I took my car in to have motor mounts put in the mechanic jacked one side of the car up and then Jack the motor up he then put it down and Jack the car up too far and when the motor mount was remove the engine Came Crashing Down on to the frame now my radiator is cracked could that have caused the crack radiator

Driving steam came out right side of engine .water came out over flow hose .put water drove home .since than fans don't come on .I change coolant sensor thermostat .and relays test fans off battery working fine fuses are good replace computer from under clove box relays under fans and replace water pump .plz help Larry segobia

Old system contained freon and will not pass inspection. Is fully functional now. Approx charge ? - assuming no other problems. Car is pristine. If not, do you know any other Cadillac repair shops in this area that specialize in old Cadillacs?

I replaced my radio in my car and now the windows don't go up or down, the gas cover or the trunk won't open with the switch. I replaced the fuse in the front for windows and still nothing. I checked all the fuses and everything looks good. Am i over looking something

Power windows won't go down, gas cover won't open and trunk won't open

When my Cadillac gets 43 miles per hour it starts to run rough it loses power and its really sluggish I just had a new throttle positioning sensor put in and you EG R valve put in a new fuel pressure regulator put in a new fuel pump assembly and new fuel filter and a new catalytic converter why does my car start running rough when it hits 43 miles per hour

I just had a new throttle positioning sensor and new EGR valve and new fuel pressure regulator and new catalytic converter and new fuel pump assembly and a new fuel filter put on my 91 Cadillac DeVille but as soon as it hits 43 miles per hour it starts to run rough and shake a bit it's got no acceleration and very sluggish and it's using a lot of gas

Changed thermostat, 3 fan relays, coolant temp sensor, fans will still not come on. Ran a toggle to turn fans on and it still overheats when in traffic. If im going 50 mph or better temp stays at 199-206 degrees. Also when i first start it, it runs extremely rough for about 30 seconds once i rev themotor a couple times it stops. I have a very loud ticking like its a lifter or fuel injector

I'm getting message Service Air Bag with Computer code B1147. This indicates problem with Drivers side air bag system. How can this be fixed?

No fuel in the injectors what should i do?

More specific how many hours will a shop take and Charge for?

Ignition switch wire colors and locations

Okay so I bought the car probably 3 weeks ago from Cincinnati Ohio I live in Williamsburg Kentucky that's 3 hours away about 300 miles, car drove fine all the way down here and then a few days later when I started it it wouldn't start and then when it did start it backfired and would die on me, kind of sounds like it's out of gas but I put gas in it, we replaced the spark plugs on the back of the motor it has a Northstar motor in it and now it just won't start when it does start it backfires and sputters acts like it has no gas. we have removed the air flow sensors sometimes it will start and run great without them plugged in I'm not sure what it would be can you help.

If the car sits for a few hour it will start up great and drive great but then it starts to stall out, u have to pump the gas to keep it from dying but when u put it in gear it losses power when you hit the gas when you left off it revives up like you are giving it gas.

1992 4.9 cadillac engine have to replace head gasket do i need to drill and tap alum engine block

1999 cadillac deville replaced fuel pump and still will not get power to tje pump also has theft. Light on