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the car was idling rough and then stalled wouldn't hardly turn over. took car to dealer and they say the camshaft actuator needed to be replaced at a cost of $2500!!!
cannot tell if it is roof drain or under dash
TPMsystem showed unusually high or unusually low PSI readings for two of my tires. Now all tire PSI numbers blank and message system telling me to get Tire Pressure Monitoring system checked. We tried to put more air ...
Where can I get it repaired other than a dealer.
the car runs rough only at idle after driving for about 50 miles and not all the time, had the coils replaced,thats what the code said please any info is welcome
Do you have to remove the center console? How does it come off?
I have had Benny Boyd mechanics try to fix the problem with no success. There are over 6 repairs attempts and I file a lemon suit. They sent a guy named Richard that obviously cannot hear and he lied about there being...
how much should changing a front directional light cost?
but the steering wheel sake so bad I have to shut the car
rough, replaced all spark plugs, thought maybe water was in tank bought water removal from autozone, new fuel filter, when driving down the road car starts to shutter in the back, I'm stumped help, any help would be a...
The dashboard showed the emergency parking light, stability control light and engine light all at the same time. Also, in the center it said service stability system where the car menu information is.
What kind of cost can I expect?
also can hear air escaping when car is on and gas cap is unscrewed and taken off
car will grind or hangup when trying to go into park You can push the car and the shifter will go into park
the night before i added gas to the tank the next day i drove the car a few miles when the trouble started the check engine lite came on
I took my cadillac to the shop because i was having problems with the engine stumbling and losing power. they replaced the electronic throttle unit (throttle body assembly) and the MAF sensors as well as a new EFI fue...
when the stability system is engaged I cant press on the breaks my car makes this wierd grinding noise what could be happening with my car.
The sliding door fails to open electrically, I can open the door physically. Fuses are good and the passenger door works fine.
The problem only occurs when it is raining or when there is wet snow or after I have a car wash. Nothing seems affected the vehicle works fine, and after the car drys up the message disappears.
the car still 0 mileage not used yet we turn the engine on and off several time but nothing change, the gas cap checked and it was ok
I'll now have to replace the left front turn signal bulb for the second time.... Bulb only cost $1.50 but it takes 2 hours to replace it.... Before I do this again does anyone know of a fix that will last????
There seems to be no leaks or smoke from the exhaust, but I've never owned a vehicle that used so much oil....
Should I replace the battery now before it fails this winter?
how to remove intake
dealer said my 2008 srx cadillac needs power steering flush, does it