Was currently writing on three brakes on my 1999 Cadillac DeVille then all the sudden the car won't move but it started feels like everything's locked

Next day, other electrical issues popped up. Digital odometer and other in dash displays stopped working.

and it is still getting hot. What could be the problem?

I have had the car in for this problem twice for work. The first time cost me almost $1300. Front end work, 2 new tires, new harness. The problem is still there. Is there any danger in driving it? The lights come on intermittently.

It is the back plug that is hard to access. Is there a tool to help in the installment?

Service air bag light on. Can it cause a problem that would turn security light on and not let engine go on

Strong fuel smells in car when heat and air is on

It's a very strong smell when heat or air is on

ing to check the level of oil

does fuel rail connect to gas tank. are there fuel lines from rail to gas tank how many labor hours

i hit 1and 4 2and3 buttons cant pull codes!

Just want to get window back up, went and stayed down this mornin but up doesn't work

i've change the plugs,wires,distributor cap,coil,and rotor button and still not getting fire

I just had the right front brake caliper, bearing and the front pads and replaced all the brake fluid in all the lines replaced at sears (local to me) the moment I picked up the car the ABS anti brake light was on and the traction light was on. It was not on before I had taken the car there and also the car feels like it is dragging as I have to give it more gas to move and slows down very quickly as opposed to coasting I think it feels like they adjusted the emergency brake and it is to tight and I think might be the problem( if had had known sears was going to do a crappy job I would have done the work myself, what are you thought on the above problem I have thanks. Johnny

Where is the power steering pump located?

Sometimes 2-3 miles out. What could be the problem?