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what would be reason for rough ride
If so, why and how without taking to a dealership. Too expensive.
I pulled my intake manifold and it was full of oil
Car has been fine all day. I went for a drive and 45 minutes later i was going about 55 and the car just revved up while still in drive. once i stoped the car and tryed all the other gears it doesnt move. the dash ...
a grounding problem, how do I detect the faulty ground?
But as it warms up it slowly gets quiet n you can barely here it unroll you give it gas and Idk what the problem could be an I'd like to know the main cause because I don't wanna sink a lot of money into it...thanks.
How can I unplug, or disconnect the "check he coolant level" sensor? Everything checks out OK but it still shows.
It started with the engine temp gauge saying hot. engine was not hot. gauge still stuck there, now gas gauge stuck on full. speedometer not accurate will stay on 49 for a long time even if going faster. Any ideas wha...
Help help SOS!!!!! SECURITY SHUT DOWN ALL FUEL SUPPLY HOW DO I FIX IT 2001 Cadillac deville DTS!!!!
I also need to know how to test the heat and A/C Resistor(25709317).I tested the blower motor and it runs fine?
and a part store has told me that my pcm is failing. also that I had 30 codes. and it was too many to print out. on another check p1860 andp0741 was present. please help.
2004 Cadillac deville dts. The a/c only blows out cold air on passenger side. Replaced the blend door actuator under the steering but still does not work...There is another actuator somewhere. How do you remove the fr...
It recently started doing this. Wed check engine light soon came on, went off. This morning pulling into work it cut off completely. Help
My car sometimes stays in the get out or # 2 position for awhile them changes to # 1 while driving. Changed circuit breakers worked for a bit then back to same problem.