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key won't go back into ignition lock cylinder how do you get lock cylinder out without ruining steering colum

occasionally everything but the engine will come on

A day after said oil change, "Low Oil Pressure" came on.

The fan was staying on even if turned off. Was blowing high no matter where knob was.

trying to fix a starting issue

It is like getting hit in the rear from a car going 5mph

it almost felt like I was hit in the rear. It only does it once in a while

All possible causes

Why does my passenger seat belt stay on

It will charge battery when driven for a while is it alternator again

On 4/24/15 i had a front driver's side strutt replaced and now the BrakeLight/Beeper stays on.Very annoying won't turn off what can it be? We filled the brakefluid container and had it on computer but it didn't register anything.

the light keeps coming on i ran out of gas today the gages went dan i dnt know what the problem is..could somebody help me with this question

It only does it sometimes and it seems to fix itself but sometimes it wont start for days

at service station they plug in to check but on my end there is no response from the car