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My buttons on the driver side power window buttons stopped working .My husband looked in the manual to find the fuse and they don't list it.Which one is it?

With coil springs trying to find out bolt size

blowing in defrost and bottom only need to find my vent actuators location two change it

Comes on sometimes when I turn on car

Comes on sometimes when I turn on car

Why would Rear air compressor comes on by it self at times

Blower motor is erratic. Sometimes only coming on after restarting,not shutting off,eratic fan speeds ect.

Verified that the switch is getting power. We can straight wire to motor and it will work. What else could be wrong?

I know 1860....I checked. I also got p410 pd410 & p128. I have done this kind of work a long time so when the codes not in the book I dont get worried I get another book or surf. The customer described trany slip & a loud bang & srhuttering under accel. I felt the tire get traction. heard nothing.

After vehicle is turned off the blower motor keeps running. It will stop if fuse #35 is pulled out.

disconnected battery and now climate control does not work.
I see that many have had this similar problem

I installed new actuator and it does not move the door to all positions

What holds hose to bag.

When I start my Vehicle, the oil gauge automatically goes all the way to the top, but goes back down when shut off..could this be caused by the sensor and if so, where is it located?

It stops ok, but not as good as my rendezvous. Rainier has anti lock and traction control Rainier does not.

This has been going on for 9 yrs. I'm on third set of tires at 109,000 miles. Could it be universal joint?

I want to repair myself. whatnwill I need for parts?

If it does turn on and you shut the car off it continues to run at a low speed for a few minutes. What could the problem be?

I have a 2007 Buick Rainier and started having problems about two weeks ago. First, What is the system that controls the tire pressure monitoring system (Not the individual tire pressure monitors)? I get a message in the Drivers information display that says "Service tire pressure monitoring system". Second (I think these are all related) I am having problems with the key less entry system. Sometimes the key fob opens/locks the doors and sometimes not. I have replaced batteries in both key fobs ans I still have the same symptoms. What system controls the keyless entry system? thire, What system controls the rear lift gate latch/lock/unlock functions? Sometimes they will unlock and sometimes they wont. Even the unlock switch on the drivers door will not unlock it sometimes. Also, when the liftgate does unlock and open, it seem to keep unlocking or locking itself as long as the liftgate is open. What controls all of they different functions?

Do brake systems and cooling systems require flushing by time or mileage?

Does the trim around the entertainment center/heater control area pop/be pried off?

This is the 2nd battery i have replaced in 12 months. Something is drawing power when the car is off. Now when I drive the blower seems to cut out for a split second and the enging rpms reveve up. I have auto suspension which is flat in the morning and is always pumping up when I stop at the intersections as well. My mechanic tested car and says nothing was drawing power as long as it was being tested. I have 109000 kilometres, gas mileage is showing 5.8 per litre right now

I cant get the shifter to move or crank my vehicle. What would cause this issue?

fan motor runs sometimes and than wont work at all

I own a 2007 Rainier with 52,000 miles. I am wondering if replacing the fuel sensor consist of replacing the whole fuel pump. I have received a letter from GM stating they will pay for it to be fixed. My dealership is telling me I need ri purchase and repair fuel pump before they will fix my fuel level sensor. Is the fuel level sensor a part of the fuel pump or completely different? My vehicle drives fine I just drive with my needle on empty 24/7!!! Thanks for any help!

Why is the air pump not releasing air from the left outlet of the pump to the suspension.

few minutes or a hour. Was wondering if anyone else knows what this problem is

The windows do work at each door, but not at the drivers door, I already check the fuse's...

The problem started after I unhooked the battery and hooked it back up. How do I fix this?