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It has happened when I get out. As well as directly after starting, while driving. Begins with one honk, then increases to multiple times.
The dash temp. gauge never changes. It stays the same all the time if the key is on or off. eng. is cold or hot. Can this be fixed ? or can I just change the temp. gauge ? Or do I have to change the hold dash cluster?
I checked the brake fuses light bulbs, and everything is ok. The turn signals and tail lamps all work.
door. I need to know how to remove the panel to see if it is loose or broken. What tools are recommended.
Heater air hot then gets cold and won't go back to warm heat
In the past I would only have to turn the key. Then in the last day I would have to hold the key on for couple of seconds and it would pause then start up. It will no longer do that. When I turn the key it won't star...
any station and any position the nozzle is in
It's append every cold start , I thing it's the MAF sensor because the air flow read 27g/s at idle !!! After 1 or 2 min the air flow readin begins to drop and the truck begin to run fine !!! The air flow drop beetwe...
automatic transmission shifts hard when taking off and it shifts first gear. it has been doing it more often lately. 2005 Cadillac 194k miles. trans. fluid has been changed twice.
When I turn on the AC, Heat or Front defogger I get indication for the fan running, on the climate control panel, but no air blowing. I still have cooling and heating to both front seats.
and my traction message come on and my truck slows down then regains speed what is going on with my truck
What is serviced doing this tune up? Isn't the oil change usually included?
This alert has popped up twice in the past 2 days.. When I turn my truck off and back on again, it clears... I'm just wondering what may be causing this issue?
Unable to get any forced air from the blowers in any selected position requiring air, ie ac, defrost etc.
It-was-doing-hard-shifting-in-1st.,2nd.-&-3rd.-gears. Then-it-was-serviced-now-it-only-makes-a-winding-sound-in-first-gear.
An idiot put water in a gas can and poured it in Gas tank- I caught them- stopped them. Was able Get to MARATHON put 1/4 tank of premium in tank Parked it then put water absorbing liquid it my tank. Do you think...
First the rear view& drivers side mirror went blue Then lighters/charge ports off- then heated seat Off, seats stuck in position, passenger side windows Stuck closed , traction system sticking& grinding Now the AB...
Wondering if there's a way to turn my automatic driving lights on and off?
excessive torque pull when going into third
Cadillac Escalade, 2003, EXT color beige, tan my phone number: 408-426-6197
Changed light but warning light stays on. Do not have correct manual do I'm unable to find out why it's staying on. Do not know if it's a fuse but I can't find any info on what fuse it may be or where that would be lo...
your advise to another was to replace rack & pinion, my truck has 76000 miles and sets a lot. would lucas product help me. the problem just started and not severe yet.
I replace my ground cable on my escalade n it still won't.crank also replace my battery and nothing as well please help.....