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car leaks oil when parked

Cars starts runs and drives but when i turn the heat or lights on it stalls but restarts no problem what could the problem be?

The trunk space where the battery is doesn't give you room to get at the battery without taking all of the panels off. I'm not a mechanic but I know how to change a battery.

Seems like it's in security mode

I try to use my wipers I turn them on they only move a little bit but I hear the motor

My radio come on but I hear nothing my blinkers work but I hear nothing same go for my seat belt

This message stays on constantly while driving and temporarily goes off at increased acceleration and will come back on when letting off the acceleration. For the most part, it stays on. I read of a recall in 2001(NHTSA campaign # 00V217000 & Action #: EA00004). Could this be the real issue?

And can a sensor for a 99 Seville be installed in a 90..the sensor works every now and then

When I'm driving the heat or the AC is always on. It won't turn off. I try to turn it off but it make a weird noise.

ive crawled up and down the frame rail on driver side and cant locate the fuel filter. is it a tank filter?

i have two cadillacs one sls one deville WILL ME SLS MOTOR FIT IN MY DIVILLE

Check engine light on obd reading codes is 0332

Just purchased a 2006 xlr - base and am interested in locating lowering springs (1 to 1 1/2" drop), and an h-pipe to eliminate the resonator. Can you be of any help in letting know where I can locate these parts.

Thanks in advance, Larry

My control panel light for the AC & heater is blacked outja

After driving for 1 week in snow I noticed a noise when I pulled out of the garage, wld driving in the snow have anything to do with the noise?

Why does it always freeze in the winter

Car goes into anti-theft mode as soon as you touch the ignition button because the car won't recognize that it's in park

VC light turn and when I'm at a stoplight and I take off the car skips

Change thermostat water pump and radiator the car still overheating run and about to 230 degrees how do I remove the air or is there some other issue to this overheating or causing it to overheat

It occurs any time unexpectedly, I had to disconnect the fuse

Installed transmission car cranks but no start

This is all I know about the vehicle. Thanks

fob functions open and lock but can only open door from inside

blower worked last fall on high. now i get nothing

All of my brake lights on my 01 catera worked yesterday and this morning my reverse light and brake light went out i baught new bulbs went to put them in, didnt work and than after that every single light in the rear went out what is going on

I bought car today and windows radio trunk and gas door stop working

My lights came on automatically when I started the car now they dont

Key stuck in ignition

i can lock and unlock but van only door from the inside

Need to know if the gauge is for my oil or engine temperture