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I've looked everywhere and can't find it
My terminal on the black post of my battery wouldn't stay tighten n I would lose power. So I replaced it with a new one. Well that one wouldn't tighten at all n was stripped. So I replaced the buttery with a new one n...
will work but can't find one. No longer made. How can I get this fixed? Can't drive without defroster
the fuel gauge is stuck in the bottom side of the stop post as well as the temp gauge. I read that a magnet will fix the fuel gauge, will it also fix the temp gauge? I just bought the car and I would like to fix it. M...
It is not constant, doesn't do it all the time. Would it be wise to replace the coil operating the no.6 piston?
It started tonight. It was difficult to turn over and when it started I had to floor it to get it to turn over. As soon as I let off the gas it dies. I have also had issue with the fuel gauge for the last year. When t...
The car also has a whine in the front passenger side.
I left my dome lights on for a hour or so (accidently) and when I shifted into reverse gear the automatic pull down trunk lid poped open. When I turned off the dome lights the problem corrected itself. This has oc...
i tink my need supercharger oil
The car just decided not to start one day because of the security system.The rest of the security system seem's to function normal.
recently started riding very stiff on the back. had checked at two dealerships . one thought might be wrong shock. the other said compressor was not working. don't know what to do next. whats wrong ?
Electric antenna works fine. Delco am/fm cassett player. Where should I start?
will go into 2 ans 1 once i get rolling i go to 3 and car shift fine
Ran rough then would not start. All ignition/start fuses & ralays ok no codes...
The lights come on but engine will not turn over. If I cross at the silenoid the car will start. What is the most common cause of the car engine not cranking/running.
My car cuts off after fill ups. It will start back up, but it usually cuts off several times, before running without stopping again. I've replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter already in July. It didn't solve the pr...
I can hear it actuating all the time I'm driving.