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I pulled my intake manifold and it was full of oil
What kind of screws does the air bag take on my 1997 Eldorado Cadi ? Someone took mine. I am having a hard time finding them. They don't make them anymore. Help !!!! Will something else work for me ?
I don't even know where the waterpump is, thinking about changing that.
Car has been fine all day. I went for a drive and 45 minutes later i was going about 55 and the car just revved up while still in drive. once i stoped the car and tryed all the other gears it doesnt move. the dash ...
now it is stuck shut. I checked the switch, the module and still will not work.
I checked the brake fuses light bulbs, and everything is ok. The turn signals and tail lamps all work.
this is a sport-wagon,the window will go back up via switch but goes back down on its own when turning car off
when i turn on the headlights without the car running the light flicker dash lights included
I have a 2011 and 2003 cadillac and my mechanic is suggestion for use to replace our PCM...??? We're trying to get lease expensive one and they have told us about Solo Auto, I wanted to know if anyone has heard of the...
Can i change this part-- Can you show me where it is located
change the temperature settings 65 to 90 degrees it starts making a crackling noise like the vents are getting stuck.
I was noticing that every 2 or 3 days my battery would be dead upon startup. I would jump it off and car would drive as normal. I then did the meter test and found that the RSS (road sensing suspension) fuse in the t...
I just had my transmission rebuilt, it is front wheel drive. I was looking on computer and found that on front of motor by starter is a I think BCM ground could that need a cleaning or make sure its tight be an issue....