Battery died and was jump by cadillac road side assistance and now dvd icon dosent reapond

Replaced pre and post cat 02 sensors and completely bypassed wiring on the high amd low side. Still only sending a consistent reference signal of .45 volts. Cleaned ground on engine and have proper resistance. Any thoughts? This one has got me stumped and i need some help

Window will go down and but it seems to be dead after its down. Sometimes takes several hours to be functioning again.

Dash board lights just started coming and then come back on strong. This has been going on for about 2 - 3 weeks. Is it the alternator?

The seat just doesnt go back apl the way

Light comes on either sensor needs replaced or reset

Need to service parking monitor system, air bag system, tire monitor system, and seat belt ligh stays on. Costs?

Doesn't start any suggestions

I'm coming on two sensors I can't tell which one is the cam positioning sensor

Clicks a couple of times then starts has new battery

Battery says empty but lights are still on. It will not start even after a jump

How to bypass.antitheft security system

How to bypass.antitheft security system

the heat don't work

Had wheels of ground bleeding pump turned wheel left to right

Backfiring smell strong gas muffler blowing out muffler

Everything works car won't start no sound from starter or engine won't turn over. But all light and radio works all the electronics in the car works. But the car won't turn over or start can someone help me figure out the problem.
Thank you 2013 cadillac cts.

at times ill park turn off car come back and go to unlock doors with push button and nothing so must unlock with key when I open door no lights come on as if the batt is completely dead. but its not I put the key in the ignition and crank and car will start right upbut alarm activates horn starts honking and lights flash. sometimes I can put car in gear and alarm stops but sometimes it doesn't.

The water leaks is easily from the side of the engine on the inlet manifold side.

also next day climate control switched itself to celcius ,speedometer wasn't correct

Heater blower isnt coming on

ABS, Brake and traction control light will not go out on dashboard. Tried disconnecting battery and reconnecting it, but lights still remain on

Condensation build up in the left head light assembly and continue to blow ballast. Left side of vehicle.

air flow comes out the front ports by windshield??

GM wants $681 for this piece of plastic no junk yards have I read on your web site that a woman found a cover for each side on ebay but no details were given

What is killing my battery ? I've put it in the shop 3 times they act like they don't what's wrong with my car I asked them to check the alternator

It's starts overheating when I drive but doesn't do it when ideling running for a hr with the heat on high. I just changed water pump, thermostat, upper hose, last month and the radiator was changed last yr. DID THE BLOCK AND HEADGASKET TEST. ALL WAS GOOD. ( I'm thinking the thermostat was put in wrong or could the radiator be clogged or that lower hose?) The fans come on and are working when they suppose too.

The front seats will not move backward or forward and the heat control for the front seats won't turn on to heat seats.

I hit a deer and week ago and the truck of course started running funny. I took it to the shop and was told it needed a radiator, transmission line. After that was the done the truck started stalling once I get up to 30 MPh it's goes into gears but it stalls once it gets to the 3 on the rpm on the dash. I never had issues with my truck before the accident is this a sign of my transmission going bad after Mr hitting a deer????? I spoke with another shop member and they are saying they don't it's the transmission I even got a transmission strainer put on and it's still stalls what can it possible be

I have a cadillac deville d'elegance 98, i have put a new computer system in it, 2 alternators and 2 new batterys but my battery still wont hold a charge and its sayin charging system error still.someone please help me ive had it for a year and only drove it for a month