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locked keys in car , how do I override or reset anti theft system ?
on a/c air on left side is cold air on right side is hot help thanks triump 68 ...
on a/c the air on left side cold air on rt side warm
Started with passenger headlight went out went and bought replacement still did not work tried new bulb on driver side worked bout car back together woke up next day driver side did not work and passenger side worked ...
My master cylinder broke and now i need a new one im hoping that i can buy one from a different year is that ok or does it need to be a 2001 master cylinder catera
problem with gauges dropping out and picking up randomly then once doors locked would not open for a bit, now gauge showing hot, but engine is not hot, then with restart gauge shows all ok. It appears there is either...
When I park my truck at night battery will not have enough juice to start in the morning
The tach & speedo work fine. The left directional & brake lights work fine, only when I use the directional or brakes. When parked & lights are on they don't work.
I changed the break booster and the break box where lines ore divided and still no luck
I have recently noticed the ride quality being stiffer and I feel the road more.....even though I hear the air pump for the level ride come on and turn off after starting the there a sensor that needs replac...
I got a new battery and still no power
a grounding problem, how do I detect the faulty ground?
It happens when you drive it but not all the time, ac stops,radio,gages everything goes dead but it will come back on we think it is a computer but we do not know which one it is I hope you can tell us. thanks
Just bought the car and it over heated driving 50 miles home. I assume it is the northstar head gasket issue discussed here.