sense that code and code P0300 was detected but car still does the same thing after the change. Also now I have a rotten egg smell from exhaust pipe which the Catylitic Converter may have failed. What can be causing the misfire? I understand that it would make no sense replacing the cats until the misfire has been corrected.

I had it put on a computer and all it showed was that the passenger side 3 cylinders were getting more fuel dumped into them than the drivers 3, I have changed the purge solenoid just 11 months ago, the change in fuel mileage isn't huge but noticable

Low and high beams both out. This is a supposedly a sealed unit
car has 90,000+ miles. Dealer wants 1,200 $ plus to replace. If sealed unit is at falt, why should we be held to pay cost. Is there any way to organize a clas action recall.This ongoing customer abuse costing over $1300. goes on overlooked by dealers and GM. What happened to MADE IN AMERICA AND PROUD OF IT.

Car is running rough....Spark plugs have been changed, coils are good. Codes are: C0186, C0187, C0136, C0561, C0253, P0442, P0204.....Thinking I should change the PCM, as well as, just to make matters worse I don't no it's location. Can you please help.

My Cadillac 2005 SRX 4.6 V8 has AWD and Usual rear drive how the to shift the front drive to rear drive please

i now have heavy water that has leaked into the carpet on the passenger side only...what do you think the problem is ? this is the 1st time i noticed the carpet on passenger side soaked. I wonder why the plastic on headlights has moisture inside.

Vehicle parked and doors locked.

when I just turn the key to start after putting gas in the engine sakes real bad. what causes this?