Timing belt /chain

No problems until husband changed heater filter, starts like a dream, then shuts down.

An come motor sounds funny

it sounds like everything in the under part of the rear is loose or is shaking

Goes dark. Radio don't work,windows don't work can't read speed or gas

My car just had a the Head Gaskets replaced and now I have PCM faults, motor idles too fast and it jerks when you put it in gear

It seems to run out at hire speeds what can be the problem

Stops when I let off the gas, took it tot the local shop they had it almost 3 weeks, rebuilt the whole front diff drove it for a day and a faint whinning sound came back so they took it back 3 weeks later they put the new shim kit and bearings in and same damn thing. HELP ME PLEASE

when brakes applied all lights go out

When i take off,i can feel a vibration but goes away right away.like a 2-3 second vibration.i took it to a mechanic here and first he said center bearing support on drive shaft ,well didnt fix the problem.next he said the front and rear couplers on drive shaft,and that didnt fix it either.now,can someone help me out here please?i dont wanna spend more money on it until i know for sure what it is.thank you

Abs and traction light on cost to repair. Just had hub bearings replaced aND front roots and brakes.

Vehicle idles low its worse when running heat or air and definitely worse when running the back heat and air car idles low and dies when braking or stopped

oil pressure light comes on. oil sending unit sensor replaced but it still comes on

the car says wait 4 then 2 then 1 then start...it wont anymore

Tire monitor gauge will not shut off.
Previous owner said it is expensive to have it done at the dealership.

no lights on mirror come on, not even on star light, fuse is good, is mirror the problem?

When I turn on my heater.it blows cold one side hot other side.

And on my instrument panel it states "speed limited to 80" is that a factory setting or the previous owner set it that way and how don't get it removed?

To immediately correct this I have to turn off the vehicle and restart. Once I do this something resets and vents blow cold air, as expected.

Any time the car has sat for a couple of hours, I start it and have to keep my foot on the break or it lunges back fast. Dealer can't find anything wrong

At no given time, my 2006 STS traction control light comes up on dash and car loses use of gas, unable to proceed. I have to pull over and shut engine down.

I have power at both fuses, a new sensor installed, and no power to the plug, I've checked the harness up to where it goes into the heavy duty loom in the door jam, should I keep checking the harness if I can get it apart or check something else.

vents on the right and left sides?

These two flash in dash

I've changed the alternator and still rough ride

Electronic Fuel gauge dosen't work and My car vibrates at high speeds

Its not bose so how can i properly do that

We were in a accident the car is totaled but the airbags never deployed. I am going to try to rebuild the car, I am sure it is going to be tough. But I am going to give it all I can.

Where is the relay? What else should I check?

I just bought the car used and have not been able to get the time to buy a manual yet.