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Sometimes when i even stop at a red light the temp starts going up. When i start moving the temp goes down. what could be the problem?
My 4wd won't go back to 2wd and sometimes the windows and radio do not work. Are they related to each other and what do I need to do to fix it. The 4wd service light also comes on. I have tried removing the fuse, and ...
will start but only for a half second if i use started fluid i have put in new fuel pump, fuel injector, all fuel line cleaned also all fuses are good in the wires in spark plugs are new, new battery can you please h...
when I turn the key nothing happens..the lights and the power comes on but nothing happens nothing from the sound no nothing.
check suspicion system light on
the key entry to my door has pushed back when i put my key in the the whole lock is inside the door somewhere I imagine. What do I do and what's the ball park price on having it fixed?
the high beams on my escalade will function on and off during the day but will not work at night
the problem occurs after i put it in park and take key out , the truck wont shut off then the check engine light comes on!!!
It makes a popping sound when turning sharp after the front end warms up. On the highj way you would think you were in a drag car the way the front end howls.
the ac is working but doesnt blow cold air
when it stops it will turn over as if wants to start but doesnt but when it cools off its starts with no problem
Car is hard to turn at low speeds (parking). There are no loud or strange noises coming from engine. We plugged in one those code diagnostic tools and nothing appeared. Is there something else I shouls look at other t...
I have been told my blend door motor is bad and need to know where its located on the vehicle and what the process it to replace it
I'm thinking that my air conditioning problem on my Escalade is the Low Pressure Cycling switch since it only blows air that is the same as the outside air temp. Any other suggestions are appreciated.
the front will not blow cold but the back works fine. What could be the problem?
For about a year now any time I use the air conditioner or the fan when I make a left or right turn there is a loud clunking noise on the drivers side. If I do not use either there is no sound. It only happens when I ...
Driver side control knob goes ferom hot to cold while the passenger side maintains set temperature.
The rear axle seems to be binded up when I pull out or back out of say a parking spot. I went to the store the other day and I started to pull into the parking spot and my car just stopped. I had to give it gas to mak...
The engine starts but you press on the gas pedal and the RPM's stay around 1500. turn engine off a couple of times and now it is running OK, but for how long. took car and had it tested, nothing showed up on the diagn...
the switches on the dash do not stay lite all the time either. i did lift the front wheels off the ground and watched the 4wheel opt ok with the lights on switch on or off it seemed ok at the time
The front heater control doesnt work, only puts out high heat, the back works fine a/c and heat both any ideas, thanks
It clears whenever I push any of the buttons on the steering wheels. What typically causes this message and how can I self-diagnose it?
as far as taking the old off and putting the new one on
I just got the vehicle certified and noticed the service 4 wheel drive light on