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My rendezvous is idling fast between 1500-200rpms. Any idea what that could be? It doesn't happen all the time
The rear hatch door is very heavy...seems harder to raise Is there a solution for this?
My truck security light is on. The truck won't crank or start. I have try to reset the key and truck still won't start.
Took it into the dealer who is up to there you know whats with recalls, checked it out and said things were fine ..so what could cause this? They said to drop it off and eventually between recalls will get to it to ch...
We've purchased the cooling fan assembly, but it appears as if the mounts securing the engine might have to be removed to get to where we need to be?
P0453 code. No start but cranks. how do I checkfaulty fuel tank pressure sensor, open harness,or sure did or poor electrical connection. Brand new battery from AAA
With the key in the igiotionwhat could be making this happen
The rotors may be warped but almost every time I come to a stop it sounds like the abs kicks on. WTH please help any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
My 2005 Rendezvous Buick has damaged head gaskets that have been overheating and a radiator that will probably need repairs. I would like to get this vehicle fixed, but its too much money to handle, almost $2,000. My ...
ABS light is on brake pedal goes to the floor & the AWD disable light comes on are they all related
Can I install NGK 6509 spark plugs on Buick Rendezvous 3.5L cxl 2006? Some sites list it as a fit and do not. Any help is appreciated.
they go all the way to the floor. the all wheel disarm light comes on. We changed the master cylinder and the pads are good. What is wrong Please?
My car dings at me when i hit the lock button and requires me to hit the same button again before locking. Its almost as if it is telling me something is left on but i cant find anything left on.
the car drives very well, then it stops what could be causing this fuel pump or fuel filter needs to be changed.
Ac was on high working fine and then it just quit like someone turned the power off the lights went out only on the heater control blower wont work nothing but everything else works
The car hesitated and then wouldn't run. Replaced the fuel pump and it ran once then tries to turn over but won't. What is the problem?
I have to leave it running as you have to try to start it otherwise.Lights are on but as the old saying goes,"nobody home'. I almost got stuck at the local domestic abuse shelter but I got so frustrated I threw it in...
Was having no problem, stopped at a store & shopped, drove to grocery and attempted to turn off vehicle and key would not turn at all. Vehicle could not be turned off. I tried everything and finally drove it home whe...
This is my daughters vehicle. t suddenly started just sucking gas like crazy. We did not find any leaks
This is a constant problem. door can not be locked or the key will not open the door.
Sometimes when u start it it's ideling really high so I turn it off and restart sometimes it's ok. It accelerates on its own and sometimes dies when driving or stopping. It shifts so hard it jerks you.
Would that be passenger side or drivers side.