When it backfires misses and stumbles it will overheat. Today it did this but now doesn't want to start. What would be problem

When I turn the key back there is absolutely no power of any sort.

I've kept it up with tune up, new tires, brake pads, spark plugs. Say need trottle body should be done, radiator hoses, brake lines are rusty. Transmission service and transfer case service. Front right strut needs to be replaced. Plus, some kind of leak, but no oil is leaking on driveway. All for over $4,000. to repair. Is this all necessary?

It cost to fix and where can I get it fix besides Massey

The whole blinker doesn't work

I hit a curb now my car won't start

Could a person who bought 4 22" rims and put them on a 98 Cadillac Deville without messing up the air ride.

Looks like a cart...what does it mean?

My mech said ECM might need replacing car runs fine but I feel it just needs Trans Fill up.

I have a few problems but is running fine. I know it has to be the wiring somewhere because it ain't the flasher. Anyone know how to find a shortage? And idk about the other one. I had a mechanic change the dis. Cap n wires. Then it stays on a few seconds after i turn it off after a week or too.

Initially with torrential rains..now with any wind driven rain. Initially thought caused by a small piece of deteriorating weather stripping on rear lift gate, but water is now infiltrating vehicle on both rear driver's side as well as passenger side. I don't want to trade it, but need an immediate fix!

When press on gas car will not go no more than 20 miles a hour

after paying the car and befor I could make it home I had to take it back to shop for same thing. the shop claimed to they repaired it but they never gave me back the car or my money. how can i prove that they did any repairs for what i paid if they will not return my car?

after I stop for gas and fill up my car will not start for about 15 minutes

The coolant is getting into the exhaust because I can smell it in the exahust.

Running lights will not turn off and draining the battery. Two shops later still does not know what is wrong. Brand new alternator, water pump, and replaced the light switch. Please help

replaced fuel delivery assembly

Can the dealer replace it free?

The grinding noise is coming from underneath by the muffler and it does it for a little bit and then it stops I looked underneath and it looks like there's like a little motor there

Car immediately developed steering problems. VERY front end heavy and hard to steer.

Could it be a fuse? The front vents work very well. Their are no controls in the back to turn on/off or adjust.

2008 srx Cadillac. 85k miles. Have a rattle in the speedometer dash area. Any ideas how to fix or what it is. sounds like metal on metal.

Car will go in gear after first then just like u took it out of gear and won't move. Shut car off for about a minute then restart and go right back in gear and keeps doing same thing over and over.

When I pull the pcm fuse the meter went up real high what's going on

1996 Cadillac sts. Just replaced the radiator, and thermostat. When we do hwy speed 100km or more engine says hot. There r no leaks any where., all the belts r working. No clue what could be wrong. Any ideas....?

After replacing the batteries, each FOB, in turn, will stop working. In one it's every 2-3 weeks, in the other, 3 to 5 weeks. I have replaced about 4 different batteries, so I don't think it's the batteries. Dealership wants me to come in and spend $150 just to look at the problem....maybe something with the electrical system (I do not receive a low battery warning on my console)

wipers @ times works and when it rains they don't.can u help?

in think its the actuator how do i change it

Is it an electrical thing?..Also, if I had a tracker put on my car what would happen or were can I locate if someone put a tracker in me ie: boyfriend by chance

Everytime I drive it with the ac on