car has spark, and fuel pressure, it,s been 4 weeks since it was cleaned and still wont run right. no codes come up !

Purchased vehicle yesterday. Driving home today, i noticed weak pedal and service traction light on, also brake light on. I put in brake fluid, pumped brakes. Backed up and noticed brake fluid on ground. Passenger side front.

when i turn the defrost on it want defrost the window so I let the windows down and it starts to clear up

What could be causing my vehicle Cadillac Deville 2002 to be leaking air. From the area where the Mass Air flow sensor, connecte to the engine block. Are there any hoses I should be considered about. How can this issue be solved.

When trying to set new destination, system assumes it is starting in Virginia, when I live in Florida! I have set the "HOME" location, but system thinks car is in Virginia! HELP!!!

When I get up for work in the morning,my air/heat,turn signals everything electric basically works fine,but once I turn the car off for a sec and restart it nothing works meaning(Air/Heat,Radio,Windows,and turn signals)but if I let it sit for about 3 or 4 hours and then start it everything's back working,and I also disconnected the battery a couple times after nothing worked and reconnected it everything worked fine after,Help please..

I have a 2008 cadilac ctc model and when I try starting it up it won't start but what does the light of a car and lock on the dash lights mean and can I override it?

It does not make a noise at all when you hit the button.

All my dash/alert lights came on while driving the other day. Basically speedometer and all vehicle gauges didn't work but then proceeded to reset itself back to normal....then off and on again until I arrived home to park. The next day I went to start my vehicle but it would not turn over.....instead it set the alarm off. Key fob does not register to the vehicle as there is zero power. Battery is fine. Took it in for diagnostics and mechanic is telling me that their is a faulty module that needs replacement. There are many modules apparently and he does not know which one it is until he can test each one individually which in turn is costing me money for the time he is taking in order to do this. What I'm interested in knowing is if hooking it up to the electronic monitor would detect the fault module in advance or is this a manual process of figuring this out one by one? Also if this is true that if one module goes bad, it shuts all off.

How can i find out the cost ?

Sometimes if I open and close the door or hood the AC will come on. This occurs when I start the car.

I had a fuel pump installed in 2012 and now its bad again

the headlight on the vehicle will not go off when cut the car off. Put in new switch, but didn't fix problem

Was driving car radio started to turn off so i would push the únlock button the remote radio would come back on. Went to store left car on in fear it alimentos start no more than 5-10minutes car turned off by itself. Ríen it would only crank not start. After 10 mins of trying í killed the battery. So maybe 20-30 minsmaybe even 45 mins goes by after car stopped í got a jump ame after two times of trying to start it car started right up so i drove it 14 miles to my house. Parked it turned it off and went to turn it on and it started right up. Please í am single mother tight on money and need any help on this problem í just got the car love it but really cant afford to take it to dealership to fix but well if i have to when í get paid. Also does anyone know is it hard to hook up if i wanted to upgrade the stereo to a bose stock radio for a 1997 catera?

It seems to have something to do with the security system - PLEASE HELP

Some say I have to reset my bcm. And some say that it might be disscontected but have no idea where to start.

keys and wait 3 minutes. After 3 minutes it starts right up.
Please help,

Now transmission is eratic again plus a/c is acting up plus I have po502 and po503 now. It ran good for a week. The a/c blows hot out.of the drivers side and the transmission completely gives up and slips into neutral while you have it in drive. The outside temp. Seem to have something to do with it. In the morning when it's cool at 80 it works fine. When it gets hot 105 to 110 the transmission starts acting up. The a/c blows hot out of drivers two vents all the time.

passenger seat back will not stay in the upright pos.

Throttle body is clean. Had catalytic converter changed 2 years ago. THis usually happens in hot weather and idling in traffic, or in hot weather when I stop accelerating. Not hard starting. Take 2-4 times to start.

I just replaced the battery and the alternator.. The new baterry went dead after about 20 min drive

The 3 colored lights come on BUT NO BEEP . . . so I don't know if this model is suppose to 'beep' ???

how many ignition coils do I need to purchase?

Dealership says Ecm good
Key keep getting stuck
Message board, service security system
Service brake system
Service abs system
Temperature gauge not working
Gas gauge not working
Security icon is on
Abs icon is on
I'm about to replace ecm totally myself

Display works fine

The radio will not power on or off and the clock blinks continually.
The check stability come on daily.

I recently put in a blend door actuator and a new temperature sensor but the air on the driver side does not get cold. Passenger side immediately gets COLD. Driver side takes forever to get COOL. It does get COLD if I'm driving at night. I'm not showing a check engine light. I don't want to spend 150 on a blower module if I don't have to. Please advise.


When changing the spark plugs we didn't realize how stuck they were and broke the head of one in the ratchet socket. What would be the best option to get the threading out of the engine? We're thinking of taking off the head to see if we can get to the plug from underneath.

my car is saying service charging system battery not charging should I get a new battery

Started making buzzing sound when a I shifted into reverse or drive . Now the latch will not open and I cannot use the trunk area.