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Car has shut down on me when coming to a stop, It has a miss, and at times runs a little ruff. Has all the power when needed. It went from 14 mile to the gallon, to 5 miles to the gallon. Fuel filter replace, and fu...
It still won't do anything no dash lights no radio only interior lights and head lights car won't do anything
My dash info and lights went on and finallythe dash lights went out. When I shut the motor of it won't crank at all.Is this an indication of a bad battery or an alternator problem?
on a/c the air on left side cold air on rt side warm
I changed the break booster and the break box where lines ore divided and still no luck
I have recently noticed the ride quality being stiffer and I feel the road more.....even though I hear the air pump for the level ride come on and turn off after starting the there a sensor that needs replac...
It happens when you drive it but not all the time, ac stops,radio,gages everything goes dead but it will come back on we think it is a computer but we do not know which one it is I hope you can tell us. thanks
Just bought the car and it over heated driving 50 miles home. I assume it is the northstar head gasket issue discussed here.
i have a 1997 cadillac deville and the vats it keeping me from starting my car it tells me on the dash the it wont restart due to vats and i do know that i dont have the factory key it does have the chip in the key bu...
the codes are - chech engine , service steering systen , lost siglal from bcm , abs light on and codes po151-po174 and traction control light. and the horn keeps blowing so i took the relay out and switched it with an...
jump starts next day, then dead again following day.
My 2000 Northstar Cadillac Deville security light is on and three brand new starters have burned out since October, 2014. It starts and then it will not start again and the security light stays on.
possible vacuum leak mean? What is ballpark cost of repairing all?
There's a bracket blocking my path to the transmission
Problem started after driving for several hours in the rain. The fuse was good and I can adjust the wiper blade speed ok but cannot turn off wiper blades completely for the fiery time ever.
Engine shakes, running on 7 . Not 8. Codes reading po446. Po101. Do you think I need front coil ignition ?
Lid latched but motor wouldnt close lid the rest of the way. Opon feeling the motor, it was very hot so i unplugged it for now. I dont want my trunk half open until i can get it fixed. Need to know how to secure it so...