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car set for two years without battery.
Where is the wheel position sensor located? On srx v8
I need a radiator off the top. I haven't been able to drive my car because of this. There is a bunch more problems listed, are they recalled or do I have to pay for the repairs myself?
My 2010 cadillac srx engine light is on. Diagnostic test says pressure in EVAP system during a non purge condition. Probable causes: purge or vent solenoid failure, plugged EVAP canister condition, Failed EVAP pressu...
The dash temp. gauge never changes. It stays the same all the time if the key is on or off. eng. is cold or hot. Can this be fixed ? or can I just change the temp. gauge ? Or do I have to change the hold dash cluster?
service engine soon light has been on for a week
went to start car and every thing comes on but starter is not getting power
If so, why and how without taking to a dealership. Too expensive.
\\attached a jumper wire to the low -pressure cycling switch plug. also checked a/c fuse and relay. The air control assembly when i select auto for aircondition it jumps right into ecno. the belt is new
Car won't move in any gear. Had it towed to Aamco & was told it need a light trans overhaul $1700/$1800 & a little more if need a torque converter. Do this sound right?
How to reset red control on dash
There is a small water line that's connected to the radiator and runs under the alternator. And that line is broken, under the alternator. And there really ain't no room ti work on it. How do I repair that line.
When I'm driving it goes bck up. I have had my oil change so that's not it. Why is this happening
Car ran fine until I changed fuses and curcut breakers
ride control light stays on, car bottoms out on bumps if passengers ride in the back or if anything is in the trunk. Any thoughts? 1995 caddilac Seville, 4.9 not that engine size matters on this subject.
The sunroof will not work. It was working but then would not close. I removed the battery cable still would not close. Then after a few days it closed but now it will not operate at all. I tried both switches open...