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those dash lights go on and off when driving and there is a grinding noise/feeling when the brake is pressed turning to the right.
Is there a diagram that I can obtain which will show me the exact location?
thumping noise, passenger rear tire is sticking outward a ways
Wipers made one full motion and stopped in the middle of the next wipe. Could this be a fuse or is motor likely blown?
I need a tranny can buy a 2006 transmission off a another broken one but don't noif it'll fit/work? Thx.
the temperature gage has not read overheat. there is water coming from not only the radiator but also the motor. *There is not water in the oil.* I would like to know if it would be a cracked head or blown head gasket...
Still power coming from engine but no acceleration. Light with a down arrow & engine comes on.Problems occur after about a hour of driving.Also the fuel gauge is not acting right
Has been to dealer twice in two months, cleared old codes never acted up for dealer a total of seven days. Now today it quit while driving and the mechanic tells me it's the fuel pump and he recommends an AC Delco $40...
The cap is cool if you touch it but there's no overflow from the cap but the over flow is full
My gages don't work. I ran out of gas! Got gas in it now the suv isn't shifting right and the car is puttering i can push the gas pedal to the floor and im only go to 40 PLEASE HELP ME ITS A 2004 CX MILES...
when i put car in park if the doors dont unlock then car wont crank over when restarted. also when this happens the little light under the p and n dont light up when shifting gears
i changed it from a transponder to a bypass due to losing the keys. There was nothing wrong with it from the beginning.
fuel pump comes on as long as you spray starter fluid it run quit it stops
The trans shifter cable broke, Replaced with a new OEM from Buick dealer. Everything seemed fine except now Park does not hold.
even after I fill my tank, my gauge sometimes says 1/4 tank or 1/2 tank, my low fuel light comes on and off sometimes a few times during a short ride to the store. what could be causes this ?
Back up lights don't come on, I can't find a fuse for it
is the starter out when you turn the key and it just clicks won't start
I purchased a used air pump had it installed and 24 hours later my check engine light still came on is there anything else I can do besides purchasing a brand new air pump
Theshifter would move but would not allow me to put in drive or any other choices. It just acted like it was limp and wouldn't catch on any of the transmission positions.
Was fine then when we got in the key will not unlock the ignition. We've check to make sure it's in park, jiggled the wheel back and forth. Used graphite
I was told I need the name of this harness in order to get an estimate