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My caddy was runnin good and out of the blue my dash went haywire I pulled over turnt the car off and it wont start back up hellllp
makes a humming sound when I turn left at slow speeds
A mechanic stated that it may be that a cable is broken. Specifically he noted the cruise control cable. Do you think this would cause this problem?
I need a radiator off the top. I haven't been able to drive my car because of this. There is a bunch more problems listed, are they recalled or do I have to pay for the repairs myself?
\\attached a jumper wire to the low -pressure cycling switch plug. also checked a/c fuse and relay. The air control assembly when i select auto for aircondition it jumps right into ecno. the belt is new
How to reset red control on dash
There is a small water line that's connected to the radiator and runs under the alternator. And that line is broken, under the alternator. And there really ain't no room ti work on it. How do I repair that line.
Car ran fine until I changed fuses and curcut breakers
ride control light stays on, car bottoms out on bumps if passengers ride in the back or if anything is in the trunk. Any thoughts? 1995 caddilac Seville, 4.9 not that engine size matters on this subject.
The sunroof will not work. It was working but then would not close. I removed the battery cable still would not close. Then after a few days it closed but now it will not operate at all. I tried both switches open...
The power steering works fine when driving but when slowing down to park or when sitting still at idle it is very difficult. I had the fluid flushed and am thinking the power steering pump needs to be replaced?
i just got the water pump and thermostat replaced, im losing a lot of coolant and have to keep refilling the radiator with coolant. my car is still overheating the temp gets up to 260 which is incredibly bad and i don...
Sometimes they come on and stay on. until I turn them off. Running lights work, brake lights and turn signal work
I have a 98 Cadillac Deville with a Northstar motor. It has been running hot. I changed the thermostat, and water pump but it is still running hot. My check engine light is on and these are the codes diagnostic tool r...
no gastank gauge, no heater air or defroster all lights out
I don't even know where the waterpump is, thinking about changing that.
now it is stuck shut. I checked the switch, the module and still will not work.
when i turn on the headlights without the car running the light flicker dash lights included
Can i change this part-- Can you show me where it is located
change the temperature settings 65 to 90 degrees it starts making a crackling noise like the vents are getting stuck.