back and forward work seat up and down work ,let back but won't come up

Recently, I went out to start my car and it seemed dead, however, I hooked up a battery charger and it almost immediately seemed to short and quit. I then went to a direct form by battery cables from my daughters car. I never did get a full connection but after playing around with this method for a few minutes, I went to the ignition once again, and it started. Problem is, that I had all kinds of service this and that issues on the DIC. I took it to a local garage and the checked the charging system and battery, all good. But they couldn't reset the codes. By now the only one that ha stayed on is the service traction control. How do I get this to leave, it's getting annoying have to keep hitting the check mark to clear it temporarily..Help!

The break and Excelerator can move up and down. But it any level they are at different levels so you move your foot from the Excelerator to the break your foot gets caught on the side of the break

Fast,hard acceleration causes thumping,grinding noise. Getting louder. Told if I didn't fix it worse case is tire(s) would come off. It's been a year and haven't fixed it yet but need to go on a long drive with kids.

control on the door won't open it or fob. fuse is good can some one please help me figure this out.

i discover many factry falts in my cadillac srx 2004"company must be take it true" first preplem is"bypas valve its close nd trans com over heat"nd damage"scondry""transfercase its damag by its self after car drives100000 miles" and water redators fixers in riged base strong base"" so struts proplem hs regged not smooth"h hope company under stand this from ahigh level mecanic"thanks

I was bumped from the rear when this started could it be a sensor it does the same thing when i hit the remote key unlock and it won't stop until i hit lock

Rpms jump from 1700 to 2300 when trying to maintain speed with foot barely on pedal.. when accelerating hard seems to run and shift fine.. but when taking it easy it shifts hard and runs inconsistently.. yesterday the DIC read transmission hot idle engine.. online it seems this may happen if fluid is low or old? Also read about a 800$ fix about replacing Trans lines and cooler.. seems like this is a comment problem with these but solutions are vague.. help please..

Just started to accelerate and heard a clunk like noise in rear end

The rear left taillight went out on my 04 Cadillac SRX, although the brake light and turn signal still works. I've gotten mixed advice with some saying I have to replace the whole assembly and others saying it's a bulb. Any idea what I should check first? I don't want pay for an entire assembly if all I need is a bulb and the inspection is just about up.

The radio will suddenly have nothing coming out of it and then all of a sudden it comes on! i can see the music change on the screen but nothing comes out?
What could be the problem

I had gone to pick my grandson up from school and the car was running without problems but when I went to back out of the parking area the car died and wouldnt start again. Turning the key nothing happened, no sound as if the battery was completely dead. Jumper cables didnt work and charging the battery failed but the lights, radio, etc.. came on. The key turned causes a sound as if the battery just doesnt have enough power to start the engine. This is the only time I had any problems with this car. I only use premium gas and I change oil every 3,000 - 5,000 miles with Mobile 1 motor oil. I have taken great care of the car. It has the Northstar V8 in it. Thank you for any info you might be able to guve me!

it's not showing any leakage on the ground but it is moist to the touch around the hoes has not ran hot the over flow hose is very short about 6 inches long and just hangs not attached to anything