Started fine, then the radio shut off and the battery, airbag, stability control, and abs warning lights lit up. The gauges are lit but don't show levels, (fuel, temp.). Only the speedo and odometer work. The radio still works if you turn it back on. The car has 59,000 miles, has never seen snow, and no history of damage.

Do I need to check the carborator?

There is absolutely no power...no locks, no remote, no lights. Jumps off right away. Lasts several days. No warnings. Battery tested, appears fine.

there is a white plastic thing with a hose conected broke from speed bump...car still runs thinking maybe air conditioner part ??

tried key in all positions at first they started blinking when turned on at night then would stay on now cant get them to go out

Tried the switch in the glove box, went to on and off and tried both ways still not help. trunk button works, goes up and down but cannot figure out why the top will not go up or down, like I said just replace the battery cause it went dead. the top was down at the time the battery was replaced. never happened before.

The sunroof is stuck open and will not close. I tried the override option.

Just wondering which is better for this type of car?

Looks like the problem has been going on for a while but I just noticed it. I got my tires serviced around New Years of this year and they didn't mention anything to me about a problem with my rear tires. I'm concerned my car may not be safe to drive.

Been sitting for awhile

It starts to hum after the first 5 minutes of driving, at low rpms. It's a deep hum. I've resurched online and people say it could be the rear differential. Please help! Thank you

.seems to be killing my battery as well

It just stopped working.

My '96 Eldorado's marker lights stay on when the car is shut off. When engine is running,all the markers flash. Have installed new headlight control module = still happening!!!

Is it the electric panel, other things are off too, the battery registered dry or perfect, others are not lighting up either, but mostly worried about the overheating, new radiator 6/2015 problem just started 3 days ago, i'll turn off car restart later and it's fine, shows thermostat in middle.

Blower motor is working. I can't tell if the control is bad or the resistor pack under the dash.

Once the car warms up, it stops but stays on.

P0443-evap system purge control valve "A" circuit. I would also like to know where this part is located on the vehicle.

I noticed a leak from front of car and a trail of drips, I looked and what appears to be water. If I am running air conditioner, does that cause it to drip from what appears to be water? I have never had a vehicle do that and according to what my boyfriend says, is a normal thing?

Still nothing is there a dyi video cuz I you tube and could not find the answer had the car for 3 yrs now first time this happen can you guys help? Thanks A lot for your time in advance

what diagnostics can be done before pulling the bumper?

The car window comes down but it doesn't want to come back up

Why is the climate control panel blinking and blowing air low to high

You need to have a recall on this problem. Cadillac needs to be aware that there are into the thousands of customers with this same issue. Please stand behind this problem, or you are going to loose customers.

The car shakes when we're in park what could the problem be and there's a little bit of vibrating as well

I have this beautiful car but lately the top will not go up . My husband have tried everything. The top DOES go down but it will not go up. What do you think causes this? Also we were advised that , it could be a hydraulic fluid issue? What kindof hydraulic fluid would go into the hydraulic pump of a 2004 Cadillac XLR ?

the gasket around the bottom of the top is worn and chacking

I've took it to different places and they all tell me different things like it's the battery or its the alternator, I've also took off the positive cable to the battery and the car stayed on. On the dashboard it says battery not charging and charging system service.

will the headlights from a 2001 model cadillac catera fit in a 98 model

This never happened I just started it and the part below the mph gauge turned orange and stayed orange I can hardly read what is shown