I checked the engine oil and it seem to be passed the dots and overfull.

dash icons started blinking--especially stabilizer symbol for 1-2 minutes. Then they stopped for a while but did same within 45 minutes or so. WHY???

Every time you start the vehicle

the front climate controls, cd player, reverse tilt programming, and the lights on the settings control panel all stopped working at the same time. what would cause that?

parked it over night working fine the day before also when I turned the key the first time on the morning it happen could smell like burnt wire or fuse?

the connection looks fine

Dashboard and center councel are whats the diferent

front blower and a/c - heat work fine , unless I turn the blower on hi then it sounds like a helo.. no blower air comes out of the rear vents. any ideas?
thanks matt3

During acceleration when the gas pedal is just starting to be pressed, there is a delay in the forward motion followed by a clunk and then rapid gear engagement.
No codes.

Wiper blades does not work that heating and air system does not work battery light stays on

Receive warning that the Rear Access Door is Open. Can't find a sensor near the door for this alert. Confirmed hatch and door are fully closed and secure. Of course with it thinking the door is open, the dome lights stay on while driving but do turn off with delay when engine off. Problem has been consistent for 1 week now. Mileage is 110,000. Where do I look to troubleshoot the problem?

I recently had my car inspected and was told that there were only one headlamp ballast located on the side. Is there supposed to be two ballast for each headlamps?
Please reply

it only does it when I come to a stop.and try to take off gas pedel to the flore and it takes I second and then it will take off.i do not have any problem after it starts moving.what could it be?its like it dosent get gas for a second when you stop. and try to take off that's when it happens.and it does not do it every time

It's OEM does it come preprogramed & if not can I program myself?

EVERY single time after car turns on I have to put it in gear fast to keep engine running otherwise itll shut off. even at stop light itll shut off.

My escalade was recently stolen and it was recently recovered.i went to see it to the yard and the whole dashboard area and the steering wheel/gear area are destroyed. The door locking system isn't working. In short I just want to know if it is worth fixing and how much it would cost to fix...thank you in advance for your time.

Don't crank just click I'm going to let it dry hopefully. It's just wet