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If all bolts can be removed and engine jacked up is it possible to change oil pan I have a cracked pan
I have taken this car to 2cadd dealers noHelp radio locked Service suspension system service AC Is there acomputer on board that may control all of these issues Daytona florida
Also stops route running and need a jump sometimes
Is not working. I could hear the fan going out before it went out all the way, could it e something else other then the fan motor and how much is a fan and or motor also how hard is it to get to or is it some what eas...
One shop said rear window has to come out. WHAT?
air ride has vac, leak, will it affect other systems?
and when sitting still at idel it hot then the other problem is the car surges while driving and sitting still
My car has turned of on me three times already but when it does the battery sign in my dashboard turns on, after that happens i put in park turn it of and turn it back on it. The works fine after i turn it back on. I...
we matched the Vin # which was a 9 to make sure the code would be right.
is their a linkage ajustment for this transmission we pull the same Ven # which is 9
double overhead cam engine
Car has 113,000 miles on it. Transmission was rebuilt at approx. 57,000 miles. Need some idea as to how serious this is, possible fixes, and some idea of how expensive it will be. Thanks in advance for all informa...
Fuel and temperature gage works erotic
it has all new ignition parts,plugs,wires,rotor,distributor cap ,ignition module,new coilpack new internal wires in distributor also and all fuses and relays are good !!! can anybody help.note its a 1986 not a 1990.
does this module control the direction of the air flow
have replaced fuel filter, and rear coil pack due to p0304 and p0308 codes. coolant is full, car will lose power at throttle up, will barely move up hill. seems to be ok in reverse. doesn't make a difference in any fo...