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Okay so I bought the car probably 3 weeks ago from Cincinnati Ohio I live in Williamsburg Kentucky that's 3 hours away about 300 miles, car drove fine all the way down here and then a few days later when I started it it wouldn't start and then when it did start it backfired and would die on me, kind of sounds like it's out of gas but I put gas in it, we replaced the spark plugs on the back of the motor it has a Northstar motor in it and now it just won't start when it does start it backfires and sputters acts like it has no gas. we have removed the air flow sensors sometimes it will start and run great without them plugged in I'm not sure what it would be can you help.

If the car sits for a few hour it will start up great and drive great but then it starts to stall out, u have to pump the gas to keep it from dying but when u put it in gear it losses power when you hit the gas when you left off it revives up like you are giving it gas.

1992 4.9 cadillac engine have to replace head gasket do i need to drill and tap alum engine block

1999 cadillac deville replaced fuel pump and still will not get power to tje pump also has theft. Light on

Tried the key in door, nothing. Should & how do I reset the Security on car ? Car has done this twice before & after replacing starter relay was fine but now nothing, still won't start

we wont to reset the fuse for the trunk to where it will close right again

My interior lights stopped going out automatically so i took out the fuse thinking this would solve the problem I'm guessing it didnt

Key is stuck in ignition of my 2005 cadillac deville

My transmission runsruns an pull great goes in reverse great but when I slow down it slips.

Have had my car 2weeks changed oil tranmisson fluid new break fluid stalled would not restart changed fuelpump and fuel filter still will not start getting gas tryed starter fluid will not start what am I missing engine light was on before stalled but not now

I Done put a module,pick up core, spark plus and wires my fans won't come on unless I take my censor out

Coming down a steep mountain I put the car in 3rd. When I put it back in drive I got this message. Can you tell me if this is dangerous or costly?

Here lately my 98 Cadillac deville has been running a little hot, today I let the car sit all day from 9am- 2:30 pm. I went to pick my kids up from school and the coolest temp reached 212 pulling out of the school I reached 35 mph and the car shut off on me completely. The Windows won't roll down the ignition won't even attempt to turn over. My battery is good head lights and everything works but car won't start. Any help is greatly appreciated! ! Thank you