I just purchased vehicle & instrument panel is not working. (only mileage light on).I Could the fuse be blown or am I able to replace lights or is there a switch to turn ? Front & rear lights are working when switched on

When the headlights go out I can use my high beam switch on the steering wheel and get home holding that. The fog lights still work as well as the tail lights but no headlights.

Is it something I can repair? Where is the starter and what can I expect to pay for it?

I have a squeaking sound from the engine compartment when car is running. It speeds up with acceleration. I am assuming that is the serpentine belt.

left tire is sticking straight out won't turn left & right. Just stuck.. it will roll but it don't move when you turn the steering wheel only the right tire Moves..

I have a speed sensor problem is this one of the recalls on this car my car is hesitation

dinger will not shut off, emergency brake is not applied when signal is on

Riding down the road about 1/2 mile brake light comes on and beeper stays on need to know how to change the 2 little blue sensors one on emergency brake side of car and other one located under the brake.

Where can I locate this issue

Open the car door and hear a relay clicking in center console area. Could this be the BCM or Body control module not allowing transfer of power or another relay issue?

What is wrong and how do I fix this?

I've had the throttle body cleaned and 2 diagnostics ran and nothing found, after I drive it for a while either it will stall at a slow speed and not start for about 15 minutes or so or when I shut it off it won't start for about the same amount of time, it will turn over, and when it does start it runs great,

I turn wipers on, the dash says parking lamp out. Then I lose the taillights and the airbag light starts flashing. Replaced relay twice now, still happens when I turn on the wipers

OBD Sensor Status says:
Evap: UnReady
O2 Sensor: UnReady
O2 Heater: UnReady.
However no DTC codes given to figure out what to do?

On the C0 plug on the module to the right I been searching for hours of a diagram or list of which every wires role is. Would anyone happen to have a diagram? It's throwing me a b2961.