When I try to start it I have to have my foot on the gas peddle or else it just cuts out. But once it is started it drives and stops fine without cutting out. What do you think the problem could be?

Bad sputtering sitting at red light or just idling,take off is a little rough like no gas is getting to the fuel pump?changed coil pack,boots,plugs still no change computer reads bad boot but I've replaced those,don't know what else to do,need to repair myself cause shops are ridiculously high for this type of car.please help.. TIA

I have a DHS which is not listed in your options.
Air bag light and message on DIC center reporting check air bag, very intermittent.

Car had been running fine on the highway it just stopped running pulled over put in neutral and it started right up. Next day same thing happened. once on the way to town. and stopped on the way back..My macanic installed a new distributor said it would eliminate 90% of probable cause. Got car back put fresh premium gas in and it started a little hard Drove it to town and half way there it stopped again. On the way hane it stoped again , This time I had to try and stare it 3 times drove it back to my macanic yesterday they still have the car ..it has not messed up for them, they drove the car with some meter to check fuel or what ever they do.I called a little bit a go they have the car running and every thing looks good still have no idea of whats wrong told them to keep the car and drive for a day or so. I has only stopped while driving.. I recently had the transmission flushed and serviced 50000. replaced two leaking oil lines. had the water pump replaced oil change. I love this car and take very good care of it what do think might be the problem, Iam 65 and can not afford to have it brake down .please help, thanks I live in northern Indiana Mikel

It's not all the way of sum scratch

Car won't start and drains battery don't have my keyless entry due to dog chewed it and key doesn't turn the drivers door lock can I describe some other way other then going to dealership

rough cranking runs fine when accelling buts dies when coasting

car smells hot but not overheating. Oil level will be fine. No white smoke. Had head gaskets fixed (I think, maybe ripped off by "Cadillac Dr" in youngstown oh) had oil changed and place told me that I had oil pan leak. Have 140,000 miles and don't want to spend alot more money. (gasket fiasco cost me 2,100$. One yr. warranty. After 1 yr. car started acting up again. Please reply at email (jamievazzana@gmail.com)

window motor is in tact
- if you can direct me to any affordable shops that you may know of that would be great.
- surrounding areas : Riverside
San Diego

Car keeps loosing power after cooling off it starts again only to repeat itself It does this when I am driving on the freeway

Was currently writing on three brakes on my 1999 Cadillac DeVille then all the sudden the car won't move but it started feels like everything's locked

Next day, other electrical issues popped up. Digital odometer and other in dash displays stopped working.

and it is still getting hot. What could be the problem?

I have had the car in for this problem twice for work. The first time cost me almost $1300. Front end work, 2 new tires, new harness. The problem is still there. Is there any danger in driving it? The lights come on intermittently.

It is the back plug that is hard to access. Is there a tool to help in the installment?

Service air bag light on. Can it cause a problem that would turn security light on and not let engine go on